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    OK at a chance of getting laughed at, what do you use your "Retro PC" for?

    Play retro games of course! Tribes, Q3A, Unreal
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    Looks good! How much were you thinking?
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    Seeking PlayStation VR setup. Please post or pm me asking price and what you are including. Would be open to game bundle if you are looking to package them in.
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    The Witcher TV Show Casts Anna Shaffer as Triss Merigold

    Netflix studio movies and tv shows are terrible.
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    Preorder the New AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper Processors Today!

    Man, I wonder what windows task manger would look like...
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    WD 8TB Easystores are 150$ again

    Man i wish I had a spare $4k laying around
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    How To Interpret S.M.A.R.T data?

    Yes, the "status" is not helpful sometimes. The raw data can be misleading as well since sometimes raw data is published as several values (or rates) crammed into one hex value. For instance, your value of "7A03D8 works out to 7,996,376" it COULD be 7,996,376, or it could be 7:996,376 or...
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    Foxconn Buys Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo

    Once you upgrade the firmware they were epic. Problems fixed 100% Mine still runs my SSID for phones. Currently 9 connected, 135 days uptime
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    Retired from PC Building? Here's why.

    Really the next frontier is virtual headseat gaming
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    Elon Musk’s $500 Boring Company Flamethrower Up for Pre-order

    Im thinking people are going to be disappointed that this will only give like 20 seconds of flame
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    400Gbps Ethernet Specification Arrives

    Not enough HD space to make it worthwhile. Regular coax will already easily do 300 Mbps. That will fill up a 3 TB drive in a day if you thinking of downloading.
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    How Juicero Evolved from IoT Tech Investment Darling to Mockery of Human Laziness

    Well, the good thing is that the hipsters can use it to lift their priuses.
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    Was given some 10Gb/16Gb FC Cards...

    Edit: Looking at wrong thing sorry.
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    Would a Faster ZFS Slog drive for ZIL make sense?

    Lots of words in all these other replies. For performance: Max system RAM first. I'd say at least 32 GB of RAM
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    Seagate 3TB Slow Write Speeds, Drive Failing?

    Look at SMART data. That model of drive is very prone to failures. I have had 8 of them go bad on me.
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    File recovery from a wifi device with internal storage

    Would not be possible I believe, since they would communicate with the device via a protocol like CIFS, SMB, or NTP. None of which would allow you to access those deleted blocks. You would physically need to pull the drive from it.
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    2 Identical PSUs - differing power draw

    How are you measuring the power variables in this case? Whats your definition of minimum load and how are you measuring it?
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    Amateur HDD question

    Yeah seriously. Bought 20 of them, 9 have failed so far
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    Ultrafire CREE XM-L T6 Zoomable-2000 Lumen Tactical LED Flashlight $4.75 Free Shipping eBay

    Huge waste of $5. Look at the pictures on the listing Wtf? a square beam?
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    Is there a way to share a hard drive between 2 computers at the sametime?

    You can't directly "share" them as in have the same OS, same programs running on two computers at once. But you can share individual files or space on the hard drives
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    So I have a Raid 6 array, but is slow. Raid 10 any better?

    I agree usage scenario dictates your setup. My comment was based on the fact that in this thread you were pushing RAID 6 as a do-all magic bullet
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    So I have a Raid 6 array, but is slow. Raid 10 any better?

    The only thing is that the only real world performance numbers that matter are the 4K/4KQ32. You can see that the RAID 10 beats the RAID 6. Also you kinda stacked the deck with your IOmeter settings. Set it to 100% random and 50% read and then post the graph
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    Have Basic Questions About SED

    The BIOS TPM method utilizes an onboard storage chip for the decryption key. It is found in enterprise motherboards and laptops. My laptop from 2010 has it. When you enter your BIOS password it allows the chip to send it's own key to the drive that was generated during configuration. If the...
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    ZFS New Performance/Capacity build

    I would agree 3 way mirror is the way to go
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    Robots Could Push Unemployment To 50% In 30 years

    Here's the thing. Eventually someone will make a breakthrough about interfacing the human mind with solid state storage. The singularity will be born. At that point society will be forced into a lottery system where your career is given at random rather than drive or willingness to succeed...
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    Robots Could Push Unemployment To 50% In 30 years

    Truly the paradigm of society will be rocked by then. Capitalism will probably be dead before that
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    Engineering Grad Invents Headphones That Never Tangle Copy of the Zune magnetic headphones
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    Cloning a disk with disk encryption?

    Use linux. Dd can make an exact copy
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    reboot while mirror set is resyncing?

    Yeah it should pickup where it left off once it starts up again. Just be sure and do the reboot cleanly through the os and not by pulling the power
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    Best way to stream BD ISO files throughout house?

    Kodi will play decrypted bd iso files just fine, menus, 3d, everything. You need an android streamer Works just like an android phone, you can sign in with...
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    Upgrading from SAS 6G to SAS 12G

    Yes in theory it might work. Depends on the level of interference the cable/backplane receives. It will try sas 3, if it senses errors it will downgrade the link speed. Just the same as sata, ethernet, fiber, etc...
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    Seagate sued over unreliable Barracuda, Backup Plus 3TB hard drives

    The problem was only with 3 tb seagate. I have 20 of them, lost about 10 by the 3 year mark. Terrible drives
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    My ZFS update

    In case you haven't already
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    People Keep Coming To This Home Looking For Lost Phones

    Obviously they are using a program to feed incorrect location data to the phone. Those phones are usually reset completely using stolen manufacturer tools from China and given a new imei and sold in other countries by street vendors.
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    Storage Rental?

    Good way to screw a local store into taking a loss. And people wonder why local places close. But most stores only allow you to return 1 or 2 of a particular item before you are blacklisted.
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    Best setup for a boot- SSD and HDD everything else setup

    Let them figure it out, it's 2015, computers are ubiquitous they should start knowing this stuff it isn't going away. Just leave everything on the ssd, if you aren't using it you are getting no benefits from it. Just like saying you want 32gb of ram, but only feel comfortable using 8gb of it.
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    External Drive Sleep Questions

    It is programmed into the Usb board. It will always sleep unless you give it the apm command not to. You can use wd software or other software but it must be set at each boot. Why not just let it sleep? If it received any command it will wake
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    Amazon Is Capturing Bigger Slice of U.S. Online Holiday Spending

    The reason why I started buying stuff online is because of the no tax. We are already income taxed, wtf is this sales tax.
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    10 Samsung 2tb drives, every drive writes with different speed.

    Yes this is common in failing Samsung drives. You will see a lot of SMART errors in attribute 200: multi zone error. The problem is these drives will produce a lot of latency if you look at the average service time for each request (good ones will do 3-6 millisec, while the bad ones will do...
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    Calibration Question

    If you just want to remove yellow, you can do it in your graphics driver