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    Problem installing windows xp on Ibm R40

    i have an original copy of windows xp pro, i dont have the recovery cds for the laptop. When i get to the part when you format the hdd, it wont let me format it at all! It says this partition cant be deleted and when i just choose to continue, it tells me setup cannot continue and hit f3 to...
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    FS : 4x512 sticks of patriot XBLK DDR 600

    all 4 sticks are brand new and come with a lifetime warranty. Timings are ddr400 at 2,2,2,5 and DDr600 at 2.5,4,4,8 i believe. Asking 190 shipped OBO shoot me those offers, no trades ATM heatware under honkee 130++ with high dollar transactions
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    Help with Mozilla Firefox

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    Sata Dvd Burner?

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    Mem or Core speed more important?

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    Need a certain kind of blank dvd

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    FS: E6400,DDR2 8500,Intel XBX,NIntendo Wii & Magneto Optical drive

    Partial trade for a xbox 360+ some pc hardware?
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    DFI LanParty UT RDX200 CF-DR Socket 939 $54.99

    I remember paying 200 for this pos, its gotta be one of their worst mbs next to the Lanparty 939 with agp :)
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    FS/FT: Sidekick 2 Mr cartoon, Seagate 300 gig sata refurb

    Money orders only!! Sidekick 2 MR cartoon version, condition 8.5,9 out of ten, camera has the infamous problem where the camera stops working, i have the tmobile box ready to return the phone and evrything, some users getting Sidekick 3's in return 140 shipped 300 gig seagate sata...
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    Wtt:2x7800gts for dual core combo

    :D :D :D
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    FS: Random Hardware!

    great guy here! :)
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    FS: 360 games, SF2CE arcade cab (local, Houston)

    tahts pretty sweet bro
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    FS: Sony vaio lappy+ 939 htpc setup, cheap prices

    Well i was making a post for a friend and this is what he told me, If you noticed my thread in the beginning, i said the laptop was flawless and in 100% condition, then he told me it had the problem, then he said he tried the new battery. Now that i am in possession of the laptop, i find out he...
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    FS: Sony vaio lappy+ 939 htpc setup, cheap prices

    Defense wins, but grossman is fuckin killin me. Him and jones are on my ff team, just killin me
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    FS: Sony vaio lappy+ 939 htpc setup, cheap prices

    pentium m 1.73 ghz 512 ram 60 gig hdd 500 shipped pentium m 1.73 ghz 512 ram 60 gig hdd 475 shipped Laptop wont hold a charge at all, works great plugged in, sometimes if you pull the battery in and then out it will last for a good 20 minutes.I dunno it just acts funny.Maybe...
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    FS Silverstone HTPC case w. extras / mATX Barton combo

    dude i can get mad ticks for the cubs, u know that bro :) ttt for our lovable losers
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    FS: QX6700 Quad-Core CPU OEM

    :D :D :D
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    FS: Wii for $272 with a catch...

    ^^^ vote for quique went to high school with the sob :)
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    FS/FT: 6 X Sony Playstation 3 Premium Systems

    purrty pleasseessee pleaseee
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    Gears of War Reviews/discussion/impressions.

    pick up mine today at 3 o clock woot for gamestop in chicago
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    Limited Edition AMD Opteron Football (like an actaul "ball")

    thats pretty sweet, i wonder if it would blend in with my other game balls :)
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    Ibanez's for sale thread

    :cool: :cool: :cool:
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    FT Only: Mint 15" Powerbook 1.67ghz

    sweet lappy from a great trader!! buy buy buy
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    WTB Shuttle SN25P or SN26P / Hauppage MCE TV Tuner / Other Stuff

    ttt for my boy :) go bears baby
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    FS: 500W PSU, DDR2 SoDimm, Motorola V710, WirelessG USB, 120GB HDD

    buy from this guy hes one of the best :)
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    FS/WTT: X1800XT pe 512mb DDR3

    :D :D :D