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    Vista: files hidden from virus

    ATTRIB -S -H /S /D C:\*.* nuff said. then go back and hide what needs to be hidden. This will also fix the unable to update issue in most cases if its blocking due to a non admin error.
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    Here is a link to my guide on replacing the keyboard in the 17" macbook pro unibody. Please feel free to repost anywhere. ttt
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    My 17" I5 teardown guide!

    well yes if you can put it back together and make it look like nothing was ever removed. haha. but no. it voids all warranty. but so does spilling on your computer most of the time.
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    My 17" I5 teardown guide!

    Finished replacing a keyboard on this 17" MBP. I couldnt find a guide online so I made one for everyone. Let me know what you think. The link is The guide pretty much covers any component aside from the screen that you would...
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    Getting used to 13" screen?

    send me a pic of the type of screw you lost i can mail you one if i have it here in the shop. email is
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    bump I replaced the keyboard (guide to follow) and it works just great! thanks everyone!
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    Getting used to 13" screen?

    what are you doing on it is the question? photoshop or any other type of image work? or just browsing and simple stuff? my fiance just upgraded hers to 8gb and uses it for photoshop and illustrator on a regular basis and i have not heard one complaint about screen size. and at the price you...
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    oh yes.... the money is goooooood!
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    please ignore my sig by the way. I haven't been on hard forum since the good old days haha.
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    I have no issue with replacing the keyboard. its very odd actually. Apple claims you have to purchase the whole top assembly...aluminum , trackpad, and keyboard. Although I found the part just fine, the only catch is this....... the keyboard itself has 50 screws into the unibody top case. the...
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    MBP 17" I5 keyboard spilled on, everything works but...

    One of my clients brought this MBP with water damage into my shop, The Macbook itself works great every component works flawlessly. My Issue: the keyboard doesn't work. it did a little bit for a few days, after i cleaned the keyboard it stopped completely. I have a Bluetooth apple keyboard...
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    WTB: super cheap laptop that works

    compaq c300 notebook 600 bucks shipped its newer but would work for what you need
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    WTB: Laptop for browsing purposes

    i have exactly what your looking for the only thing is that it needs a power adaptor we just broke it. but it works great and i would let you take it for 160 shipped.
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    WTB cheap/midrange laptop

    have a compaq c300 that works great only problem is the back hinge is really loose on the left side. its my girlfriends she wants 600 bucks for it. lmk if your interested.
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    all audio got very quiet after installing vista HeLp! plz

    used the ones of hps site....if i grab them from realtek would tis make a difference?
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    all audio got very quiet after installing vista HeLp! plz

    hey guys, i recently reformatted and installed vista ultimate( same os as before) and after reformatting i noticed that my audio was very quiet and soft even at max, so i went and removed the driver and used hps driver provided by there website and still no luck. anyone know what i can do ? I...
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    Verizon Razr V3c w/ 2 Home chargers

    how about a service provider is it unlocked?
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    2 22" widescreen lcds for sale, laptop for sale, 250 gb sata hard drive and whatever

    I have 2 westinghouse 22" wide screen lcds for sale (1680x1050) they have dvi,vga,hd,component, s,video, and audio inputs. 1080p i will sell them for $230 each. I have an hp nc8430 nice laptop the specifications are: core duo 2ghz radeon x1600 graphics with 256mb dedicated not...
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    WTB recent laptop with Serial port

    i have the laptop in my sig for sale but its not gonna be 800 bucks tell you that much. it has every thing you want plus more. let me know if you could give me 1200 for it. it was 2000 new.
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    WTB: Gaming rig, Mid to High end

    make me an offer on my desktop
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    WTB - inexpensive old LCD

    gateway 15" lcd 40 bucks shipped?
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    WTB: Laptop/Notebook

    selling laptop in my sig for 1200 lmk
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    FS/FT: Macbook Pro For Windows Based gaming laptop

    i have a hp nc8430 laptop that i game on it has no problem with any game i throw at it honestly i just want a macbook to do work on i dont need this much power anymore and i am looking for this exact trade. specs... core 2 duo (merom) 2x2ghz 1gb ddr2 ram (4gb max supported) 15.4" wsxga...
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    FS: 22" lcd and High end laptop and prolly other good stuff

    I have for sale my laptop in my sig. its a great laptop not even a year old nothing wrong with it in great condition. and i also have a 22" widescreen westinghouse lcd for sale in its box almost new. HP Compaq Nc8430 laptop: $1300 obo Westinghouse Lcd: 240 obo and if someone wants to...
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    Wanted Laptop

    i will sell my laptop for 1300 its in my sig.
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    WTB 19-22 inch lcd///// WTS 8800gts, game, parts

    i have a 22" westinghouse pretty new i would consider selling pm me if you wanna make an offer
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    wtt Hp/Compaq NC8430 core duo laptop 2ghz,1gb ram, x1600 dedicated 256mb graphics

    hey i have a compaq nc8430 i have used for 4 or 5 months that i am looking to trade for a macbook or powerbook. this laptop doesnt have any problem playing my steam games or doing anything its rock solid. if you wanna make me an offer go ahead and pm me. go ahead and make a cash offer if you...
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    NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M or ati? i dont know which will be better

    i want to know how well a NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M will perform gaming wise and if it matches up to what i already have in my current laptop which is a ati mobility x1600. i know that the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 320M is dx10 capable but how well will it play games and what kind of frame rates might i...
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    inspiron 1150 notebook $300

    vista installed on it running fine not hot no lockups or shutdowns. i cleaned the dust out of the heatsync and i formatted the hard drive and i gues the file structure was just bad needs an audio driver then its good to go. if someone wants to give me 225 shipped for it i will sell it. bump...
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    inspiron 1150 notebook $300

    bump linux is working on it it was not a overheating issue it needs a new hard drive intel is just hot. if anyone wants it i will sell it shipped for 225.
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    inspiron 1150 notebook $300

    hey im selling a very nice inspiron 1150 notebok not a scratch on the thing. it has the same problem the others all have and that is its overheating. i am sure its fixable it will run fine once in the os its just on startups it will sometimes get hot. it has 512mb ram, dvd rom, p4 2.6ghz, i will...
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    xbox will not see shared hard drive on vista

    my xboxmediacenter will see the computer but will not open anything without being asked for a password then after entering my pass it does nothing. i have sharing enabled and i have everything working without needing a pass. my laptop can stream no problem. why wont vista allow my xbox to stream?
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    Need a NAtive SATA driver XP for my laptop

    my laptop bluescreens everytime i turn native sata on is there a driver someone can give me to let xp support native? im using a hp compaq nc8430 any help is appriciated thanks!
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    FS: Compaq N180 Laptop

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    Quick easy vista question

    and in response to bbz_ghost i did this because my dad bought a dell laptop as soon as vista had its final public release and i wanted vista so i used his 32-bit dell oem disk and just delete the oem dell pictures. but now theres no sign of dell on my lappy!