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    FS: GTX480, Watch Dogs

    Bump lowered price
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    FS: GTX480, Watch Dogs

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    FS: GTX480, Watch Dogs

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    FS: GTX480, Watch Dogs

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    Starcraft 2 -$20, Diablo 3 -$40 at Blizzard (Physical or Digital)

    Has Blizzard traditionally had "Christmas" sales? I'm considering picking up D3 though I have a feeling this deal will be back again with maybe a bigger discount?
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    [H]ot Diablo 3 - $22.28 total

    Where do you enter the code? I can't seem to find any type of "coupon" or "code" box anywhere on checkout screen
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    eBay Lawsuit of the Day

    The reason they have the current proxy bidding system is to prevent "auction sniping". This was one of the biggest complaints back in the earlier days of ebay (late 90s).
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    HDDs so expensive ... should I buy an external and rip it open for a new build?

    don't externals typically come with a crappier warranty? and that's assuming you're able to put it back together perfectly after voiding the warranty to begin with
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    Gamer Thwarts Gunman's Attempt To Steal CoD: MW 3

    This is why I order my xbox games on Amazon
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    Check Data Integrity of Backups?

    I thought I read an article that the new WHS2011 was going to protect against bit-rot (at an additional cost of 12% disk space) but now I can't find any information about this. I guess MS dropped this feature. Do RAID setups protect against bit-rot? Particularly if you do regular data scrubs?
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    Newegg: HITACHI Deskstar 3TB $109

    I still fail to see the difference between THICK bubble wrap (newegg) vs a styrofoam container (retail box). IMO thick bubble wrap seems to provide more cushion. Maybe the duds people are getting are "defective" returns that Newegg resold?
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    Newegg: HITACHI Deskstar 3TB $109

    *yoink* thanks for the code
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    The correct way to wenable playback on .mkv files through WMC 7

    haali and ffdshow is all i have installed on my htpcs (i also use WMC7 w/ mediabrowser for my frontend) for the occasional oddball movie with "forced" subs, i extract the appropriate subtitle file from the mkv. then in ffdshow, i have subtitles enabled and configured to use external sub files...
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    Update WHS v1 - Just swap drives??

    do you have replication turned on? if so you might have duplicate data when you copy from your 2nd,3rd,4th,etc harddrives just something to keep in mind
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    5 Ways Technology Is Actually Getting Worse

    #6) links to links of articles
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    The reviews on this are priceless

    all this time i've been doing it all wrong!
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    how to adjust remote desktop session timeout?

    i connect from my work PC to my home PC fairly often (both are running Windows 7). after 5 mins or so, the session times out with the message "Your Remote Desktop session has ended." is there a way to bump that time-out limit up or eliminate it completely? i searched this forum and also did...
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    Lenovo Multimedia Remote

    picked one up using amazon checkout thanx!
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    WHS driving me Nucking Futs

    not sure if this is your problem but worth a shot my WHS runs "chkdsk" on every drive at 12am every night. if i'm streaming any movies during this time things definitely bog down. maybe yours is setup to run at 10pm. check your event viewer/application log
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    PS3 Hackers Unban Themselves, Ban Others

    oh great here comes another firmware update
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    MPC Home Cinema 32/64 bit difference?

    it can bitstream DD/DTS. go to options, double-click DTS under transform filters, and choose SPDIF. but you're right you need ffdshow for HD sound.
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    i wanted to double check this so i tried it on my own Live account. turns out i have an old expired card linked in but it let me delete it
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    there's no way that kid was oblivious... he *KNEW* he was racking up charges. whenever you buy a game, xbox points, etc.. a huge fat window pops up in front of you and confirms "YOU WILL BE CHARGED $XX.XX (XXX POINTS) TO MAKE THIS PURCHASE. DO YOU ACCEPT?" then for 6 whole months, the mother...
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    What resolution do you play at?

    640x480 isn't listed so i picked 2560x1600
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    i never win these damn things
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    PS3 folding question

    if it's a launch 20/60gb PS3, i'd be a little wary of folding on it since they're kinda valuable and Sony doesn't make them anymore. you'd want to prolong it's life as long as possible. from what i've read, the PPD->watt ratio is horrendous compared to what you could get with GPU or SMP folding
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    i come here for free stuff
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    Galaxy 5th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Doom2 Quake2 i'm oldskool :-/
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    Galaxy 4th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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    Can I power a 2nd GTX460 with this PSU?

    sorry to kinda thread hijack but could that same 750tx "sufficiently" power an i7 (3.8ghz), a 480gtx (stock), and a 460gtx (stock)? the 460gtx will be used for physx or a 3rd screen
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    Medal of Honor PS3 PC XBOX 360 39.99 @ amazon

    i tried adding 360 Medal of honor with 3 for 2 deal but it wouldn't let me.. o well
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    Third RMA w/ EVGA, been posting

    honestly... a 8800gt?? that card is well past it's prime. probably much easier to just cut your losses and move on
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    HardOCP Team recruiting......important to maintain top spot!!

    i thought everyone uses nvidia gpus for folding? not just evga
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    How About some 8043x1600 Goodness

    fixed for you :)
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    which card for a 52'' sony htpc..

    size of the tv is irrelevant. what RESOLUTION is the tv and what inputs are you using? does it have HDMI?
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    Jack Thompson Tries to Block 'Medal of Honor'

    "the only reason he is doing this is because he's obviously a Call of Duty fan and doesn't want anyone to buy it. **Sigh**, stupid cod fanboys...." lol
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    Pirate Bay Sunk At Last After Europe-Wide Raids?

    try paying school taxes. every year it goes up and there's nothin anyone can do about it