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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    Same here, I am still waiting for my money to be credited for an order I cancelled on March 27th. I have emailed so many times, they always reply with "I have forwarded your request to the credit department" but I still have not been credited. This is getting ridiculous.
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    Why Choose X2's When There Are Opyts?

    Cheaper? You can get an Opteron 165 for $267 from Monarch. And most of the steppings that have been shipping in the past month have been hitting at least 2.7 GHz, with 2.9-3.0 quite common as well.
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    x1900xt temp monitor

    Make sure "Measure card temperature" is checked under the Temperature Monitoring settings.
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    catalyst 6.4 oblivion HDR + AA?

    The Chuck patch is not so much a "patch" as a standalone driver. You can install it by itself without the rest of the driver package.
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    Catalyst CC a lot worse than Forceware?

    Both of you do not understand what virtual memory actually is. Like I already said, calling the contents of the page file "virtual memory" that is utilized in lieu of physical memory is a completely incorrect description. "Virtual memory" is not a data cache on your hard disk to be utilized when...
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    Catalyst CC a lot worse than Forceware?

    If CCC says Mem Usage is 100MB in Task Manager, then indeed 100MB of physical RAM is being utilized by CCC. CCC is not using your "virtual memory" in the way you think, and neither are Office or Photoshop. Again, "virtual memory" is not simply an extension of your physical RAM onto your hard...
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    Catalyst CC a lot worse than Forceware?

    That column doesn't mean what most people think it means either, actually it's probably more misleading than Mem Usage itself. VM Size refers to the portion of address space a process is using that happens to be backed by the page file. But if you look at some application and see 50 MB listed...
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    Catalyst CC a lot worse than Forceware?

    Well, that's not quite right either. Windows memory management is kind of a complicated topic to explain, but it isn't quite as simple as using the hard drive when the physical RAM runs out. Every application uses the virtual memory abstraction because that is how the operating system was...
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    Catalyst CC a lot worse than Forceware?

    While there is a big difference between virtual memory and physical pages, the "Mem Usage" column of Task Manager does correspond to the size of the working set of the process - the portion of virtual address space that is currently resident in physical RAM. This is somewhat irrelevant though...
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    x1900xtx - Accelero Questions

    Use ATITool and manually set your fan speed to 100% on the Accelero, it should help.
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    6.3 Catalyst and "Chuck" patch

    No you don't. The Chuck patch is a standalone modified 6.3 driver. Installing the Chuck patch by itself is equivalent to installing the "display driver only" download from the ATI website. That said, if you want Catalyst Control Center and the WDM drivers, you can download and install the...
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    VF-900cu results on a x1800 or x1900 video card

    I acknowledge the difference due to various ambient temps/clock speeds/voltages, as most users didn't provide that much information. But like I said in that thread, there are some surprisingly consistent results that can still be drawn across all of the different reports. The vast majority of...
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    VF-900cu results on a x1800 or x1900 video card

    I compiled a preliminary list of user reports over and AnandTech about a week ago: The general result seems to be that most users aren't getting very good performance out of the VF900 on the X1900XTX...
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    Dell SB BFG Geforce 7900GTX OC 512mb $389.25+tax

    These deals are incredible. The 7900GT can be combined with the 25% coupon and the $35 off $300 coupon for a total price of $229, and the X1900XT can be had for $351. Dell already did this about three weeks ago, and here it is again. I wonder if it will become a regular thing. :D
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    Alternative X1900XTX air cooling?

    If you look a little harder you will also find many reports of the VF900 producing lackluster results on the X1900XTX. Right now it seems like there are more "poor" results compared to good ones.
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    "Best" Mobo for Opteron 165?

    Isn't that an Abit board? And on A64's using a RAM divider won't really lead to a performance loss in any real world games, so I wouldn't worry about that at all. Consider all of the Opteron 165 users who are most likely running dividers in conjunction with their 300+ FSB.
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    DFI or Asus mobo for OC'ing?

    The DFI boards have many more overclocking options for memory settings and so forth, but they are very picky about the components they will work with. If you are willing to buy components that are known to work well with the DFI then I would go with them. Otherwise, when your system fails to...
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    The Sytrin KuFormula VF1 Plus VGA Cooler

    I have compiled a list of user reports of the VF900/Accelero X2 over here which suggests that the VF900 isn't very capable of handling the X1900XTX. It can't beat the stock cooler set to 100%, and there are some unfortunate reports of it causing artifacts/lockups. Between the stock cooler...
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    Safe X1900XT Voltage?

    Hey, just curious. What are your idle/load temps with the VF900 compared to the stock cooler?
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    My RMA came today. Shipped on 4/4 and arrived 4/6. It is a CCB1E 0608MPMW. This replaces the defective CCBWE 0546MPMW I initially received on 3/17. The RMA process was pretty straightforward and took about a week, which is pretty decent considering I am on the other side of the country.
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    Good Oblivion Benchmarks on Firingsquad

    Looks like we will see proper CrossFire results soon. Anyone with a CF rig might also want to try doing this to fully take advantage of their dual cards.
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    So what are the "must have" mods for Oblivion?

    Must have mods: BTmod (improves the UI) LOD texture mod (either the 2048x2048 version or 4096x4096 version) LOD shadow map mod Better water mod Those are the core mods that greatly improve the visual experience of the game. There are a few more graphical mods that are nice but probably...
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    oblivion benchmarks - something is not right?

    That's only because the trees aren't identical because they are swaying in the wind and the screenshot didn't capture them at the exact same moment. Additionally, all of the foliage is randomly generated and slightly different during each run. It isn't the HQAF causing the visual differences in...
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    No, if you look back through the thread there are several complaints about this exact same problem.
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    Oblivion is *NOT* SMP/SMT optimized on PC

    Do the multithreading .ini tweaks and the preloadsizelimit tweak and see if you notice a difference. Information available in the tweak guide here:
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    Well, after a couple days testing with my components and a friend's system, I can conclude that the chip I got was in fact, a dud. It is not stable at all in either system, while his 165 works perfectly fine in both. :( Oh well, I hope the RMA process goes smoothly. I was initially worried when...
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    Oblivion PC performance

    Looks like this might help with things, some people are reporting a good performance boost:
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    7900GTX SLI and Oblivion problem

    Maybe you should try manually disabling SLI mode and seeing if there is a performance difference compared to having it enabled? That would probably be the easiest way to see if something is wrong.
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    Oblivion pics from my PC....

    The distant terrain quality can be increased by modifying the .ini, but nobody has really found the correct combination of settings to acheive this without affecting other things like the water or the close-by terrain. But there is a marked difference between the two: Before...
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    Oblivion PC performance

    Several people have reported that uninstalling DefilerPak and/or ffdshow gives large performance boost for some reason. Apparently ffdshow runs and leaves a bunch of icons in your system tray while you are playing. Others have reported that setting “bUse Joystick=0” in the .ini file will help as...
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    your 7900GT oc's!

    According to Guru3D's SLI guide, it does alter both clock frequencies cause the cards need to be synchronized:
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    Mr 7900GT Extreme, meet Mr Oblivion

    Your system is very close to what I am planning to put together. How does your system handle Oblivion at 1600x1200 HDR noAA with the in-game settings maxed out? That is what I am hoping to play at, but I am curious whether I will need to spring for a beefier card or go SLI.
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    Oblivion 7900GTX512SC compared to x1900xtx tested!

    I am surprised there have been no official benchmarks on any site yet. Is there an NDA up until tomorrow or something? I am curious about: how much performance increase dual core offers whether 1 GB vs 2 GB RAM makes a difference and of course 7900GT vs X1900XT vs 7900GTX vs 7900GT SLI...
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    AMD Super HOT Coupons!!

    I just got my 165 that I ordered on the 9th. It is an 0546MPMW. Unfortunately, it looks obviously like it has been used before. The tiny package was sealed with a few layers of scotch tape that looked like it had been opeened and closed repeatedly, and the CPU surface itself didn't look terribly...