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    Hi, I am looking to buy Gigabytes P35-DS3 serie motherboad Let me know if you have one for sale Thanks for looking
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    FS: P4 (865) Shuttle + carrying case - $200, 3.0C - $140, 2x512mb DDR500 - $130

    3.0GHz Northwood w/ HT, 800MHZ FSB Never OCed, ran completely Prime95 stable @ 32*C @ 1.25V (default is 1.5V) Cheapest online is $175 shipped, I'm asking $145 shipped. What is the S-Code for this chip?
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    WTB - Pentium 4 C chip (478) capable of 3.5 GHZ and above OCed

    So when are you going to sell it ?
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    FS - Abit AA8 Duramax P4 LGA775 Motherboard

    As the title said. Bare board with box only ( no I/O shield ). Guranteed non DOA Same board as this Newegg wants $130 I want $85 shipped.
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    For Sale - P4 550 3.4Ghz LGA775

    P4 550 Prescott 3.4Ghz LGA775 OEM SL7J8 Newegg wants $273 My price $215 shipped. Heatware:
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    FS - P4 530J EO Prescott

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    FS - P4 530J EO Prescott

    I ran perfectly stable @3.75 stock voltage using my RAM @250Mhz ( you can go higher with better RAM ). I try to boot into windows and take a capture using that RAM @4.05Ghz. Stepping SL7PU 3 GHz 800 MHz 90 nm E0 1 MB 775 pin PLGA $165 shipped.
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    Fs: 3.2E ES+Asus P4c800e Deluxe+KHX BH-5 Combo

    will you part it out ? I am interest in the CPU if you do anyway, bump for ya
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    FS/FT - P4 2.53Ghz@3.38 Default + Asus P4P800 Combo

    I have the whole combo for sale, they work extremely well together. The P4 2.53Ghz was a darling of the past ( muti vid SL6S2 ), Overclocked @3.38 default voltage ( YMMV ). The Asus board is retail P4P800 Rev2 $200 shipped for both OBO. Or trade for some good Rams Guaranteed non DOA for both
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    FS: Awesome P4 3.4/Asus PC800-E Deluxe, Sapphire Radeon X800 XT-PE, Audigy 2, TDK 8X

    payment sent for the asus motherboard as well. Please check your PM Vader
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    FS: Awesome P4 3.4/Asus PC800-E Deluxe, Sapphire Radeon X800 XT-PE, Audigy 2, TDK 8X

    Vader, Payment had been sent for the 3.4C CPU P4. Please check you PM/Email. Thanks
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    FS: Geil 1 gig (512*2) Ultra Series PC-3200

    Wanna make a trade with my GeIL PC3500 Platinum Series CAS2 ( not CAS 2.5 ) Here is the link to it LMK
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    which is better ?? Dell 1800FP or Dell 1901FP

    I need some advices please My main activities for using these LCD 1. movies 2. pictures 3. text 4. NO GAMING thanks about $75 USD different between the two