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    BOTH SOLD! OEM iPhone Lightning Accessories, Used Workhorse Raspberry Pi 3 & Mint V2 Camera Module

    Left in the bottom of my old iPhone, completely brand new, never used. SOLD! $40 CONUS. Drop a PM if interested. Had the Pi attached as a GIMP machine for light photo editing at work. Spent a couple years handling the task well. Boots fine, no MicroSD included, but one of the GPIO pins got...
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    7850 is gone. Drop on the 1060.
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    Weekend price drops.
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    Added two GPU's. Special preference is given if someone wants both.
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws Memory 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 Used, pulled from a working system, stored away in the back of my closet. SOLD! THANKS! $40 CONUS. Drop a PM if interested or with a counter offer. WOULD REALLY LIKE FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE AN OFFER ON BOTH GPU’s ASUS HD 7850...
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    CLOSED! Gildan 100% Cotton Black Linux Bash Shell Command Line T-shirt Extra Large

    CLOSED! I've messaged the mod to see if this is okay to post here but have yet to have a PM back. It's no problem if I've over stepped and this is not an approved item. I figure someone on HF might get a kick out of this and throw in a bid or two.
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    FS: Samsung MUF-128DA2/WW USB Type-C 3.1 Flash Drive, 128 GB, Black

    Used once to store items, wiped, and been sitting ever since. Freaking small! SOLD: $35 $25 CONUS. Drop a PM if interested.
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    SOLD: Workhorse T420s 4GB RAM NO OS/HDD/SSD/

    My Dad's workhorse T420s he's been using for the last couple years. Included is the OEM charger/cord. Condition is what it is: still runs like a champ, with character marks on the body and the TN screen is what it is. (He can't see the TN screen as well so we moved him into a T450s with 1080...
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    Ryzen 2 NUC?

    With the relaunch on the 19th of Ryzen I'm reminded of just how much I've wanted to see the Intel NUC equivalent of a Ryzen NUC (RUC?). As far as I know, and please correct me if I'm wrong, AMD doesn't have anything coming down the pike. Any third party equivalents coming that would get someone...
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    Intel Retail Edge 2017 Holiday Deal

    Anything on the Nuc platform?
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    FS: Amazon Gift Card Balance!

    I really do need a Samsung 960 PRO for my Carbon...
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    FS: Thinkpad X250 IPS FHD. i5 5200u. 500 GB HDD 8GB RAM

    SOLD! Thanks! Original owner X250. 1920x1080 FHD IPS. i5 5200u. 500 GB HDD. Came with 8.1 installed, I did the bump to Windows 10 and then to the Creators Update, along with drivers/BIOS. At some point, I bumped the RAM to a single 8GB stick from the original 4GB. Manufacture date: 4/20/2015...
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    FS: Samsung 128GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDXC Card

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    Looking For Sugestions For A Daily Driver With A Great Screen

    My Dad is on a T420s. Still runs like a champ, did an SSD upgrade last year, although the battery is toast. Currently running Mint. The screen though, is just awful. I caught him squinting and I'm looking around for something to replace it with. All he does general purpose computing, like photo...
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    Dell XPS 13 or X1 Carbon?

    What in particular do you like about it? This review wasn't spectacular: Dell XPS 13 9360 QHD+ i5-7200U Notebook Review
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    Dell XPS 13 or X1 Carbon?

    I'm in need of a new laptop. I'll be running various distributions of Linux on it with general purpose computing as my use case. I've narrowed it down to two: The XPS 13 or the X1 Carbon, both current late 2016 generations. Anyone have strong feelings for or against one or the other?
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    WTB: Raspberry Pi 2

    Done. Thanks!
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    Where are the Intel Skylake NUCs? LIVE!
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    Looking For VESA Mount All Around General Purpose Recommendation

    Picked up a NUC and I'd like to build myself out a workstation that will be running Linux/BSD. No gaming. I do watch video and TV, along with web browsing. The NUC MUST be VESA'd to the back of the monitor. Any suggestions for low/medium/high priced monitors to look at? I have a preference...
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    FS: Parts KB-460

    Sure, why not? I'm open to better offers. Shipping is the killer though.
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    FS: Parts KB-460

    Couple people asked for pics via email/PM: Right side and the back light is fried. Left side works and the light powers on. It's just a shame that someone can't use the keycaps and switches on something else. I seems like such a waste of resource.
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    FS: Parts KB-460

    Picked up a KB-460 with MX Blue's for my Mom last year and it served her faithfully until a week ago when coffee killed it. (Credit to outstanding Func support they shipped her new one.) The mechanical is perfectly good externally. Before I tear it down and apart to learn something and try to...
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    Router Recommendations For Parents?

    What do you guys think of the TP Archers? Couple different models, all look attractive for the feature set / price...
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    Router Recommendations For Parents?

    Mixed Windows, Linux, Apple household. No gaming just general computing. Any suggestions for a nice router in the $75-$100 range?
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    SOLD, Thanks! Raspberry Pi 2

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    SOLD, Thanks! Raspberry Pi 2

    Unopened Raspberry Pi 2 I've had sitting for awhile. I always keep intending to get around to building with it. It should go to a good home. Drop a PM. SOLD. Price: $32 CONUS.
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    FS: SSD Plop

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    FS: SSD Plop

    Picked up one of these for the hell of it: Pictures: Works really well. I've used it once and that's probably it since I've only got a couple external 7mm's...
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    Sanity Check: External SSD Filesystem?

    Good. Thanks for the replies. I thought I was off a deep end for a good couple minutes.
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    Sanity Check: External SSD Filesystem?

    I need a sanity check: I have a couple Mac's, Window's boxes and an Ubuntu laptop. No network. I do have an external 256GB SSD laying. I need to be able to pass the SSD around, plug and play, and move files not larger than 2GB individually off/onto the SSD. Am I wrong in thinking it's not...
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    FS: Stripped Thinkpad T430s

    One last drop before I return from my vacation: $225.
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    FS: Stripped Thinkpad T430s

    One more drop to $250.