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    Disabling APU to run GPU

    Check the SATA settings in BIOS and make sure it's not set to RAID. I had a FM2 board that had a similar setup for loading RAID drivers.
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    FS: Windows 7 Pro Keys for Windows 10 Upgrade ***$10 each***

    Received keys. Here's a bump
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    Mechwarrior Online, anyone looking foward?

    It's the game. It's a crash (crap?) fest every second patch or so. Not that it ever totally goes away.
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    F@H v7, multiple users and the Startup folder

    Wouldn't it be about as easy to set this up in task scheduler to run at log on? Looking through the options it gives the option of any user so .. it might work.. ?
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    Start Folding the Easy Way!!

    Did you just run it from the zip file? If you didn't extract it to a specific folder, it's probably in a temp directory. You should probably wait till this WU is done and then extract the FAH_GPU _Tracker_V2.exe to a folder of your choosing (I just threw mine on the desktop) rerun the program...
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    Dual GPU2 vs single GPU3 client CPU usage

    Apollo, I just averaged the ppd for 97 work units on my 460. 48 WU's were 611 points, 23 were for 912, and 26 for 925. Averages out to 11.5k/ppd. This average is on the low side as I've significantly overclocked the card since I started. I don't know if 97 wu's is enough for decent size...
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    What should my PPD be?

    If you are using the Windows remote desktop to connect to the computer it will give you this error. I stay logged into my computer from work and have to try and remember to kill remote desktop before it starts a new WU. Using TeamViewer or other software like it will let you get around the problem.
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    w00t managed to 2x my bill this month

    You guys are scaring me lol. This is my first month folding so I've got no idea what it's going to cost.
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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    Forum n00b, Folding n00b, total n00b.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

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    OCZ Z Series: Z850 Power Supply Drawing @ [H]

    By the power of [H] I have the power (supply unit).......
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    Any SCSI guru's here?

    Tried about everything in the adapter BIOS I could find. Still had no luck. To those that suggested jumpers there weren't any jumpers on the drive I'm not real sure about it spinning down when it's supposed to, nor am I entirely sure about termination. There is what I believe to be a...
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    Any SCSI guru's here?

    Or anyone that can help. I have slowly pieced together a SCSI setup, more to learn with than anything else, but all I've learned so far is that I'm not smart enough to make it work :D I have an Adaptec 29160N adapter, a 4 connector ribbon cable with terminator, and Fujitsu 15k 36GB drive...
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    PC is BSODing... could use some suggestions

    Actually what I'm talking about is called "Disable automatic restart on system failure". So no, I wouldn't be talking about "Last known good configuration". If you choose "Disable automatic restart on system failure", instead of the computer rebooting because of a BSOD. It'll just hang on the...
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    PC is BSODing... could use some suggestions

    If you'll hit the f8 key (a few times?) after the initial BIOS/POST screen, it should bring up another menu. You can tell the system not to reboot on the error. I don't remember the exact wording but you should be able to figure out. Once you get that, reboot again and you should be able to read...