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    Maybe making the heathen change to a pre-built, again, looking for brand suggestions

    Hey, Konrad: I apologize for not responding more quickly. If you'd like to PM me, I can make a few suggestions for you and put you in touch with someone at Velocity Micro that can answer any questions you have. I do believe that I remember you, in fact, so I'd love to at least catch up...
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    pc vendors which one should i buy from

    Sorry about jumping in a little late (ok, a lot late, but better late than never). TechPirate, I'm not entirely sure what happened with the forums--I came back to VM after they were already gone. I'll check in to the specific details, but I can pretty much assure you that it wasn't because...
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    Received my Origin PC

    What can I say, I get around. ;) To more completely answer that question, for the last few years, my work with custom builders has actually been a part-time pursuit. I like keeping my hands in the industry because I really enjoy working with customers and enthusiasts, and my full-time role...
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    Hypersonic custom PC's?

    Hypersonic is owned by OCZ (known for memory manufacturing) now. I haven't had any experience with their product since they bought the company, but they used to be excellent.
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    Fluttering.... [Help]

    I'm glad to hear that you found some common ground...good luck!
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    Limited computer savy

    Oh, I'll buy a Dell laptop in a heartbeat...but for gaming, I tend to look at people who emphasize that type of performance driven system.
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    Fluttering.... [Help]

    Yes, I am...but that was quite a while ago. I just wanted to make sure that everyone understands that companies do have reasons other than "it's just easier" when requesting things like this--and from a support standpoint, it can get tricky for the company when they don't get the whole machine...
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    Fluttering.... [Help]

    I can explain a little better, I think. Speak to a manager re: the hard drives, I'm quite sure that the wipe/reload thing can be worked around since this pretty much requires no drivers or updates. The reason that most companies request that you leave the hard drive in the system is to...
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    Limited computer savy

    A lot of the smaller custom build companies offer home support as well...Velocity Micro and Puget both do, for sure. Now that I'm not "affiliated" I can officially say that I don't care for Alienware. If you'd rather buy a "big box" system, buy the Blackbird series from HP.
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    Gaming / Game Development PC

    Do you want to build it yourself, or do you want to find someone to develop a solution for you? Many of the smaller builders specialize in developing custom systems for applications like yours, so that might save you some headaches and some legwork. Whether you build it yourself or get...
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    Protecting your computer from kids

    I gather from your description that you're dealing with small kids, and not the invasive teen type of monster. In the past, I've gotten a case with a locking front door, or at least one with a door that hides the power switches to make them less accessible. Right now, I have a Maingear X-cube...
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    Purchasing new PC

    Hi, Greeink... My strongest recommendation is that you really research different companies--especially if you're interested in finding a smaller manufacturer--prior to purchasing a system. The people here are pretty opinionated about who their favorites are...and who they would never buy...
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    Replacing my PC with a Maingear box

    My pleasure. Just let me know if you have any questions in the interim. I'm always hovering around the [H] forums.
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    Replacing my PC with a Maingear box

    Bal, thanks for considering us. If you'd like, I can try to talk her around for you. ;-) The clearance in the shift is 13.5"--I confirmed this with Wallace. You should be good to go. If you have any questions for me--or want me to try to sway your sweetheart--don't hesitate to PM me!
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    Maingear Shift Case

    We don't have any plans to sell the case as a standalone item any time soon...the case is kind of part of the whole Shift experience, if you know what I mean. I'm glad you like it, though!
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    Maingear countdown.'s worth it. Trust me. :)
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    Maingear countdown.

    We're really excited. It's like nothing you've ever seen....
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    Help! BSODs

    Ah, I'm in the middle of moving from one PC to the I apologize. I will look at them today and see if I can find anything that might help you. Hopefully, you've nailed the problem...keep us informed.
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    Replacing my PC with a Maingear box

    rbanzai, thanks for considering Maingear for your next's always awesome to add another [H] member to our family. We'd love to have you call in and talk with us about your build, but most of the guys hanging out here won't steer you wrong. My two cents: The 5750 is better than...
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    Help! BSODs

    What Enginurd said...I think that sometimes technicians fall back on the whole "it's not compatible" thing WAY too much. An NVIDIA card works fine on a crossfire board as long as you're not trying to do crossfire. That's not the issue. The board is likely not the problem. Updating chipset...
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    Help! BSODs

    This sounds like more than an OS issue, since you've already reinstalled once and the blue screens came back. Windows 7 might help, but then again, it might not. My first thought is that this is related to video, since DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is thrown a lot with corrupt drivers or...
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    Fantasizing about buying a Maingear PC in about 2 yrs

    Wait...yours isn't already? I thought everyone here was bleeding edge. :P
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    Fantasizing about buying a Maingear PC in about 2 yrs

    Hey...let the guy fantasize! Don't crush his dreams! LOL. However, they are changes pretty rapidly, so trying to nail down a config now is probably pointless. But you've definitely got the right manufacturer. ;-)
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    XFX Looking For A New Spokesmodel!

    I nominate...ME! :D I've got everything but the hotness factor going for me. I'm too damn old to be hot
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    Online PC vendors

    If I can answer any specific questions regarding Maingear, feel free to drop me a line. I'm always on the forums here if you need anything. These guys won't steer you wrong.
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    card reader problems...

    I think at this point you've ruled out most of the variables, and I think you're spot on with the header diagnosis. I wish it was something more quick and easy than that, though.:(
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    card reader problems...

    SO...the "correct" answer is that you should never tamper with the inside of your system without cutting it off, pulling the plug, and grounding yourself. Have I ever unplugged the header while the PC is on...well, yeah. I admit that I have. As far as it being your second one during the...
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    Cheap Prebuilt pc

    Myth, if you decide you'd like a prebuilt, give Maingear a call and tell them what your budget is. We might be able to do something special for you.
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    card reader problems...

    You know, it could just be that your card reader is bad since it happens with both cards and USB. They're relatively could try a new one, and just take it back to the store if it turns out that you still have the problem.
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    card reader problems...

    Hm. If you have some time this week and are ok with the idea, let's set up a time where I can remote in and trim your services/boot items for you. Looking at what's running in the background, your issue may have more to do with the stuff running on start up than with the card just...
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    CoD4 freezing on me =( Need help

    I would say reinstall COD first--that's the most obvious place to start. If nothing else is freezing up, my first thought would be the game, not the system. If that fails... 3dMark will work well enough. The trial won't loop, but it's intensive enough that if you're having a heat issue, it...
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    Desperate need of help New Build no POST, Smoked capacitor

    Even if it posted after that, I wouldn't trust short somewhere could take out other components in your system. Motherboards aren't supposed to smoke. RMA that sucker, don't risk damaging anything else.
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    card reader problems...

    With the card reader plugged in, please. When I see those snapshots, I'll have a better idea of where to go. One potential fix--if you wanted to take the easy way out, which I certainly wouldn't blame you for doing--is to go back to a system restore date where you know that everything was...
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    Where is the best online place to get a custom pc?

    Control, First of all, if you have any questions specifically for Maingear, I'm here to help. Just drop me a PM or email me. I'd be happy to work with you. Secondly, if there's a builder you REALLY like and they seem too pricey for you, call them. We can't list everything on the web (how...
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    Gaming Laptop for mom and dad

    That changes your playing field a little bit--the newer games. I'll do some research as well, and I'll look and see what options Maingear could provide if you were so inclined.
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    Gaming Laptop for mom and dad

    Before we start tossing around configurations, I'm sure the OP wanted a laptop instead of a desktop for a reason--especially if his parents are like mine and can't sit for long periods of time in a chair, or prefer to move to different rooms of the house instead of being tied to a desktop...
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    card reader problems...

    The only time I've seen something like this--this being that spread of devices--it's because of multiple failed driver installs, or an incompatible driver. It looks like when you've been trying to get it to work, it's logging each driver entry and and not "ejecting" the device files, giving the...
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    Computer won't boot

    To be honest, it sounds EXACTLY like a failed BIOS flash situation. Since it seems you have not flashed the BIOS yet.... I tend to agree with you, J, but I do have a suggestion. It's the "I have no idea what's wrong with this system and can't get a display" method. But you...
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    New build problems

    Good grief, I was ok until I saw how many drives you were running...these guys have nailed it totally. You've maxed your power supply. The 750W that was recommended will work beautifully, but if you intend to add anything else into that box, you may want to spring for a 1000W just to have that...
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    card reader problems...

    What drive letters are assigned to the card reader? Did you recently reinstall Windows?