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    The Last of Us: Part II

    I love zombie movies and this is the closest thing to one lol. Ya, I'm hoping for a 3rd installment of the game.
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    The Last of Us: Part II

    Me either lol. I download it or watch it online :)
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    G502 X lightspeed and Orion Red.
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    Nintendo Switch

    Are you referring to newer switches? Because I have an old switch still using RCM 🤷‍♂️
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    The Last of Us: Part II

    scojer Are you watching the show? I hope they change it a bit cuz I didn't like the story in the sequel.
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    The favorite games you played in 2022

    High on Life. Loved the dialogue and gameplay. Hoping they add multiplayer or a sequel.
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    Your CPU progression

    Intel Pentium II Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Intel Core i7 4770
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    Upgrade or wait: mid 2022 edition

    How much it all end up costing? I wanna upgrade my pc too, it has a gtx 970...
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    What's your favorite GPU comparison website?

    Videocardbenchmark and cpubenchmark for cpus.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Apex legends and psychonauts 2
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    X-Box controller 20th anniversary

    Would've been nice but you can always just buy some cheap parts on ebay and swap it.
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    UPS battery brand suggestion?

    I've had the 1500 model a few yrs and don't run into that issue. I was going to buy a new one but found they sell battery replacements for cheap so went that route and it's working fine. I'd highly recommend Cyberpower.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Haha love the use of white board.
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    Are traditional HDDs still the preferred storage drive vs SSD?

    For long term, regular hard drives are best, i believe. Ssds deteriorate over time so i run apps/games off of those and anything i want to keep I'll put on a regular drive.
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    How often do you replace power supply?

    I'm actually thinking about reusing my psu (about 10yrs+) for another build. Never had issues with it and don't overclock or do anything crazy.
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    Resident Evil Village (RE8)

    Agreed. I've played most on different systems over the years and the only one that was kinda crappy was the one before; Biohazard. I enjoyed Village and the little twist explained some things.
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    Far Cry 6

    FC5 was my introduction to the series. I played the hell out of it and then worked on playing the other games. By far my least favorites were the primal one and the one after 5 (not 6, new dawn).
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    The medium and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. Been putting them off for a while.
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    Anything similar to the G502?

    I've seen the Raezer Basilisk be close to it. I couldn't run it because I've gotten used to using the extra 3 buttons the G502 has compared to it. But maybe check it out. What exaclty are you running across with DPI? I'm using the lightspeed G502 with zero issues and ya the software sucks but...
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    Windows 11 Will Soon Block All Default Browser Workarounds

    Time for linux tutorials for me. I've only used it a handful of times haha
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    I mean I wouldn't of minded a few more seasons, 2-3 more max. They didn't answer a lot of things.
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    Cowboy Beebop live action at Netflix!

    I tried watching it and only made it a few episodes. It's so cringey and weird imo. I was thinking they honestly could've just made a new scifi show about bounty hunters and left out the whole cowboy bepop and had a decent show. Worked for firefly.
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    Players found cheating in Call of Duty games may now find themselves banned from the entire franchise, including all previous games and future titles

    Ya, more than likely. I know if you spam it and get it in a day or two, they'll just ban you so it's best just to spread out your replies. I had an old account for years and pc fried along with my passwords that were saved. I couldn't get back into my account so have to start from scratch now. I...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Logitech G Pro mech keyboard and G502 lightspeed
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    Suggest a wireless mouse for fingertip grip

    Logitech G Pro was the best mouse Ive used. It just let me aim better and I would've kept it but g502 has more buttons.
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    Never played F.Fantasy. Where to start?

    I guess it depends. I've played most of them and enjoyed them all, some more than others of course.
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    Never played F.Fantasy. Where to start?

    At the beginning, if i had access to them i woulda played them in order.
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    How much do you get out of Videogames today?

    Played Resident Evil with mods and it was quite enjoyable.
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    Review the game you finished recently.

    Far cry 6, 8/10
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Apex legends
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    Any quiet 10-keyLESS keyboards?

    You can purchase rubber rings to use on any switch but it won't be as quiet as a membrane keyboard. I settled on a membrane for work ans mech for home use. I like the thump they make haha
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    How long do keyboards last?

    Depends on the user. I have a membrane keyboard i got for free back when i ordered parts and its been 15yrs+, still works fine. I got a mech keyboard now and it should last a while too.
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    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Definitely picking this up at this price.
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    Official PS5 Thread

    Waiting for returnal to be a little cheaper.
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    Popular game franchises you've never played.

    Sports games for sure. Madden, Fifa etc. If i wanted to play sports, id go outside.
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    Fractal Torrent

    I'm still using fractal r4 but this one is tempting.