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    CD Projekt Red Reiterates Plan to Release 2 Games by 2021

    enough with the battle royale's
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    Amazon Air Cargo Plane Operated by Atlas Crashes in Texas, Killing 3 on Board

    very sad, and sad many will not get their package
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    Volunteers Find Working USB Stick in Leopard Seal Feces

    why didn't they shoot it for eating someone who had a concealed usb stick wearing spandex
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    SoftBank Dumped Its NVIDIA Stock

    shut up lol
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing Video

    i like that briefcase, iirc ikea has them
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    Online Shopping Returns Fuel Growth in the Warehouse Sector

    ill LMFAO when they decide to charge the customer a restocking fee even for defective shit
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    Blizzard Entertainment Has Paid 100 Customer Service Employees to Voluntarily Quit

    it's business. they paid them out a years work, but save on not paying medical etc.
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    The Top 10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars: 2018 Edition

    real stars are on Phub
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    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    this happened in Poland during early 80's, good time, for some. 40 and kickin'
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    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    apparently you can't read either the cop was doing the S shit to slow down the traffic.
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    CHP: Drunk Driver Slept While Tesla Appeared to Drive Hwy 101 on Autopilot

    that cop was endangering the lives of others by doing his maneuvers. Car was going straight...home probably. i knew a man once who was delivering coal by horse carriage, he got plastered almost everyday and would fall asleep on the carriage while the horse took him home, even went through a...
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    Volvo Uses Autonomous Trucks to Haul Limestone out of an Open Pit Mine in Norway

    make everything automated so noone will work and everything will have to be free we'll have machines fixing machines i'll be fucking for GOD, who do you fuck for?
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    GGG just announced their next new league and they were gonna call it Immortal, they went with betrayal hahah
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    Ebay Accuses Amazon of Poaching Sellers

    stopped using ebay in 96 lol
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    EA Establishing the Jacksonville Tribute

    this would be awesome if it happened inside EA
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    Your Teen's Next Summer Job Might Be Posting Sponsored Content to Instagram

    with all the sjws, snowflakes, identity crap etc ticking me off, might be sooner then expected
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    Intel Gags Customers from Publishing Performance Impact of Microcode Updates

    than i urge every intel user to do so
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    Your Teen's Next Summer Job Might Be Posting Sponsored Content to Instagram

    i started chopping wood at 2, beheading chickens at 3
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    EA Deletes Origin Account with Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Games

    save those purchase confirmation emails ;)
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    Computer Virus Cripples iPhone Chipmaker TSMC’s Plants

    people dont need another iphone those who do should seek mental help
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    The Instagram Rich List Shows How Insane The World Is

    but it says 'cost per post" just go on a spamming spree lol
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    Graphics Card Sales to Face Difficulties in 2H18

    here's some updated info for those who missed it
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    Internal Documents Show Apple Knew the iPhone 6 Would Bend

    you lads should check Louis Rossmann on youtube, he repairs stuff on his channel but mostly listening him talk about apple. he was right about the butterfly keyboard long before shit hit the fan, listen to this guy
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    'Biohacker' Who Injected Himself with DIY Herpes Treatment Found Dead

    tl:dr what if that was the cure and the illuminati don't want the world to have a cure, $$$$
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    Dropbox and Google Teaming Up

    with dropbox i had 50gb free, now i have 2gb gg idiots
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    Robot Strippers Return at CES 2018

    where do i insert my dongle ?
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    A Tour around NVIDIA’s Brand-New HQ

    that triangle bit, LOL
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    Automatic Image Retouching May Be Coming to Your Smartphone

    he just forgot his HDR was off
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    problem with youtube

    Hi, sole user of the PC, everything is a-ok except YT. Early this morning and for the past two weeks same routine, listen to YT and play PoE, this morning was no exception, but i had to do a food/smokes run, get back, decided to watch some trailers and just get errors. others have no problems...