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    CES 2010 New Case Release Thread

    Hey Zero2dash, don't give up on us case makers yet! We are trying very hard and I think we managed to get good balance of airflow and quietness with RAVEN RV01/RV02 and Fortress FT01/FT02.
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    Case Production Facilities

    Tom's Hardware has an article of their tour of Chenbro's factory five years ago. It's quite good read:,690.html
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    Any i7 mATX rumors yet?

    Currently the least expensive X58 board retails for about $230, but that's without the SLI licensing. So I think we can expect DFI to price this one for about $250.
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    Big Box Retailers Using Shifty Tactics?

    Perhaps they are just trying to show people the difference between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio on a big LCD/plasma TV? Sad but true, I still see people who don't know how to properly setup their hi-def set top box or disc player to display the correct aspect ratio for their brand new widescreen TV.
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    280 or 4870?

    Well, he specifically said he wanted to play Crysis at 1680 x 1050 resolution and 9800GX2 seems to be optimized well for that. I would choose the GTX 260 over the 9800GX2 myself for more well rounded performance too.
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    280 or 4870?

    How about a 9800GX2?? If you can still find one for around the same price as GTX 260, it's not a bad choice either. At 1680 x 1050 resolution, it will run Crysis much faster than both GTX 260 and 4870.
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    HTPC cases with a short depth?

    Here is another case to consider, it's 14.2" deep but fits most standard parts: Silverstone GD02
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    Slim Case

    Newegg created a new section not long ago called "HTPC/Media Center cases" there you will find more slim cases.
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    SG01 and ST60EF.

    I think the drive depth is the issue here, some of the newer blu-ray drives are noticeably longer.
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    Silverstone TJ07 or Lian Li V2010

    There are many reviews on the TJ07 (google "TJ07 review") and most say it has good or great cooling. Maybe it is not the best case at air cooling, but certainly it can't be "poor," right? Does anyone have numbers that show direct comparison of cooling performance between the two cases? I...
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    Which way should I put the heatsink?

    I suggest option A but moving the top fan toward the front of the case instead and seal off the unused slot. You will want to promote a front to rear airflow for best cooling performance.
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    smallest standard atx case?

    With its volume at only 12L, the Silverstone LC02 is probably the smallest case that can hold an ATX motherboard, but there are a lot of compromises: As a reference, the SG03 is 22.5L and the A05 is 39.2L
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    Why is Lian Li cases so expensive?

    Actually they've been making aluminum cases for about 7 years, after Cooler Master and Soldam. Lian-Li started as a company making removable hard drive racks.
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    So, after spending 2 months with my TJ-09,

    I think you maybe a bit too focused on the thickness of the side panels. The side panels are the only places the TJ09 is thinner than the LIan-Li I believe. Have you checked the front panel, hard drive cage, and everywhere else? If you remove the side panels on both cases, I am sure you will...
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    Coolermaster Cosmos or Silverstone TJ09, though decision!

    I don't think it'll fit. There is almost no room between the rear fan and the case frame. I'd suggest that you start looking for another radiator. :(
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    Chenbro PC303 Where?

    Nice find. At approximately 23.1 liters, this Chenbro case is actually about the same size as the X-Qpack, which is also about 23 liters. Pretty impressive for a tower style case.
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    Sg03 + GA-G33M-DS2R + Q6600 = too hot?

    Both SpeedFan and CoreTemp may not be giving you the most accurate temperature readings. You should try Intel's own thermal analysis tool and try again. Here is a link to download the file:
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    Home Theater PC 8800GTX ?

    That SILVERSTONE CW01B-R will fit 8800GTX without touching the hard drive cage but you will lose one or two hard drive slots.
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    Silverstone NT-06 Heatsink in a SFF? Add a lower fan.

    What kind of temperatures are you getting with just the fan mod to the Corsair power supply? I wonder if the majority of the improvement that you saw was due to faster fan in the power supply as opposed to the 80mm fan you added to the NT06 heatsink?
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    Paul's 1200w Thermaltake Toughpower Sneak Peek

    That is one super PSU! :eek:
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    Split rails vs nonsplit

    I doubt it really does 100A since this is the same unit as the Channel Well 1200W, which I remember does not rate that high. I guess we'll just have to wait for your test to find out then? :D
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    SG03 review.....

    8800GTX cards will fit, here is a picture showing quite a bit of space left with 7950GX2 Quad SLI installed:
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    Power Overwhelming

    All the power supplies that I've used for building PCs for myself, friends, or relatives in the past 10 years have been solid and I have used many brands too (Sparkle, Enhance, Enermax, Vantec, Thermaltake, etc...). However, I almost always go for more power than what the system needed and...
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    BFGTech BFGR1000WPSU Review @ [H]

    Kyle - Thaks for the heads up, fixed the typo.
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    Will there be Direct X 10 AGP cards?

    Good, I am in line for one when it comes out. :D
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    Best of the best: which case to buy???

    If having a window is important, then you should go with the TJ09. The Stacker 830 does not have a factory option for window. While you can get modded Stacker 830 with one, its air cooling ability will be hindered as a result. If you like wheels on your case like the original Stacker then...
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    only one mATX sli board?

    Just wait and see... ;)
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    Best ever AMD cpu?

    I voted for Athlon XP because I am still using one right now in one of my rig, surprisingly.
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    Silverstone SG03 out

    It's on Silverstone's website now:
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    Falcon NW Fragbox 2 Tforce build / with pictures (56k warning - large pics)

    No modding is required for this to fit the 8800GTX, but you will have to sacrifice the hard drive cage for it. I believe the external 3.5" drive bay can be used to install a hard drive instead of the hard drive cage.
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    Next Generation PSUs - your thoughts

    Apparently the wattage hikes will continue. Thermaltake has recently reached the 1200W point with this one: Haven't seen it for sale anywhere, I wonder if this counts?
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    20 pin ps on 24 pin mb

    I have a power supply that only has 20pin connector connected to my motherboard with 24pin socket (DFI Lanparty NF4). It's been working fine for more than a year and I have a pair of 6600GT in SLI, which do not use PCI-E connectors so all power has to come from the motherboard.
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    Is there a current case better than the Cooler Master ATC-110?

    At the price point you are looking for, I don't think you can find another case comparable unless it's used. How much did you spend to get the ATC-110 anyways?
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    perfect case...

    So Lian-Li now have removable motherboard tray for their G70 and V2000 cases?
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    QX6700 Availability

    I noticed Tigerdirect is charging a lot more for shipping though. In my case, it would be $24 extra on top of their $1099.99 price. Still much cheaper than Newegg's $1699!
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    The Silverstone Gallery *post your Silverstone case here*

    There is a company in Germany that sells completely fanless systems using modded TJ02 and TJ04:
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    Looking for a case with incredible airflow

    Have you actually tried the case or are you just deriving all of this stuff by looking at the pictures? If you think TJ07’s hard drive cooling is sad then 99% of the cases in the world must have horrific hard drive cooling in stock form?
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    My New SilverStone LC20B-M HTPC

    I think that is one of the nicest shot of LC20 case that I've seen.
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    Are Iiyama Monitors any good?

    I am biased for iiyama because I used to sell them online. They usually use high quality panels and tubes for their LCDs and CRTs and tune them up pretty good.
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    Thermaltake LanBox

    Thermaltake has the Lanbox's website up, I think the presentation is great, check it out: