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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    removed from my cart as I applied a code for money off. :rolleyes:
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    Shafted by NewEgg - Loyal Customer no more

    Newegg is still bleh... I order from them only if I HAVE to have it... but they aren't terrible. A few weeks ago, a laptop was stolen from my house (thought it was just misplaced), same day I was waiting on a $350 box from newegg, (Ram and SSD) 8pm rolls around, I realize box didn't come, check...
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    Razer Imperator keeps disconnecting

    I'm tired of fail ass Razer products.....I had the Barracuda head set and card... they never updated the drivers for the card and the mic stopped working on the headset. I bought the Lachesis mouse, it decides to jump in a random direction randomly throughout games, bought the Arctosa...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Alot of people are complaining about Fizz, the only real problem I have is his ability to tower dive with no risk. Most Toons, if you tower dive you will take a tower hit, maybe 2, with Fizz, he activate his Trident Skill, Urchin strikes which is his dive, then Playful Trickster to dodge the...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Geez.... the feeders could be because some of the people guides for mastery setups so when they set them up, it was wrong, or they didn't set them up at all. I personally lost 3 games in a row because I was doing terrible, readjusted my masteries, played alot safer, less aggressive and won 2...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Chesty, You bring up some good and valid points, all I can do is suggest you play as Fizz. Just like any other character you'll learn where they are strong or where they fail. Whenever I face a new character, I usually get owned for 2 deaths until I find out their combo sequence. Most characters...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    I like Fizz, but Stiler is right, his E (Playful/Trickster) requires some guessing and timing, if you are using an ability at full range you probably won't land the hit on him, especially slower moving projectiles, like Nid's spears, or Taric's stun. His W which is the SeaStone trident is...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    its not top secret, its more of an experiment, but i'm not pro, so i don't want to put it out there especially when i'm still not sure if you'd call Talon a carry. So is that character a carry?
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    I stole blue from jungle shaco last night 3 times during early game, this put him way behind even though we didn't have a jungler, he couldn't effectively make any ganks early or mid game. my point = always be alert in jungle vs shaco = always do what is most effective for you to get what you...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    this didn't make sense to me either.... but i guess its supposed to read "I'm on a team" As for the changes to flash.... I never even used it... I found I always flashed on accident when I really shouldn't have. So I always run Exhaust and Ignite. I can't always get away.... but I got a good...
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    Battlelog is amazing.

    BattleLog is "ok"...... mostly meh, I like the updates and how you can "follow" your friends, but to me it is clunky, some things break from time to time, so you have to restart battlelog in order to join a game, sometimes I get alt+tabbed out because it'll have an issue. Just little things...
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    Recommend me a Headest

    Personally, I prefer to do this: Speakers : M-Audio Studiophile AV40 AND PS2/PS3 USB Headset I've ran a similar setup like this...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    *Biased Talon Main Here* Talon still only has 2 skins, he was played a few times in IEM,..... the 2 skins he has currently don't really want to make me purchase them. Although Cassiopeia skins are pretty cool, plus I'm a big fan of Gentleman Cho' Gath
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Dominion builds vary alot from Core builds... Cookie Cutter builds with Talon for instance don't really work in Dominion, but a few core items do. Infinity Edge, I go boots of Swiftness (movement 3) as opposed to Lucidity (CDR + Movement 2) and Ghostblade as my core items from there varies...
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    League of Legends -- how many [H] regulars?

    Skarn is pretty fun when people things go your way... however he is frustrating as all hell when they arent. Take Singe's Fling, Rammus Taunt, Fiddles Terrify vs Skarner's Impale.... Singe, will usually gas, then flings you into tower range = death, not all the time but enough to make you...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    Darkside from 21CW ?!?!?!?! Actually I am a keyboard pilot, some people prefer the mouse/keyboard combo, some people prefer the stick..... I personally use the KB for all purpose, on precision I use the the mouse as well however I was a pilot for a long time, not necessarily the best one...
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    iOS 5 Release - Post your location and when it is available to you!!

    I certainly tried at work first on my 2nd computer which doesn't have a library it failed..... after that I went home for lunch to get it to update there with my library, it failed there too. I made sure I had enough capacity on my SSD, it still failed when I made 20gb free. I did a recovery...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    Not true at all, you just had to play smarter, sure AA was terrible in the game with out a doubt, but you could ways Tank a Jet down, AT it down, or use vehicle mounted weapons. I wished that some of the vehicles didn't get lit up on the Jet's "bomber mode" screen such as the mounted LMG but...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    Yes in BF2 you had to have enough distance in your pass, or slow down but that was always risky. On Average 2 passes on a tank was enough to make it smoke if the guy wasn't engineer. The A10 and the SU-39 are Close Air Support Jets, they are meant to have heavy gun damage plus a bomb package...
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    Antec Twelve Hundred V3 Ultimate Gaming Case

    Which is why I only have 1 screw holding in the HDD cages.. I got tired of unscrewing them once a month. Which eventually turned into once when I feel like it. my only other complaint about my 12 is the noise it make, I switched to Scythe or Yate Loons (couple of years ago) and it lowered...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    In BF2 you could definitely take a tank from full health down to nothing in 1 strafe, given its not something you can do without the proper angles. I did it numerous times on many different maps, one of the easier maps for that is Zatar Wetlands because there aren't many things you can crash...
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    BF3 vehicles very disappointing? anyone else?

    There wasn't god mode... given that being on the ground it was definitely difficult to take a chopper down with only the small arms, if you or your team were smart, you'd go AT and get a shot or 2 off, or you'd jump in a vehicle and use its mounted gun. I was pretty damn good as AT and got good...
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    Number Munchers and Oregon Trail

    oregon trail is definitely far more difficult now than when I was in elementary... however it may be that i'm playing it on a touch screen phone instead of an old school ibm..
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    Gave buyer a refund, he kept merch and he still left me a negative heat... Fair?

    I think the OP felt bad that he actually may have sent a used item unknowingly which prompted him to preemptively refund the money..... I'll admit I "MAY" have done the same thing. I don't like feeling like I'm screwing people, but I know its peoples nature to screw each other. I was always...
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    Anyone know what desk this is?

    I believe it is the Frederik from Ikea.... it looks alot like mine, I can get a Pic up later.
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    Apple Loses Another Unreleased iPhone

    :eek: ......... If I did or didn't have it, there's no way I would have consented, know your rights. If you found it, (because some twit left it at the bar while he went to the bathroom) its not stolen ;) If apple would sue, counter-sue them for the distress they caused :o its...
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    Does anyone use a Plasma as PC monitor?

    I use a 32LG70, which is a 32" LCD tv from a few years back, from what I understood, LCD's generate less heat/energy usage than plasma's, have you taken that into consideration? Also when I'm not using it, I turn it off. It rarely goes into standby with a static image because normally I am...
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    Cthulhu Saves the World? ROFL

    honestly, after all these days of "I want this to be so realistic looking I need to buy the newest cutting edge equipment to run at top speed with all the eye candy", I find alot of games that i wanted to play end up being shelved after a few days. This is not because I've completed them, but...
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    I will NEVER purchase another MSI product again, here's why.

    Points from OP that piqued my interest: I thought to myself "Sure, it's only a 3 year warranty but MSI wouldn't want a customer to be burned on one of their flagship boards by having it fail essentially right after the warranty ends." MSI may not want to have items stop working after the...
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    23" or 24" Monitor Recommendation for Gaming

    good pick!... i guess just slightly over budget, might be the one I go for in the near future.
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    23" or 24" Monitor Recommendation for Gaming

    same here..... I'm downsizing from my 32" LCD to something I can put on my desk and see better. so I can put the 32 on the wall instead of a TV stand.
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    Zen Vision:M broke - best MP3 player options?

    I still like the creative stuff since they don't require you to use proprietary software such a itunes, its just a drag and drop. I don't have any suggestions, but alot of people like the mp3 players that play flac and other lossless formats. I still use my Zen Stone+ and occasionally will turn...
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    Fighting games, air juggling getting out of hand?

    You want chess? Well some of the fighting games are more like checkers, all it takes is a bit of patience for the right setup and you can combo a whole lot. Chess doesn't allow you to make multiple moves, so if you want turn based fighting try an RPG :D As for me... I find in MVC 3 Wolverines...
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    What was the last game you got lost (engrossed) in?

    BF2 Across the accounts I can remember using I logged 1,371 hours, or roughly 60 days straight errr 2months...... I think there's alot of hours missing but I'm not too concerned with it. Bring on a non console'd BF3 and I'll be happy. I'm not pleased with the "I see you first! you die!" game...
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    Blackberry showings - far and few

    after going through 4 different models with my Work BB. I'm pretty much done with them (for personal use at least) Verizon phones: I've had an 8800 world edition (trackball) 88xx series curve (trackball) 96xx series curve (track pad) might have been the bold or Tour I only had it for a few...
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    what will a larger monitor do for me in RTS?

    Size may make a difference.... but only depending on how far you can zoom out. Supreme Commander allowed you to zoom so far out that your units became Icons, it also supported Dual Displays (one of which was basically your minimap blown up, but was still zoomable) unfortunately it was a CPU...
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    Battlefield 3 Not PC Exclusive, But PC Version Receiving “Special Effort”

    I still love BF2 over BC2.... sure it has its quirks, but the game was based more for a variety of things, such as a mix of ground vehicle, air vehicles, and infantry team playing. When you've got your 1 or 2 tanks working in conjunction with air and infantry support that thing can last...
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    BF3! Everyone says they want it... everyone will buy it, and yet everyone will be slightly annoyed, then they will start to piss and moan about imbalances.... I will join them..... but I'll continue to play it as I still play BF2!:D
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    New Silverstone FT02

    Anyone running Optical Audio ? Is the recess for the audio deep enough to not force a 90 degree turn?
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    Antec1200 to Silverstone

    I'm in the same position, I am pretty much done with my 1200.... I put some Yate Loon fans when I bought it (or maybe Scythe's I forget) and didn't mind the noise until lately when I've been trying to sleep. Although I won't ever be going to water cooling, I'd like some good air cooling with...