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    What is the best value for money gpu for my systems

    i don't think so, even 1080 mining cards are at least 250...
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    What is the best value for money gpu for my systems

    for $10 difference I'll take the used 1070 (if i can get one)...
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    What is the best value for money gpu for my systems

    Hi, I have 2 pcs (my teenager boy and the other one for all the rest). The family pc is B75 , I7-3770, 16GB ram. My kids pc is H97, I7-4790K, 16GB ram, GTX 1050TI I was thinking to take the 1050TI to the family pc and buy a newer card for him (2nd hand is an option). Which do u recommend?
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    any idea what to do with 1000W psu ?

    I have 3 of them (used for mining for less than 2 years). Can someone think of a project?
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    Motherboard Won't Reboot

    did you try changing the psu?
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    which cpu cooling system will be the best for x3450 (like I7-860)

    I am planning to OC it approx. by 50% (from 2.66GHz to 4) Since the "regular" power consumption of this cpu is around 90Whatts I will be needing a monster... If anyone is familiar of any cooler which will be good for my purpose - please come forward.
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    SSD for NAS, do you think that high volume ssd will replace the hdd?

    According to today's prices of the SSDs, we can say for sure that we will not see any computer in the future without an SSD. but the question is that, do prices will keep falling while high volume SSDs will be available and affordable.
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    Adata M2 NVME SSD - take it or leave it?

    So SX8200 is a good choice?
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    This has to be an awful drive. But I'm buying one.

    according to today's prices, I don't think that someone should buy such an old tech SSD.
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    Adata M2 NVME SSD - take it or leave it?

    As I am thinking of upgrading my rig with NVME SSD(s), I found out that, opinions rather to buy it varies from "yes" to "HELL NO". Although it has 3yrs warranty which points out that Adata stands behind it, and it is a reliable product, users (customers), points out that it is not. please...
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    What was your first pc?

    my 1st computer was sinclair zx81. I can't call it a PC. After that, I had commodore 64 ...
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    Best hardware for editting and encoding?

    Check the following link as well :
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    Best hardware for editting and encoding?

    It seems that I9-9900KF has the best CPU VALUE (price/benchmark). check the following link :
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    Open source vs "regular" e-commerce platform

    I would like to come up with my own e-commerce site, There is a lot of data and things to consider. I would like to be the owner of my site (only pay a small amount for hosting), and to be able to change the code for my needs. Can someone help me with that? I may be don't know even what to...
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    does any1 knows where i can find stats related to IT e-commerce

    Does any1 know where can I find stats related to PC, laptops tablets and components e-commerce? Is there any organization dedicated to e-commerce?