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    The Last Remnant Will Be Removed from Storefronts in September 2018

    last I heard their license on some middleware is expiring so they are pulling it from sales. I hope square-enix does a better job with these kinda issues going forward because the still publish games I want on PC instead of on console every so often.
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    The Last Remnant Will Be Removed from Storefronts in September 2018

    I put in 209 hours into this game min maxing and grinding. I'd agree it was a pretty fun RPG once you learned how to grind levels fast. It scratched the rpg itch for me better than other games have at the time. At least now more Jprgs are launching on PC cause after reading this news i...
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    PCPer Reviews the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ 4k 144Hz G-SYNC Monitor

    I feel is the monitor was a non VFR but still 4K UHD HDR monitor it would have been a better option until HDMI 2.1 GPUs launch. Gamers will still be better off with a nice HDR tv at this price point overall for HDR content and it makes me sad that monitors have fallen so far behind . You can...
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    Intel’s Discrete GPU, “Arctic Sound,” Will Have Gaming Variant

    I have faith that Intel can put out some really high-end hardware to rival or beat the performance that AMD and Nvidia offer, but I have serious concerns that Intel could manage to produce well implemented up-to-date drivers to properly support a gaming GPU or otherwise if their past drivers are...
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    ASUS Releases New Threadripper X399 Motherboards

    because of the u.2 port implementation most likely
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    Gamers Promised Better Graphics Thanks To Nano Technology Breakthrough

    don't pander to gamers to push interest in science knowing damn well that interconnect bandwidth is nowhere near being the main bottleneck facing console's inability to have better performance. custom cpu-apu setups and shared system / gpu memory mean consoles aren't really starved for...
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    yeah, that was my point, a chip like my very own 2600K will probably be supported past 10 years but these tablet SoC type atom chips are were Microsoft draws the line if no one is making drivers to them . It isn't worth MIcrosoft to try and reverse engineer the graphics drivers to add support...
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    Christopher Nolan Calls Netflix's Film Strategy "Pointless"

    Hollywood is very out of touch. I love movies, I love the huge screen,I'm a cinematography snob, I like 70mm film vs digial, I love the potential for great sound. But I haven't gone to a theater in like 10-15 years the average theater just has crap quality everything but they still want to...
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    Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Cut Off Devices with Older CPUs

    except, there isn't anything about a sandybridge that is hard to support unlike the tablet grade atom that is the clovertrial. people are blaming Microsoft when this is a imagination / Intel issue and it isn't with separate processors getting blocked cause they are "old" , it is that Intel and...
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    Micron Discontinuing Lexar Removable Storage Retail Business

    probably not worth it for Micron to take up fab space when instead it can focus on 3D NAND and enterprise flash stuff more and leave the consumer level stuff t someone else. kinda sucks though, Lexar was always a good brand for CF cards and they didn't play a lot of games with 30 tiers of...
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    Sony: It Will “Probably Be Some Time” before We See PS5

    Considering the launch dates of the PSVR , the ps4 "slim and the ps4 "Pro", I'd say they are likely to put out a revised PSVR as their next hardware revision along with some game tie-in bundles and maybe a price drop for the ps4 "pro' Sony has the position to undercut some Xbox One X sales this...
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    WannaCry RansomWorm Loves Windows 7

    why stop there when you can go a step farther and run a OS that is so old and outdated it doesn't even have network connectivity functions /s
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    Windows: Is there a way to reset the network without restarting?
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    Low-Cost Android Phones to Get iPhone Features with New Qualcomm Chips

    Yes $300 is low cost since a iPhone or S8 costs ~$700-800 USD. $100 phones are not running a current version or android either. The point being Qualcomm is committing to pushing features normally only found on flagship phones down market so new "low cost" phones aren't just prior years parts...
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    Intel Scraps Developer Forum after 20 Years

    I think Intel probably look at the costs of running IDF itself and the numbers didn't add up. they were probably spending a ton of money to put on the show. It seems like marketing new products isn't as easy as in years past. Take a look at the launch of Optane recently. So many people...
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    Virgin Media Starts Turning Customer Routers into Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

    you know, I'd almost be ok with the ISP public hotspot plans if they mounted a public facing Access point in the Demarc box they install powered off the pole or from solar, or both. the issue is they want the costumers to facilitate their hotspot plan on the same equipment the customers...
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    Hulu’s Live TV Service to Cost $39.99 per Month

    youtube tv does local channels, and as far as I know so does playstation vue and sling tv. it all depends on if your tv market is big enough though and if you get locals OTA it will beat any streaming offering anyway aside for having to setup an antenna and maybe a OTA DVR. I think what the...
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    Nvidia GeForce Live Event

    the stream stayed up live on their facebook page
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    Nvidia GeForce Live Event

    not sure if a blacklight in a room full of geeks was the best idea on how to pick who won a Titan XP though
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    How AMD's Ryzen Will Disrupt the Gaming CPU Market

    I just hope that AMD succeeds with getting some OEMs to build good mainstream laptops and desktop designs and not just hoping that they compete well for gamers and people looking to leverage more than 4-cores for encoding or what not but don't have the budget or desire for xeon workstation class...
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    Can Netbooks Be Cool Again?

    I just don't see how in the era of high power smarthpones and tablets investing in a netbook makes sense. It didn't work in the XP -Vista ear because the hardware was way too limited to run the OS well enough and now that low-end hardware has become powerful enough and Windows 10 actually can...
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    FCC Commissioner Thinks Ultra-Fast Broadband Just a “Novelty”

    sadly the novelty is that there are places in the USA where the residents could benefit from a better class of internet than the extremely limited DSL, satellite or cellular connections that are their only options and they don't even get a chance at having true broadband but they still have to...
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    Boost mode on standard PS4?

    By design it is PS4 "pro" exclusive. the way it works is the ps4 pro is clocked 14% faster that the regular ps4 and all the boost mode does is allow the "pro" to run at that higher clock on games that weren't otherwise patched for the ps4 pro. There is nothing the regular ps4 can do to "boost" .
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    Razer Buys Nextbit To Enter The Smartphone Market

    So either Razer is going to put android into their peripherals or with this purchase and that of THX , they are building some VR/AR tech before Microsoft can come in with cheap HoloLens headsets and dominate the market.
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    Professor Invents Non-Exploding Battery That Holds 2X As Much Power

    "completely safe" but probably toxic as heck to make and cannot be recycled safely or cheaply. the world needs batter batteries but the next generation of devices will need to be better at recycling and reuse of materials. batteries that don't blow up or combust when damaged sounds great but...
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    The Biggest Upgrade You Can Make To Your Gaming PC Is A Curved Monitor

    I think Curved gaming screens are just a stopgap the panel makers invented to sell panels using the tooling they already invested in that the TV market doesn't really want. I'd still like to see a 5120x2160 HDR screen become available before "8K" TVs hit the market, but I think we will see...
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    SWAT 4: Gold Edition Now Available On GOG

    This is great but I'm going to be playing too much Ghost Recon Wildlands to go back and try to get my friends to fire this up for nostalgia even though it was exactly the kinda tactical FPS action I miss , the lure of the open world co-op and the customization aspects are too strong for me.
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    Xbox Scorpio Spec Leak: ESRAM Gone, GPU Features Revealed

    That article is detailing basically nothing. and this part" Titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone have validated sparse/checkerboard rendering up to 2160p" Um well 2 of those game aren't released yet so they for sure haven't been validated or battle tested, only...
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    450mm Wafers will not be Seen in Fabs

    With all the costs involved in transitioning to 10nm and 7nm combined with moving to EUV lithography, it isn't surprising that the industry doesn't also want the added costs of also moving from 300mm wafers up to 450mm ones until the demand justifies spending the money to do it. Normalizing at...
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    AMD Benefitting from its Diminutive Size says CEO

    One sad thing with AMD is their 64 bit tech was so much better than Intel's and HPs plan for 64 bit itanium, that Intel ended up implementing AMDs x86-64, they can innovate from a underdog position, but I don't want it to only happen when Intel makes a misstep. I'm excited for what ZEN is...
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    That CoolerMaster PSU is How Much?

    Well PSUs have changed a ton over the past 10 years in how good the DC-DC designs and regulation have improved, they don't really look like or function how they did 20-30 years ago. When the power regulation moved from the motherboard to the chip and power delivery and phases improved at the...
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    Gaming on the BIG Wide Whatever

    Yep, gaming on my projector at 100" on my wall isn't great compared using a monitor and most gamers I know don't have the room layout to use as an immersive lightshow gaming room that wouldn't rather have a kick-ass VR setup instead. You might think that gaming on that big of as screen and...
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    AMD Benefitting from its Diminutive Size says CEO

    I don't think people have as good of a handle on how hard accomplishing VR gaming is going to be. The way it stands now , all of the improvements are coming from hacks and cheat optimizations to lessen the fidelity so the bandwidth and processing needed to run well. no big VR stuff at CES for...
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    Nintendo Switch Less Powerful Than PlayStation 4

    While I don't think people were expecting the forthcoming Nintendo Switch to have been a gaming powerhouse, at this point , the PS4 has been out over 3 years, so the fact that a console that isn't even out yet isn't going to have at least as much power as the PS4 is justifiably disapointing...
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    Retail Listing Points To High Price For Oculus Touch

    You know, the $200 price point is barely in the reasonable range for a early adopter VR customer but I cant help but think that at this point of the game with Facebook backing Oculus and it no longer being a kickstarter backed startup endeavor, we really should see them sell for a loss to get...
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    What Does HDR Mean For Games And Movies?

    Yeah almost everything about the LG OLED looking more colorful is because of contrast and a game on PC looking more saturated has Zero to do with HDR and is because the LG is pushing the colors unrealistically. HDR will become great but initially trying to game on HDR tv's is just going to map...
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    Good computer/gaming chair

    I bought one of these: Costco Wholesale lifetime warranty, very adjustable. IMHO the DXRacer type chairs are only popular because the companies pay a lot of streamers to promote them but they are overpriced for a PU vinyl "leather" chair and they are not really ergonomic just thickly padded...
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    US Government Is Spending Billions On Old Tech That Barely Works

    untimate case of it it aint broke don't fix it replacing it all with new technology wouldn't be better necessarily but it might cost a lot more than keeping the old stuff working.
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    Jurors To Use VR Headsets To View Crime Scenes?

    they already have laser scanning systems for forensic data collection at a crime scene: 3D Crime Scene Mapping / Leica Geosystems - PSG - Leica Geosystems - Public Safety Group so if there was a chain of evidence followed, I could see this being a lot better way to present evidence than some...
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    Nvidia 970 with NVTTM Reference cooler $280 at BestBuy

    might be worth it to buy after the "1070" gets announced if it still is going to be cheap enough or the return period is long enough if you really needed a GPU "NOW" and couldn't wait until the "1070" hits retail but yeah even waiting until next week might mean the new cards are launched and it...