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    Big Navi is coming

    Feels very unlikely to me that the chip will boost higher with that many more CU's, of course the cooling and power will be better on cards than in a console, but you still start running into limits as you up the CU count. I don't believe you can just copy the console frequency and assume that a...
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    Lucky indeed, if they've got any sort of quality of life left. Still impressive that the car protected them to the point of surviving though.
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    Google translate says something about the driver being prosecuted? It'd be amazing if anyone came out of that alive.
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    Volvo to Impose 112 MPH Speed Limit on All New Cars from 2020

    Like any of you complainers drive even remotely close to this speed on a regular basis. Fact of the matter is you can't know if the road is good enough for these speeds, maybe it was yesterday, doesn't mean it is today. And once you do lose control, all bets on your own and more importantly...
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    Capcom Ships 4 Million Units of Resident Evil 2 Worldwide

    rofl, where the hell did she pull that flamethrower from.
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    Far Cry New Dawn Physical Sales Just a Quarter of Far Cry Primal's

    The counter-definition of insanity. Keep doing the same thing over and over and over again, and expecting the same outcome.
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    Intel Wants to Take You on a Graphics Odyssey

    Words words words... The only times I've heard companies say things like "we're listening", "we'll improve" was when they fucked up (see; every game controversy in the last decade). The rest is just fluff, it's every hypetrain followed by underwhelming hardware since as long as I can remember...
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    Google Might Announce a Game Streaming Platform Next Month

    You can always go build model ships. :) On another note; watch them cancel it within two years, 1 year and 9 months after everyone else has hailed it as dead on arrival.
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    Resin Solidification Speeds Up 3D Printing

    Seeing as how fragmented the tech is, what is "it" to buy stocks in, it's not like it's a brand or a company or something. :)
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    Tim Sweeney Responds to Epic Games Store Criticism

    Here's my Tencent, my FortNite is free.. I agree with Nebell, with the addition; this is an elaborate scheme by Epic to drain Valve of cash, so that they have no other option than to make HL3. Not all heroes wear capes. :P
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    Nvidia Technical Marketing Gives an Interview to HotHardware on Turing

    You know? No I don't know because you can't string enough words together fluidly to keep me interested and listening. I know other people commented, but there were seven "you know" in the quote alone, only one belonged, how is that marketing?
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    Where exactly does this happen though?
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    That's why you compare the United States vs the European Union in these things, to average things out. We have very troubled countries and very safe ones. Also, when doing that the EU has double to population, not sure about surface area though. Otherwise you're just comparing American States vs...
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    4 Dead - 11 Wounded at Jacksonville FL Video Game Tournament

    The way you speak makes me think you've never been out of the US. Interested; Is that assumption correct?
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    EA Origin Access Gets New $100 Tier

    With this new subscription you get access to all the new games as they come out, while with the normal sub you just get a small selection of older titles.
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    “Solo” Box Office a Historic Failure for “Star Wars”

    Couldn't, you could not care less
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    Intel Set to Fall Further Behind TSMC

    Every chipmaker measures in their own way, and Intel is, oddly enough, the least of the bullshitters. TSMC's 7nm is about equal to Intel's supposed 10nm. Samsung is also not equal. So while TSMC is pulling away in actual production, it's not like their process is actually much smaller (and...
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    NASA Advisers Say SpaceX Rocket Technology Could Put Lives at Risk

    Isn't SpaceX developing that escape pod that's quick enough that even if the whole thing blows up anywhere during fueling and liftoff it can still get everyone to safety?
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    NASA Advisers Say SpaceX Rocket Technology Could Put Lives at Risk

    You could say they've learned the hard way, from experience.
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    That's not the point, I'm on the front page of a tech site, not LiveLeak, even without clicking the link, I wanna see cool tech shit, not a headline about some dude being ripped apart by a bear, and up until today I never had that "issue", hence my question, why is it there and will there be...
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    Man Mauled to Death by Bear While Taking Selfie with It

    At least the source has a graphic content warning, what's this stuff doing on the HardOCP front page.
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    Good job guy. I do wonder if this is really the end of it though.
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    Odd DDR3 issue on X79

    I'mma give that a try, thanks. Not too hopeful due to the randomness of it all, but won't hurt to try :)
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    AMD 7nm Zen 2 CPUs Sampling This Year for 2019 Volume Launch

    I really wonder how that 7nm process compares to Intel's 10nm, considering most just stick whatever sticker they can find on their process.
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    Odd DDR3 issue on X79

    Hey guys, I've got a bit of an odd one on my system. I'm running an ASUS P9X79 (no sub-moniker) with a 32GB kit (4x 8GB) of Mushkin Blackline 994072. It's 11-11-11-27 @ 1866 mhz @ 1.35v It's always run fine on my Z77 system, but on this X79 build it will often lose about 4GB. 4GB? But the...
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    Jim Keller Joins Intel

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    Jim Keller Joins Intel

    Masturbates with an Angler fish, it says so right there.
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    Jim Keller Joins Intel

    In my experience Tim's will only grunt a bit when confronted with complex issues.
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    Is the Mining Craze Over for Now

    You think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies? ;)
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    Net Neutrality Rules Expire Monday, as Lawmakers Push for Paid Data Prioritization

    The fact that this got through proves that any real form of Revolution is impossible in the US. Lines are drawn (on the internet, because that's the only place people really dare drawing lines anymore), and people in charge step over them with a grin and a joke along the way, and no shits given.
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    Google’s Chief Futurist: Basic Income Will Spread Worldwide by the 2030s

    I don't get the appeal of Kurzweil, all I ever hear about him is how he takes some concept that's talked about alot and place it far enough into the future that it might be reasonable to suspect that it'll happen, or if it doesn't he can just say that alot had changed since then. That's a job...
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    Google’s Chief Futurist: Basic Income Will Spread Worldwide by the 2030s

    Found the teenager, you're not being special, we all had phases just like you. Or some other thing. It'll pass.
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    Netflix for Windows 10 Gets Picture-in-Picture Mode

    True, but that is on an actual Chromecast, which I dislike, it's slower to load, slower to get to high quality, and some kids series don't play right. What I meant was controlling the Windows app through your phone app, just like Spotify allows. (And basically how a Chromecast works)
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    Netflix for Windows 10 Gets Picture-in-Picture Mode

    Now if they'll just start supporting Chromecast like support for controls from a phone, like Spotify does... Using a kb and mouse for an HTPC sucks, Spotify understands this. Edit: oh yeah, also; auto fullscreen on playback.
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    Intel Finishes Spectre Patching, Some Older CPUs Not Included

    Didn't MS say they were going to use this microcode to patch at the OS level, so everyone will still get them?
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    HTC VIVE Turns 2 - VIVE Pro Starter Kit

    You really didn't think that comment through.
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    FS: 2x WD 6TB Green HDD's $200 shipped

    I don't suppose you're anywhere near Europe right? :P
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    GTC 2018 Live Keynote

    Listen to how every point is repeated over and over in a slightly different fashion, this talk could be a third in length. It's like watching a preacher evangelize.
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    Flat-Earther Successfully Blasts Off in Homemade Rocket

    This guy is just an amateur rocketeer that found an easy and steady source of funding for his rocket hobby.