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    Would you be interested in a "[H]ard" energy drink?

    If it was a good tasting energy drink, like Amp, and not like ...every other energy drink.
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    360 guitar hero, why did they make the guitar smaller???

    People have tried this and it doesn't work.
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    How do I get sound to work with a Wii, component cables, and a computer monitor?

    The monitor has 2 sets of component inputs so thats where the video will go through. If I did it with a receiver (could you show me an example of this because I'm not even sure what you mean, and it's too vague so Google isn't helping) or computer speakers what and where do I plug into the Wii...
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    How do I get sound to work with a Wii, component cables, and a computer monitor?

    So I've had this Gateway FPD2485W 24" monitor now for over a month yet I've had no idea how to get sound with my Wii so I just leave it connected to my crappy TV. I've searched google but i can't find anything on the subject. What do i do? I've got a question about my 360 too... I use the VGA...
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    TD Invites

    I'd appreciate an invite if anyone has one left:
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    Viva Pinata : Xbox 360 (v. HOOKED!)

    I've played this game more than any other game for the 360 and I've loved every minute of it. I'm level 39 or so and currently working on getting all of the acheivements, I've got around 35/50 so far... I couldn't even imagine a kid trying to play this game with how deep and complex the...
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    Best console like gamepad for PC?

    Wired Xbox 360 controller or wireless with the usb receiver thing (when it comes out.)
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    Wired Wii

    I use the official usb wifi thing for my Wii and DS and it's not "sucky" at all. Is Nintendo even planning a wired port? They seem to really be all for wifi... wireless fidelity.
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    Ballad of a WOW Noob

    Who were you? I was a Skullcrusher to Smolderthorn player too. I was Imptar from Rage and NA.
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    So I got this monitor and it's amazing. No problems as far as I can tell, but I've got a question: What are my options for getting sound with my xbox360? I'm using the component cables, I don't have the monitor's sound bar, I've got Logitech z640 5.1 speakers, and a pair of Sennheisers. Would...
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    Gateway FPD2485W - 24" HD LCD

    So I have the opportunity to get this as a gift for Christmas. I've never owned owned an LCD monitor before and do not own a HDTV. I'm not a videophile and probably wouldn't even notice minor image problems. I don't even know exactly what image tearing or color banding is. I'll be using it for a...
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    DQ9 is on NDS!

    Yes but they were ports/spin-offs. I'm not an RPG fan so correct me if I'm wrong, but the reason people are making a big deal of this is because it's like if Squaresoft was to announce that FF13 wasn't gonna be on the PS3 but going to be made just for the DS.
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    I don't have a 360 or PS3... but here's my Wii! Looking dead sexy with the DS. 24" SD ftw?
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    Newegg Black Friday Deals (finally a good drive deal!!)

    So I haven't upgraded my computer in years but I'm really considering a new HDD, this 80gig is just not enough for me anymore (never really was actually.) So I've been out of the loop for so long I've never even seen a SATA harddrive, a PCI-e card, etc... I know my mobo supports SATA but will it...
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    Wii Satisfaction Poll

    Very satisfied. You're still gonna be 99.8% satisfied because there's nothing wrong with your Wii, that's how all of them are.
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    Twilight Princess - How do you fish?

    *Spoilers?* When you catch the fish it tells you to let it go by pressing A or something. Then Link accidently drops it near the cat and he takes it and runs home to the fat lady.
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    South Park and WoW!!!

    "I don't have a WoW account, do you? No, I have a life." I love this episode.
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    Call of Juarez MP Demo

    Fun game. Never heard of it till today, thanks for the link.
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    so what games are yall getting at launch?! (wii)

    The thing about bad Red Steel controls was from E3 and supposedly they've been improved a ton since then. I'll be buying Red Steel, Trauma Center, and Zelda with my Wii.
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    Titan quest: how do I restore a character after format?

    Characters are not tied to your cdkey in the way that it saves them on a server allowing you to retrieve your character from any computer. They only link a character to a cdkey so you can't use someone elses save file. To the OP, since you didn't save the entire My Games folder, did you make...
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    Titan quest: how do I restore a character after format?

    Did you save the "My Games" folder in your My Documents folder? That's where they keep the backups and when I reformatted just putting that folder back in worked perfectly.
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    I like it and am disappointed to find out it was a bug. I hate it when FPS's that announce kills as complete sentences like that, but when it's big atleast I can read it quicker than if it was 6 point font in the very corner of the screen like other games. Every multiplayer FPS should adopt...
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    I always pronounced it as "wow" with friends who knew what it meant.
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    **HOT** Free F.E.A.R. Game

    You just gotta suck it up and wait in line for 45 minutes at Fileplanet and you get a nice, smooth download.
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    BF 2142 Fileplanet Beta

    Is there any info on if BF2142 is gonna be using Gamespy to manage accounts?
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    This is a thread for people who have quit WoW

    I played WoW from the first day of release till late January this year. I was a Warlord Undead Priest with 6/8 tier 2 (when a full set was rare.) I had quit my job and was jobless for a year. Also had to drop all of my classes in the fall '05 semester due to me rarely attending class while I was...
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    Playing at 800x600 or 1280x1024 whats the diff?

    More pixels on the screen so pixels are smaller resulting in a sharper picture.
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    Dell Back-to-school Notebook Giveaway

    $200 instant savings on select Inspiron Notebook over $999 Here is your Coupon Code to use at Checkout 8XPG6P0M4JFW2J Use By: 08/09/2006 23:59:59
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    Does the Geforce2 mx400 support widescreen?

    Hey thanks... missed that in my trip through google.
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    Does the Geforce2 mx400 support widescreen?

    Yeah that's what I was thinking since the card is so old and widescreen is relatively new. But then I was thinking maybe driver updates add support for new resolutions? Is that even possible?
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    Does the Geforce2 mx400 support widescreen?

    My parents want me to order and set-up a widescreen lcd for them but they're using an old Geforce2 mx400. Does that even support widescreen resolutions? The only info I could find was that it supports up to 2048x1536 but nothing about widescreen. I just want to be sure before I make them pay for...
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    What are you? (Titan Quest)

    Yeah I started as a caster but decided to switch to melee, it's more challenging and I'm enjoying it even more.
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    Show-off Your Titan Quest Character!

    It's only Diablo style point and click. These types of games would be akward as hell if you could move with the keys.
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    What are you? (Titan Quest)

    I'm a level 18 Druid (Storm/Nature) using Ice Shard torrents for my main attack. It reminds me of my Charged Bolts Sorceress from Diablo II except I destroy things even faster. Loving this game so far, the only complaint I've had is how I only get melee/heavy armor rares.
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    Dark and Light MMORPG

    And I'm really disappointed that this game turned out so bad. I checked out the official forum and so many of the posts are either people complaining that they can't connect, asking for a refund, and players warning people not to buy the game. I might still try it because experience has taught...
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    Dark and Light MMORPG

    Is the game point and click or does it use WASD?
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    How long has a game been in your cd/dvd drive?

    My World of Warcraft play disc was in my drive from the day it came out on November of 2004 till I sold my account at the end of January this year. WoW doesn't even require the CD to be in the drive while playing, I just never played any other game while I was playing WoW and kinda forget it was...
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    Pure Pwnage E3 2006

    You really need to know the "character" he plays to understand the amusing parts in this video.
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    Titan Quest

    They definitely captured the spirit of Diablo II with this game. Let us all pray that this game has something similar to