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    PSU Recommendation

    Blast from the past... it was a dead/dying PSU. I replaced it and it has been running fine ever since. :cool:
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    LSI 8308ELP Slow Write Performance

    Huge difference... guess I need to invest in a battery backup for it.
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    LSI 8308ELP Slow Write Performance

    I do not have a battery backup (on the card, or on the PC) :eek:
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    LSI 8308ELP Slow Write Performance

    LSI 8308ELP 4x WD 640GB (WDCWD6402AAEX0) in RAID5 64k stripe size Write performance is horribly low. Is this how it's supposed to be or am I missing something?
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    SAMSUNG 4GB PC3L-10600R REG ECC DDR3-1333

    I have 24 of these for sale on eBay right now. Pulled from a VM Server that got upgraded 8GB sticks. All tested and working fine. Asking $35 a stick. Anyone interested? SAMSUNG 4GB PC3L-10600R REG ECC DDR3-1333
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    GPU folding in Linux

    I have a GTX 550 Ti sitting idle in my work PC. What would net me the most PPD? Is there a native linux client or would I need to run a Windows VM? (I have a Win7 guest in VMware) Running Ubuntu 12.04 and version 304.43-0ubuntu1~precise~xup1 of the nvidia-current drivers.
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    Best PPD for a 2600K :D
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    Best PPD for a 2600K

    Looks like I'm averaging about 12-15k this first week. Had to stick with stock clocks as I'm using the stock CPU heatsink... which is a POS. Maybe I can get my boss to order a better heatsink and try again. Unfortunately this is my work PC and I do use it throughout the day so it's not...
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    My 1st fold after 2 years!

    Welcome back Speedy! :D
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    [H]ardOCP & ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti DirectCU II Giveaway

    It would crunch more F@H work units for Team 33!!! :D
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    Best PPD for a 2600K

    Running 4.3GHz in Ubuntu 12.04. Mem speed at 1866... let's see what this thing can do :D
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    Best PPD for a 2600K

    No more bigadv?? :confused: I've been away since March. What's the best config to run on an Intel 2600K system (Asus Z77 Sabertooth) Running linux native.
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    Congratulations! W.Feather is the DC'er of the Month for August 2012!

    W.Feather? There goes the neighborhood! :D
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    [H]ard Box Entry Thread

    Count me in!
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    Summer/Fall Giveaway!

    Waiting for it................... :D
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    PSU Recommendation
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    PSU Recommendation

    It's all in my sig Asus P6T Deluxe, i7 920 @3.6Ghz, Corsair H50, 6GB G.Skill DDR3 @1480Mhz, Nvidia 9800GT, 650W PSU 180 BCLK x20, 1.225v VCORE, 1.5v DRAM, 1.275v VTT, 1.1v IOH, 1.8v PLL Processor is a C0 stepping. System has been stable for over a year @3.6ghz (Aug '10 til now) folding...
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    PSU Recommendation

    Ok so tried a bunch of stuff... nothing helped. Lowered my overclock back to stock voltages, etc and now I'm rock stable. Guess it's time to re-evaluate my overclock and get it stable again. :rolleyes:
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    PSU Recommendation

    PSU, Mobo, and CPU were all purchased 11/22/2008 I'm going to try and narrow down the culprit. Going to put 3 drives on one 12v rail, the other 3 drives on a separate rail, and then try swapping in a known working video card if that doesn't correct it.
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    PSU Recommendation

    It is broke though.. random unexplained lockups every couple of days. Lost a couple bigadv wu recently because of it, and my RAID5 array incurred some damage as well.. had to rebuild it. Issues started after adding the 2 750GB drives.. maybe I need to spread the load out over the 12V rails...
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    PSU Recommendation

    Having random lockups on my i7 920 folding machine and I'm starting to think my PSU is not enough to keep up. Opinions? I currently have a 650W Antec. Here is what I'm running.... i7 920 @ 3.6ghz Corsair H50 4x 640gb HDDs in RAID5 2x 750gb HDDs in RAID0 Nvidia 9800GT LSI MegaRaid...
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    Fractal Design Core 3000

    Of course.. AFTER I get impatient and order mine from Canada... oh well lol :rolleyes:
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    Hit a Folding (Stanford) milestone? Post it here:

    Guess I passed 8 mil a few days ago. On to 10 mil! ~100 days and counting at my current rate.
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    Another Giveaway! i7 2600k & more!

    [crossing toes]
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    Another Giveaway! i7 2600k & more!

    This is over tonight amirite? :D
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    Fractal Design Core 3000

    Sooooooooooooo...... yeah where can one in the US buy this case? I'm not paying $45 in shipping charges from Canda for a $60 case! :mad:
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    Lost Bigadv Workunit

    My /home directory is only 60 gig and I was copying files from another machine and it filled up briefly. Of course it had to happen as it was saving a checkpoint.. :o
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    Lost Bigadv Workunit

    The 50/50 odds weren't with me. It restarted the WU at 0%. With only a day left to go in the deadline (and 2 days worth of work already done) I had to let it go and start a new 6900.
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    Lost Bigadv Workunit

    Oh trust me I have plenty of space. All totalled up I have about 7.5 TB between my two systems. I just partitioned my /home directory funky and it filled up briefly while copying some files around. How is drive space a PPD bump?
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    Lost Bigadv Workunit

    Lost a 76% complete bigadv workunit due to a full disk tonight.. argh! Any way to recover from this? When I restart the client it starts over at 0% instead of resuming from the last checkpoint. Info: Linux (Ubuntu 10.10) running client version 6.34
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    I hate Linux

    I just got done setting up 10.10 on my i7 920. So much faster TPFs! I'm averaging ~30k PPD now instead of the 23k I was getting before.
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    i7 920 numbers needed ASAP

    i7 920 @ 3.6ghz - Average TPF 2684 51:05 2685 40:25 2689 No data 6901 34:59 Keep in mind this isn't a dedicated folding box though.. so averages may be a little on the high side.
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    Getting closer! 1w5d5hr :D
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    @ hiodie

    My guess is hot caramel in places you wish it wasn't... hahaha