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    What to upgrade?

    Go off of the following: CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1050T MoBo: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H (M2 socket) GPU: Radeon HD 7800 2048 MB RAM: 8gig of DDR3 sig is indeed very ancient. Don't care anymore. Just whatever is best for the money. and Fry's is close but a microcenter is within reach. And there's...
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    What to upgrade?

    Budget is roughly 500-700. If I go CPU/GPU/Mobo would i need to update RAM as well?
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    What to upgrade?

    The upgrade bug is biting me again. I haven't upgraded in roughly two years or so. Currently have the following: CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1050T MoBo: Gigabyte GA-890GPA-UD3H (M2 socket) GPU: Radeon HD 7800 2048 MB RAM: 8gig of DDR3 Mostly just play WoW and FPSers but I'm starting to...
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    What was your 1st 3D video card ?

    Nvidia Ti4200 so I could run Diablo 2 at a decent level.
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    What game was a "Game Changer" for you?

    For me at least in no particular order: WoW - the first game that made me feel truly IN a world. the original CoD. - intensity UT2k4 - vehicle combat like WHOA battlefield 1942 and subsequent Desert Combat mod. - huge multiplayer combat SW:KOTOR - just something about this i adored...
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    WoW; 5th expansion Warlords of Draenor

    90. Portal in Blasted Lands.
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    Batmobile Found On The Millennium Falcon

    so basically what your saying is: Batman > *
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    15 Year Old Who “SWATTED” Gamer Given 25 Years To Life

    Until I read that the victim has a family member be injured by this, I was hoping it was just a scare tactic and that he'd be released after like 6 months or something. Now he deserves at least 5 and needs to be made an example of. Stupid kid.
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    Doom 4 now just Doom teaser trailer

    well with all these doombringers and naysayers, hopefully the bar is really low so it'll rock. dat door opening...
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    Bethesda Announces Star Cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

    I can't help but be afraid that having a bunch of money spent to hire hollywood voice acting makes me deathly afraid the rest of the game will suck.
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    Dark Souls is on Steam

    I bought this game. and seriously a whole lot of Fuck this shit. I get and enjoy difficulty. but this is stupid. there is no learning curve. there's a bottom of the hoover dam and it's perfectly vertical "curve" I quit after barely getting to the second boss. the black knight and the...
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    Have you lost your gaming interest?

    This. Gaming is a hobby, a fun one, but real life and other interests take over.
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    Why People Take Breaks From Facebook

    seriously. 316 is a small(ish) sample size. especially when FB subscribers number in the millions.
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    The Most Accurate Map Of NFL Fans Uses Facebook Data

    Whoa easy amigo! am I the only one who got really curious by the few counties in america that didn't post at least SOMETHING about football? Then I looked at Loving County, which is the furthest west county in texas that didn't post anything. Then the google machine provided this nuggest...
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    Sim City Beta

    all this simcity beta talk has made me want to reinstall simcity 4. and man that game still rocks. nearly the perfect way to destress.
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    Anybody else enjoy Game Soundtracks Quake 2 Grizzly Hills. I freaking fall asleep to this music. Hell I want it played at my funeral.
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    1997 Half-Life Alpha Tech Demo

    Achievement unlocked: Feeling old.
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    Hot Coffee - 7 years later.

    And do you know why nobody gave a damn? Kratos don't give an F about censorship. :p
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    Moving Magnetically Levitating Graphite With A Laser

    i wonder if this could become a new form or enhancement of generating electricity from sun?
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    Black Ops 2 Contains Wrong Game On 2nd Disc

    that sucks. for them. i'm gonna go play my free downloaded copy of BF1942. which while dated, is still a blast.
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    How Videos Go Viral

    great stuff! wait, is this video going to become viral? buyral?
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    Halo 4 War Games Pass Offers Up Three Map Packs

    how long before every aspect of games becomes pay-to-use?
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    Proof Robots Are Going To Kill Us All

    what if god is the human and we are the robot? i like to think of our future overlords as either Data or Wall-E. i hope.
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    Gaming Before Bed Negatively Impacts Teens' Sleep

    i could've told ya thought. go play a frantic FPS for a few hours, then go to bed. your mind is cranked up for a while. that's why i always read before bed. and a warm glass of milk. and my fiber pills. fuck i'm old. :(
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    Inside Google's Data Centers

    where's the chambers where they harvest human energy while we dream our life away?
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    Lexus Brings Magazine Ads To Life

    needs a QR code that automatically links to that particular video otherwise it's another complicated step.
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    Must See Video Of The Day!

    epic win. even the halo bit was awesome. the horse was by far the best but not entirely sure what was being referenced. the michigan flag was pretty great as well.
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    House Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

    how hard would it be to reroute everything in country to out of country? then we have a problem.
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    Ubi Is Siri for Your Home

    spppsh, i've been speaking into my mouse all this time. in san francisco. in 1984. >.>
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    Rise of the Triad remake? I'll take two

    b/c nostalgia can be a nice refresher sometimes.
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    UT 3 !!

    i do miss ut2k4's vehicle combat. i was a terror with some of those.
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    Why Apple Products Are Made In China

    the answer is not about if I would work for that, it's if the next guy would work for that and take that money that me and my family need to not starve. That's your answer.
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    Why Apple Products Are Made In China

    +1 I'm fairly liberal when it comes to social programs; but damnit, people need to get a gut check sometimes on quality of living. Maybe that ditch-digging job ain't so bad when you still get to go home to cable TV and in-door plumbing, oh wait the government will let you do that for free. :(
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    UPS Extra Special Delivery Story of the Day

    my money's on she was an 11 and he knew it somehow.
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    Crysis 3 Official Trailer

    Hey look everybody! Master Chief has a bow and arrow!
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    Diablo III Open Beta Weekend

    it's like they took diablo 2, updated the graphics and tweaked some non-direct gameplay. that's not necessarily a knock against it, it's just that well, that was awesome... 10 years ago. the fact you have to choose between essentially single-target and aoe attacks is interesting, but mildly...
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    First Crysis 3 Screenshots Revealed

    ...shit there was a crysis 2?
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    God of War: Ascension Coming Spring 2013

    well now you're just trolling.