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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    So you make a claim that a certain type of fan is better even when being used as a case fan (not the intended application). I ask you for the data to back up that claim. Of course tou don't have any. But say instead I have to come up with data to prove you wrong? I don't think so. That's...
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    Pegatron Exploiting Apple iPhone Workers In China

    I don't really see how this is so much Apple's fault. Pegatron offered them lower prices than Foxconn. Apple went with the lowest cost supplier they felt was competent. Turns out Pegatron is working their employees to the bone.
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    And you have data to back that up? None of the cases I've bought in the last 5 years have restrictive grills. Exhaust fans don't even have filters. A fan that works well on a radiator or heatsink generally have higher static pressure. I haven't seen a single shred of data that higher static...
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    How to speed control 9 fans?

    Split some of the outputs. However, even with the same voltage or PWM signal, the fans aren't all going to run at the same speed. There is some unit to unit variation.
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    If you want a case fan, the through the rad data doesn't seem like it's the best data set to be examining. I'd rather see the same sort of data running free air, or through a much less restrictive obstacle.
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    Need thoughts on older pc for htpc

    You could try it and see. I'm not sure what sort of requirements Netflix has on streaming.
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    Why are good case fans so expensive?

    Isn't that what PWM controlled fans are for? The fans are controlled by the motherboard based on temps. FWIW, good fans are a niche product and are priced accordingly. It seems like we're not using the same definition of good though. You seem to be after high CFM. Most people these days are...
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    The die hard quiet cooling crowd think the Redux 140mm version is better than the newer A model. I found a Prolimatech Blue Vortex 140mm to be the best case fan for one of the spots in my HTPC blowing across the GPU. After adjusting each fan's RPM to the threshold of audibility it outperformed...
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    Depending on the case 140mm fans with 120mm fan holes don't mount nicely. My Corsair 600Q is like this. Well, what are you expecting and what are you getting?
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    Well, you don't have to put a fan in every spot. You can leave some of them open. Are you having problems with the thermals of components in the case? I'd be tempted to put the 1 or 2 in the front, one in the top blowing out and leaving the rest open.
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    Don't fight physics. Heat rises. Don't try to blow cold air down. I have an inverted ATX case (Corsair 600Q) so the graphics card doesn't heat the CPU. A front 140mm fan blows right across the graphics card pushing the heat out the back of the case.
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    Is something in the case rattling? The fans don't make the same noise in free air do they?
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    Best quiet 140mm case fans?

    Best at what? Are you pulling air through a filter or some other sort of restriction? Do you need PWM control? I've been trying to find high airflow and quiet 140mm case fans myself for my HTPC in a Corsair 600Q. I'm planning to test and compare 140mm BeQuiet Silent Wings 2, 140mm...
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    1 Billion Pixels in Witcher 3

    We'll have to look for something in the reflection on the bottle in order to do that.
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    ASUS GPU TWEAK II is plagued with bugs

    You can use Speedfan to monitor the GPU temperature and control the PWM value of your case fans plugged into the motherboard based on GPU temperature. Otherwise you could use inline resistor adapters to slow the case fans down so the PWM range the Asus card lets you utilize are useful.
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    ASUS GPU TWEAK II is plagued with bugs

    Yes, the software is pretty crappy. It mostly works for what I needed out of it though. I wish I could set the GPU fan speed below 39% though. You can have 0%, and 39-100%. Of course the fans on my GTX 1080 Strix become audible in the very low 40's. :confused:
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    EVGA 1070 FTW or Gigabyte G1 1070

    Which FTW? There are 3 listed on EVGA's site. And, where's this coupon at?
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    So, I installed madVR last night

    That's no fun. :p I have 3-5 profiles for several of the categories. They're primarily sorted by resolution and frame rate. Basically, one for DVD res, one for 720p, and one 1080p. I treat 24p and 60p differently in some cases. Some people on doom9 have like 10+ profiles.
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    Newegg sent me an email about the R9 class action settlement???

    I got the same e-mail this morning. Newegg had a blog post yesterday that said this: They've since took it down.
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    So, I installed madVR last night

    It's time for profiles!
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    Asus Strix RX 480 preorders are open on Amazon.

    Because it was a launch thing so there were some 4GB cards available. They're not going to put 8GB of RAM on them indefinitely. They probably aren't doing that any more. The odds of getting a 4GB AIB card that really has 8GB on it is probably 0.
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    Asus Strix RX 480 preorders are open on Amazon.

    Reportedly, yes. AMD Retail Radeon RX 480 4GB to 8GB Memory Unlock Mod Works, We Benchmarked I wouldn't count on buying a 4GB card now and unlocking it though.
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    Does GTX 750 Ti support hardware HEVC 4K 10bit decoding?

    AFAIK, none of the hardware encoders are all that good. Certainly not on par with the slower command line encoders like x264/x265. You can always try it and see what you think.
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    Does GTX 750 Ti support hardware HEVC 4K 10bit decoding?

    Well, I ordered it. I don't have it yet. I'm currently using a R9 380. I want more graphics processing power for madVR. AFAIK, the encoding is mostly for streaming your gaming. It's not very high quality for the bitrate, or at least hasn't been to date.
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    Does GTX 750 Ti support hardware HEVC 4K 10bit decoding?

    I think it's an OEM only card. I'm not really sure. I made an mild attempt to find one before and came up empty. I guess it all comes down to what you're using the HTPC for. I just ordered up a GTX 1080 for mine and I don't play games. :ROFLMAO: In your case, I'd suggest waiting for reviews...
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    Does GTX 750 Ti support hardware HEVC 4K 10bit decoding?

    The GTX 750 SE has HEVC support. The GTX 750 Ti does not. Nvidia PureVideo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Nvidia settles GTX970 false advertising lawsuit.

    Is it a real $30 check or are they going to pull the $30 voucher for a future purchase at
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    Asus Strix RX 480 preorders are open on Amazon.

    Which benchmarks are you referring to? AFAIK, all the initial cards with 4GB of RAM really had 8GB and were flashed with a special BIOS to limit them to 4GB. Which means they all had the faster 8GHz RAM, which isn't what the AIB 4GB cards will have.
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    Asus Strix RX 480 preorders are open on Amazon.

    Don't they all have slower memory?
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    WTHDIJS Video of the Day

    45 in the HOV lane because the goats count as occupants. :p That was just bizarre. I mean I know the car dealer wants to make money off you, not be your best friend, but WOW!... :confused:
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    China's LeEco Acquires VIZIO For $2B

    What factory in the US? It's hard to close something they never had. That's going to be a problem for you considering Panasonic no longer sells TVs in the US (assuming you live in the US). They don't make anything in Mexico. They assemble TVs in Mexico. The LCD panels / modules are made in...
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    1070 vs RX 480 for HTPC?

    Well, the RX480 is apparently a turkey at madVR. It's no more powerful than a GTX 1060 despite having 50% more FLOPS. It's ~ 20% faster than a GTX 970 in madVR. But so is the GTX 1060. :confused: Prior generation cards seemed to pretty closely follow FLOPS. Like the GTX 960 was about 10%...
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    Gigabyte GTX 1070 399.99

    Is there any big reason to avoid this card if I'm just looking for a decent non FE 1070?
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    Best Closed Headphones

    I'm liking my Audeze EL-8 (closed). My Fostex TH-X00 Purpleheart's are on order, so I can't compare them yet.
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    So, I installed madVR last night

    As Morpheus said to Neo, "Welcome to the real world!" :D
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    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys -- best prices, volume discounts, Windows 10 Upgrade!!

    Yes, just did it. Worked perfect with the key I got from [Ion]. PM sent to [Ion] for more keys.
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    Microsoft Will Bet You A New Laptop That It Can Upgrade Your PC To W10

    Good work! (y) Dude, you're getting a Dell!!! No idea why my embedded image isn't showing up. :(
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    Terry Crews Brings Celebrity Muscle To PC Gaming

    I wonder if he's wearing Old Spice. :ROFLMAO:
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    Bitcoin Miners Face Fight For Survival As New Supply Halves

    The fact that it's currently the world's reserve currency is pretty much what backs it up.