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    Xbox 360 Sucks Stupid Xbox

    They're just shoddily built, look at that GPU heatsink, it's pathetic.
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    What platform got you into gaming?

    Sega Megadrive.
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    Halo 2 Graphics Comparison - PC vs. Xbox

    It's not long before the game is out, and there's open MP beta soon. Games usually look worse the further in development they are, as graphical features get cut to keep the framerate high. (Gears, LAIR, but granted those games have superb visuals still)
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    Halo 2 Graphics Comparison - PC vs. Xbox

    Funnily enough, if they add HDR to H2 Vista, you've basically got visuals close to halo 3. The graphics in that game are seriously underwhelming.
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    PC Gaming Decline, whats to blame?

    The pc is the biggest market still. It's very easy to pirate console games, i wouldn't be surprised if your local market has people flogging them for pennies above the cost of the dual layer dvd it's burned on. Flashed 360 drives have been around for ages, and there's no securom or starforce...
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    UK PS3 Launch is a disaster.

    Sold to people, or retailers? Actually...i think those 165k are all on ebay right now :p
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    360 Ad Overload in UK

    Uses the engine, i know my GoW looks nowhere near that smooth. As for the adverts, yes i've seen them, but then again it's a huge market over here so i'm not surprised. (especially consoles)
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    PC Gaming vs. Console Gaming whats your pick?

    I'm playing my pc mostly, Medieval 2, gothic 3, dark messiah and nwn 2. for the xbox i finished gears a while ago and cod3 last night. Single player cod 3 is a bit shit to be honest, can tell it's made by a different company. Gears is fun but it's over in the time it takes to fart, and...
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    gamespot has 2 PS3 game reviews up

    genji, is that the game with the giant enemy crab?
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    I died loads of times as well, i ended up saying stuff it and went right with baird and cole, that way all 4 of you can cover each other, and keep on your toes as well, because more spawn after you kill the 1'st group.
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    Yes i'm on hardcore. what's that got to do with the samey gameplay and wafer story though? :p
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    Well, currently just got to act 3, it's a fun game yes, but the story so far is pretty much non-existent, the gameplay itself is very samey, but they managed to handle that well by making the areas interesting. The characters are wafer thin, they also look like big hulking retards, now normally...
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    9 Hi-Res G80 Pics!!!!!!!!!

    Fat bastard isn't she.
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Pally's got a pink dildo strapped to his head.
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    My PC vs Xbox 360

    You get what you pay for really, the overall console is a decent price, they kill you with the price of games though, absolutely most are shit, so it's worth waiting a month or two after release while the game you want drops down in price and order online.
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    Saints Row Demo

    Really hard to drive in this game with all the stuttering...i'm thinking threw too many goodies in this game.
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    Saints Row Demo

    Going way too far there.
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    XBOX360 + new 50" LCD + 5.1sound = bye bye PC gaming

    *shrugs* i came from consoles a few years ago and you get what you pay for really, i don't mind paying a premium (i don' only have to shop around) for a pc as i'm getting IMO the best in gameplay, graphics and sound. My 360 is right here next to me but it's barely used, sure it's nice to...
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    Blizzard finally starting on Diablo 3?!

    yay....another action "rpg" *shudders* :p
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    Everquest 2

    I prefer this game to wow, i'm currently only a lvl 37 zerker though so we'll see how it goes. as for the graphics...i think they're stunning, armour needs alot of work though. I'm not too fond of the soga models, i use the soga gnomes, human male and dwarf female and that's it, the default eq2...
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    For all you WoW people :D

    I can't stand that game anymore, i really enjoyed levelling to 60, but once you get there...whoah talk about a u-turn in the games quality. either grind or raid...hell seems like they're even combining the two these days. Absolute shit.
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    How Low Can You Go? (Frames per Second)

    *shrugs* depends, sometimes i can handle 15-20 fps...all about the game really.
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    man i cant decide! NEC 20WMGX2 or Dell 2407WFP (rev A02)

    Nope, go's the best purchase i've made in ages.
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    Who's getting sick of upgrading their video card?

    Not buy mcdonalds for a start, i couldn't care less about what happens in africa. sure it's a shame but I have my own life to worry about. As for the video cards, well the last card i had was a 9800 pro, then i got a 7800gtx...and i prolly won't upgrade till dx10, sure it ain't cheap but...
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    Kameo = Great Xbox 360 game - We should spread the word for those who missed the game

    Best game on the 360 i reckon, really happy with that purchase,
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    Prey - 360 or PC?

    PC, completely underwhelmed with what the 360 can do, i'll still try the 360 demo when it's plopped up on live marketplace.
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    Faceplate Face-Off @ [H] Console

    What's with the core hating? :p the all white keeps it looking uniform, the chrome bezel thingy for the premium just looks tacky.
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    lol at the little jap guy laughing, i bet he's thinking "fuck you nintendo, fuck you" :P
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    Now that was really cool, awesome sounds too.
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    that game looks pretty slow...not framerate...just...slow :P
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    The shadows on them cars looked like blobs :/ We'll have to wait for better video i guess.
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    Worldwide launch is cool.
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    New Gears of War (Xbox 360) screenshots!!

    I have the game thank you very much.
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    All the 360 Hatin' . . .

    I've just yet to be blown away that's all, usually when i play a 360 game i can't help but think "you know, this game is nice but it'd prolly be better on my pc" usually i'm totally different when i buy a new console.
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    Too Human (Xbox 360) Gameplay Footage!!!

    Absolutely, was getting pretty depressed at the lack of really awesome games. Apparently a demo for lost planet will be out on the 9th?...i'm getting all giddy thinking about it :P
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    New Gears of War (Xbox 360) screenshots!!

    60 fps? meh, i really don't think so D=
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    XBox 360 Intercooler reviewed by IGN

    I thought the CPU and GPU had two big ass heat sinks and plastic covers over them to direct the air out of the back? wouldn't something like this cause turbulence inside the console? When i'm playing demos off the hard drive it doesn't even get that warm, what's causing the heat is that...
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    Halo 3 at E3!

    Both Halo's were above average shooters, nothing amazing though...some of the level design was downright atrocious.
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    GRAW pc demo is out

    Well i just tried that 360 SP demo and it doesn't seem to be all that amazing either, it's got much better lighting, they did an excellent job with the HDR in the 360 version, but it's textures don't seem as good and it seems to lack any AF in the game. Also it's effects and explosions aren't as...