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    Custom Loop - $1000 budget

    Hey all, I'm just in the process of building a new workstation and I've become unhealthily obsessed with watercooling, both for temperatures and noise, and epeen factor... Currently I'm running: i7 2600k Quadro Fermi 4000 16gb Corsair Dom Asus p8p67 Deluxe Now, I'm looking to cool all of...
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    Where do you buy your hardware?

    Hey folks, I haven't posted here in a long time, but I thought some of you may be able to help me, I'm looking to buy a certain card (fermi fx4000), but they are both a) hard to find, and b) very very expensive in Australia even though our dollar is the same as yours (go figure). So I...
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    The "Sweet Spot" Of Game Prices

    But then I get stung on download limits, 80 bucks a month for ADSL2 (I live in a city and get about 1mb/s downstream maximum), with only a 25gb download limit per month.
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    Valve: Why the PC is the future

    I'm agree ^ PC games get pirated because the multiplayer is often thrown on as a last minute thing. Look at COD4 for pc. Good multiplayer system, so people actually buy it. Poorly optimized and supported games like Crysis for example, just invite piracy, because people don't want to pay...
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    Stalker Oblivion Lost - Is there a Flashlight?

    HAHAHA that was awesome!
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    The "Sweet Spot" Of Game Prices

    Wow, you guys are lucky. I'm lucky if I pick up a launch title for under $100. They stretch as high as $120. Yet the AU dollar is the same as the US dollar. /wrists
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    Post your Coolermaster Cosmos S Here

    i take it everyone else likes theirs :D ill post pics of mine up lata
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    Q9450 OC'ing questions!

    Running very stable at 3.2ghz under full load, it renders so incredibly fast now!! hottest core is just touching 45 degrees every now and again, rest are around 43-44 time to go higher!
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    Build your own Blackbird (except better and 1K less)

    I basically built a very similar system a month ago, with the coolermaster cosmos S, and only 1xGTX, pretty neato, but its no blackbird doesnt have the awesome case, or cooling a blackbird is a blackbird because its a blackbird, essentially
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    Q9450 OC'ing questions!

    Hey, few questions. Got myself a Q9450 a while ago + TRUE120 +AS5, maxing it out with Prime95, realtemp (the program I've been told to use by people on hardforum :D) is reporting temps of 38-41 degrees across the cores. Just wondering: a) are these temps ok? b) is realtemp the...
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    G15 KB, specifically the old version (Where to buy)

    you might check ebay i was looking around for one a while ago, ended up going for the new one because i couldnt find anywhere that had the old one in stock. When i saw my mates and mine side by side i decided i liked the new one alot more anyway! but thats just me
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    How much does a upgraded graphics card help for digital photo editing?

    It doesn't. In the CS3 suite there are new features that allow you to integrate and manipulate 3d elements placed on your canvas, but in reality, a gfx card makes very little difference. There is talk of full blown GPU support in CS4 though, really putting them to work, which couldn't hurt...
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    Looking for good 3D "movie" software

    Uh, not really sure what you mean. There isn't software that can offer the power and control of something like Maya while still having a simple "drag and drop" type of system. The fact is if you want to get quality results you've got to put in the hard yards in a high end 3d/animation app.
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    My recently Work

    I'm not a big one for this kind of work, but you ought to give Terragen a shot as well, just google it, can make some amazing stuff in that program. Here's something I made in terragen probably 3-4 years ago, after about 2 days of messing around just for kicks. Personally, I don't like it...
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    XBOX 360 Takes a dump

    Farkk. Thats pretty poor. Guess I got lucky with mine. Haven't ever had a single problem with it. You'd wish that MS would give some kind of compensation to those who's 360 has fucked up more than once.
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    Some work I did with some free time....

    Wow, I totally didn't see the post date, wasn't sure how fast this forum moved. My bad :(
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    Calibrating monitor

    To do it properly: a calibration kit. They can set you back a few hundred as far as I remember. I usually just fiddle until I feel its right. OR I print something off. pin it up next to the screen, then adjust the colours accordingly (i work for print alot).
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    Console games just cost too much...

    Wow mate... count your blessings. In Australia we're playing 100+ per game (GTAIV is $130). COD4 was $120 on release. Go figure. The Australian dollar buys 98 us cents, but we still pay double what you do. gg.
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    Console games just cost too much...

    edit: double post. sorry!
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    what do you use to manage your images?

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    Need some help with a tattoo design

    What you want to do with Tattoos, is sketch up about 20 designs that you like. But make sure you take them to the Tattoo artist BEFORE you pick one. They will give you advice about what will and what won't look good once complete, depending on where you want to get the tattoo done on you.
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    Some work I did with some free time....

    What he said ^ Also, you don't need a render farm just to make realistic images. Just some patience, and a good knowledge of how lighting, shadow and caustics functions. (Depending what you are doing)
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    Some work I did with some free time....

    .... "stuff CS3 can do" is not filters... at all. No one in high end design work or digital art really uses filters. There are a few (guassian blur, displace). But really, I can't stand it when: a) people take someone elses stuff, throw some filters on it and say its their own work, b)...
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    From JPG to my wall

    Thats not how it works. For print, you need to have the image at 300dpi. Monitors display 72 DPI. To print even an A4 Page, you need a document with a resolution of 2480 X 3508 (WxH). So good luck with that...
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    Best game you ever played?

    Game's I've had the most fun on over the years, in no particular order: Descent Freespace Descent Freespace 2 WoW F.E.A.R S.T.A.L.K.E.R Escape Velocity Nova Rollercoaster Tycoon (yes, really) Far Cry Halo 1 PC (this probably takes the number 1 spot, I played it online more than you...
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    How to play xbox 360 and PC on one monitor?

    Thats just the design of your monitor then. I've got my 360 running on my main monitor through a different input, and I have a button specifically for swapping input. There is, however, another potential solution. From what I've heard, there are things which are almost like a "hub" for DVI ...
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    Never used Linux before - would like to experiment!

    Hey guys, I just got a new pc which is running vista. And with my old one i would like to set it up with linux. I have NEVER used linux before and i know NOTHING about it, but i'd really like to give it a shot, possible run it almost as a server. I have heard there are many different...
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    PC games like Burnout Paradise

    Trackmania? Pretty 'arcadey'
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    Vista 32 or 64?

    "vista 32 vs vista 64". Search results, over 5000, in the first 10 pages there is nothing that relates directly to the question. Just random threads.
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    Vista 32 or 64?

    Cool, thanks guys. I was leaning towards 64 bit anyway, keep the posts coming, im interested in the differences!
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    Vista 32 or 64?

    Hey guys, Im building a new computer this week: 9800gtx q9450 4gb of ram etc i am having trouble deciding on an operating system. I am weighing up between Vista Home Premium 32 and Vista Home Premium 64. I do alot of heavy photoshop, illustrator, flash, indesign. As well as 3d Studio...
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    I haven't figured that out yet, I imagine ill pick up a cheap second card to run the third. (not SLI obviously)
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    I've been reading alot of reviews on it, I decided against SLI because its not worth the money. I read the Hardocp review on rampage, and they loved it, said it was stable as all hell. Plus i hear its a beast for overclocking, which i may well end up doing in the future. Seems like a good, fast...
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    OK, I've spent alot of time doing more research, and i've (hopefully) finalised what I'd like to get Motherboard: Asus Rampage Formula CPU: Q9450 GFX: EVGA 9800GTX (same cost as 8800 where I am) PSU: Corsair 750w RAM: OCZ PC2 8500 various other parts, but thats the main stuff
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    PCIe 2.0 vs PCIe x16

    So would i see any difference whatsoever running a PCIe 2.0 card (9800gtx) in a PCIe x16 slot? im weighing up between Gigabyte GQ6 and an Asus PK5-E
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    PCIe 2.0 vs PCIe x16

    Hey guys im getting a new system, and im wondering if there is any performance reduction if i'm running a card that says its "PCIe 2.0" in a PCIe x16 slot I.E, am i ok to buy a mobo with a PCIe x16 slot and use any GFX card in it?
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    750watt because my friend will sell it too me cheap, cheaper than the next one down :P
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    Hey again guys, thankyou all very much for your help! ive put together another list ( i realise the mobo is crossfire, but it has all the features i want and it seems like a good, fast, all round board (not too expensive either). i know im using an nvidia card, but i wont be using sli anyway...
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    Comment on my build, PREAZE?

    hah, yeah, im from melb too, in brighton! the links i provided are just the ones im using to browse options, i usually get what i can from MSY, or just staticice search to find the cheapest retailer!