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    WTB fastest GPU with HDMI out, for ~$70 or less shipped

    I have a GTX 970 4GB for $45 shipped.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    bump up
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Bump up with price adjustments.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Items sold, items added, prices adjusted.
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    Mowing over high PPD folders from yesteryear

    Yep, the good old days of running (4) quad socket Opeteron 62XX and 63XX setups. tear and others work made it possible to squeeze out every possible point out of those units.
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    FS - Various Server Items

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    FS - Various Server Items

    Bump with price drops.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Yes, only full height brackets.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    They do downlink to 1gb. I dont have an actual 2.5gb or 5gb card/setup to verifiy those.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Correct: RJ45, copper, Cat 5/6/7. Pics added of the NVidia cards and X10DRX motherboard.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Bump up. Added items.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Last bump with price drops before things get tossed into the trash.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Bump up with asking price drops. All items are OBO :)
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    I have (16) 32GB DDR3-1866 ECC/Reg $24/per stick, discounts on multiples.
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Bump up....
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    FS - Various Server Items

    Going through a Proxmox home lab server decomm and consolidation phase. All items are working pulls and guaranteed against DOA for a full refund. Prices are based on reasonably prices eBay items, but are open to reasonable offers. Prices include shipping unless noted. Supermicro X10DRX...
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    WTB: Quadro P400 or P600

    Looking for either one or a single slot GPU that can do h264 encoding/decoding for plex. Let me know what you got and how much. Heatware and eBay are under 402blownstroker.
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    WTB: ESXi 7 / vSphere license

    Totally agree with this. VMware is far from the leader in virtualization now a days, though their pricing model still reflects that....
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    WTB: Several Noctua NH-D9DX i4 3U

    Looking to pick up a couple pairs of these or other possible 2011 narrow ILM coolers.
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    FS: EVGA RTX 3070 Ti XC3 and xeon E5-4669 v3 QS

    If you had a second one I would pick up both :(
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    WTB: Windows 7/10 Pro Keys

    I am looking for a couple of Windows 7 or 10 Pro keys for some VMs for a project I am going to do.
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    WTB: AMD Epyc/Threadripper CPU/MB Combo

    Looking for an AMD Epyc or Threadripper CPU and MB combo. CPU needs 16+ cores. MB needs to have at least (2) 16x and (2) 8x PCIe slots with Bifurcation support. Prefer Supermicro boards, but open to others. (2) 10gb RJ45 ports would be a big plus. Also consider if memory would be...
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    WTB win98 workstation

    Wow, I hope you have a PS/2 keyboard and mouse or can at least find a USB->PS/2 adapter. Have you tried spinning up Windows98 in a VM? I did it along with XP in proxmox about a year or two ago to get some really old cra ppy software to run.
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    WTB: Watercooling parts

    Bump up.
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    WTB: Watercooling parts

    I am located in Colorado: 80026.
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    WTB: Watercooling parts

    Looking for the following items: Pump Resevoir Radiator 240 or 360 Compression fittings: (2) 90 degrees and (4 to 6) straight Ideally I would like a pump/res combo, a 5.25" bay version would be awesome. Let me know what you got and what you are asking. Heatware and eBay are under...
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    Narsbars WTB thread Monitor, NVME, Sound Card.

    You know, ditching the wife is a whole lot cheaper :D I have a used, 100% working, no DOA Sounds Blaster X3 USB3 module.
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    WTB: Dirt Cheap- Need 2GB or 4GB Sticks DDR3 (If ECC, Then MUST be "non Rregistered/non Buffered") for HP N54L Microserver

    I have 3 sticks of DDR3-1333 ECC ram you can have for shipping costs. Most likely USPS small flat rate box.
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    WTB: 1080GTX FE Waterblock & Other Parts

    Looking for a waterblock for a 1080GTX FE card. Also interested in a pump, reservoir, and radiator(s). Heatware and eBay are under 402blownstroker.
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    WTB: nVidia GeForce FX 5800 Ultras

    Are you looking for a 486 66/DX2 also :D
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    Looking for 4x Win 10 Professional Keys

    That is only through the MS MediaCreationTool upgrade process. YOu have to do a Windows7/8 install, activate the EOM key which now takes the phone call, and then use the mediacreationtool to upgrade to Windows 10. PITA.
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    FS: Broadcomm LSI 9361-8i

    I have a used working pull Broadcomm LSI 9361-8i controller card for sale. It has the 1GB cache vault module with a BBU. BBU has 100% and strong voltage around 4900ish mV. It is a 12gbs card that supports SATA3, SAS3, and SSDs. Looking for $300 shipped. Also interested in partial...
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    FS: 5800X, EVGA PSU

    Bump for a good seller.
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    Anyone know if Mountain Mods is still in business?

    On all their case pages, they have posted links to pics for all the panels available for it: top, front, back, sides. The flash app really isnt needed.
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    Anyone know if Mountain Mods is still in business? Placed the order online, parts showed up in 3 days.
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    Anyone know if Mountain Mods is still in business?

    They are still in business. Just bought some parts from them this week.
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    WTB: 2 port intel gigabit ethernet card (pci-e)

    I got a couple BComm cards that work with pfsense. PM if interested. Let them go on the cheap.