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    WTB - 2x 280 Radiators (2x140)

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    WTB - 2x 280 Radiators (2x140)

    Looking for a pair of dual 140 Radiators in either black or red. Hit me up ppl. Heat: FireBean
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    Was given some 10Gb/16Gb FC Cards...

    I have to check with some of you if there is any practical use for something like this in a home environment. Recently, a friend needed to offload some inventory as the company he worked for was making some upgrades and the owners just wanted to recycle all left over parts. I was given a pair...
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    Need upgrade/rebuild assistance

    Hey Everyone, I'm going to be upgrading my Sandy Bridge build soon and I kind of stuck of how I want to do something. I plan on starting a streaming channel for fun but I also want to provide the highest production quality I can. So, with that said, should I put my old rig to work as a streaming...
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    What card is this thing?

    Someone help me identify this video card. Says that it a GTX 780 on the back but has a 4pin Molex on the side. Never seen a cooler like it before. I thought that it might be a GTX 7800 but even back then they used 6 pin for power. Says 384bit and 2GB of ram.
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    66 block not piercing into jackets?

    Anyone got any experience with 66 punch-down blocks? I'm adding a few new lines and when I punch down the wires, the block is not cutting or piercing the jackets. What am I doing wrong?
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    HBO Getting Serious About Game Of Thrones Piracy

    What? Cox here in Kansas allows me to pay for basic cable and add HBO, Starz, Encore for $10 more a month. When I see the next flyer, I'll post a SS.
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    Lab-Grown Meat Is In Your Future

    Gross huh Steve? I guess you never worked at a slaughterhouse before...
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    FT: GTX 970 for 290X or 390X

    Bump. . . . Is this a bad deal?
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    FT: GTX 970 for 290X or 390X

    I have a Nvidia branded GTX 970 that has the Titan Cooler. I can get at least a 1400Mhz clock out of it. I'm looking to trade for either a 290X or 390X that overclocks really well as well. HEAT: FireBean
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    Consumer Complaints About Broadband Caps Are Soaring

    I do have the 150/10 plan and I never got contacted about my usage. Ever. I think Cox only contacts you if they're are having congestion issues for a node that you're part of. Now, I did noticed that my Gateway IP to Cox changed a few times, so I was probably load balanced to a different node...
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    How To Kill Patent Trolls Once And For All

    Yep... a .30-06 will do the job.
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    Consumer Complaints About Broadband Caps Are Soaring

    I use Cox here in Kansas and I never gotten a letter about my usage yet. Maybe its on file that I'm a cord cutter and that they are being lenient on me but I'm regularly using 1+TB a month and peaked at 8TB one month. (Hosted a LAN Party and everyone needed everything).
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    Intel CEO Says His Team Has Received Threats Over Stance On Diversity

    Here, have a big old cup of NOPE! That is called crony capitalism. The problem that you all are describing right there is not a racist item but a government corruption item.
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    F/S evga SC GTX 970

    How long has the card been hanging there not screwed in? :|
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    why are used AMD cards so expensive?

    Pfft, when bitcoin mining took off at over $500 a coin a few years ago, I had a 7950 that I bought for $200 and sold on ebay for $380 3 months later!
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    Nvidia Branded GTX 970 - Correct Waterblock?

    No one knows huh? Guess I'll just have to contact one of the companies. :P
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    Nvidia Branded GTX 970 - Correct Waterblock?

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find the correct water block for my Nvidia branded GTX970. Everything I'm coming across points to some custom PCB. This card appears to use the reference PCB for the 980 along with the same cooler. But the PCB numbers near the PCI-E interface do not appear to match in...
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    How do I test if a Cable Modem is going bad?

    FYI... it appeared to be the router... the USB Stick that was hosting started to die. So It is now running off of a Intel x25-E SSD. :p Cannot kill that thing.
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    How do I test if a Cable Modem is going bad?

    Hey everyone. I got a fun issue going with my internet connection and of course Cox Tech Support says it's not them. I also love it when you have pfSense running for your firewall, they ask you to hook up a computer directly, and tell them it is a computer. They're all like: Anyways, I've...
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    The Division Breaks Ubisoft Records

    HEY! WTF is wrong with doritos? The new Ranch Dipped Hot Wings are bomb!
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    WTB - Nvidia Shield (For the TV)

    Looking for a nVidia Shield with the extra remote. I missed the deal to where you can get remote for free. My Offer: $200 /w remote, shipped. Hit me up if you want to offload yours if you didn't like it. ;) Shipping Zip: 67060
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    Free Cell Phone up to $650 via Citi and Att

    Yep... Attention to detail. I did not realize that this was a credit card.
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    FS: Cannon paper

    Going to get more money out of that rig if you part it out....
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    Free Cell Phone up to $650 via Citi and Att

    Wait... you have to spend $2000 or more in 3 months to qualify? Who the hell spends that much for cell service?!
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    Backup Software Suggestion requested

    I'm looking for something with the following requirements. Tell me what you think will work good. Details: All home PCs are using folder redirection to the the NAS (with sync) so that in the event of the laptop/desktop going belly up, I can get to the data just fine. Looking for something that...
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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    Sorry, I should clarify. My TV's output is Optical Audio only and I have my Chromecast plugged into the TV. Then I just take the optical to that small box, then to the amp and boom, power. This amp is able to power the speakers to the point to where I cannot hear my wife screaming at me to turn...
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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    I have an update. I ordered the following and will let you all know how it turns out. Should have it monday. It was a little but more than what I wanted to spend but should get the job done. http://**************/1QP1g01 http://**************/1Tr2y6c
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    tenkay desk

    I got maple cabinets and yes is is a gorgeous wood with a nice tight grain. Tough as hell. Get fresh, share carbide tips blades. To avoid getting splits and chunks from the jig saw, use a FINE tooth blade and I would sandwich the maple between some sacrificial wood. This will help with getting a...
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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    Ok, I can get the audio to analog via an HDMI Extractor. Pretty Cheap... Now, all I need is some kind of 2.1 amp that is really freaking small, does not cost a ton and has good quality sound. (Pick two I guess)
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    tenkay desk

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    Looking for a Micro-sized DAC/AMP

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to locate a HDMI in/out DAC with AMP that is roughly the size of a pack of playing cards. I can go larger if needed. Anyone happen to see what I'm looking for? I found plentyof HeadPhone Amps that are ok but nothing with a HDMI passthrough that will read the audio and...
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    tenkay desk

    SWEET! Take some phones of the stock that you get!
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    Next advice on WHS v1 Upgrade path

    Yes, you need to use ECC Ram. What happens if you have a bad stick of ram that flips a bit on random items during a scrub? Well, I hope you have a good backup.