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    Onboard SATA vs HBA pass through for ESXi all-in-one

    There's a difference between someone who is paid to participate in a community forum versus someone who so happens to work for a tech company, is a member of a community, and makes it public that said person works for said company. I've personally never spoken with lopoetve, but as a long time...
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    Cheapest Controller with Passthrough

    It's the motherboard that you need to worry about for VMDP (and a little bit on the CPU, e.g. i3 doesn't support VT-d). If your motherboard can't do Intel VT-d or AMD-Vi then you can't do passthrough.
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    how to see a list of mac address in my lan (command line, linux/windows/mac)

    My approach to get every MAC address on a subnet would be to use Linux. nmap -n -sP <subnet> arp -a | grep -v incomplete
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    Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology has a cool Networking lab

    I can probably count the number of current females in ANSA and ISF on one hand. IT with NSSA concentration doesn't count.
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    Am i addicted to Untangle ?

    I have the "I <3 VMWare" bumper sticker on my car that I got while on intern... except it's taped onto my rear windshield and not on my bumper >__>
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    Wanting to do project involving Linux & need guidance.

    You want to install httpd. httpd package is apache.
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    Export apps under VMWare to X

    I'm pretty sure he/she means running Windows apps in a Linux environment. It's called Unity Mode and it's only in Workstation/Fusion from the VMware side.
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    Project Log: - Office Move with Pics

    That made me chuckle because I'm an intern now and I'm glad I haven't been given that duty. :D
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    Lucky number 13? Slackware 13 is out...

    I got it installed replacing Ubuntu 9.04. I feel back at home again (I used Slackware from 8.0-10.0). Next step, getting it on my AAO-D150...
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    Retail Copy of Windows 7 available to students?

    Email your MSDNAA admin. Unfortunately, many of us have college loans written all over our life. :(
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    Retail Copy of Windows 7 available to students?

    Actually, it's available at the cost of tuition :P I got my copy as well from MSDNAA and three additional keys for fun :D I am also waiting for 2008 R2 to be posted. Sadly, my MSDNAA admin has no idea when that will be D:
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    Post Your Connection Speed

    :P I've noticed that using speed testers on the campus connection is unreliable because in my experience it depends on what type of traffic is passing through that will determine how much you can burst.
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    Workstation 6.5 -- An easier way to install Windows XP with FAT32 virtual disk?

    IIRC, all you have to do is unmount/remove the floppy drive from your VM settings. You'll notice when you create Windows VMs there's a mounted floppy image called "automate.flp" or along those lines. It's been awhile since I've used VMware Workstation and I don't have it installed at this moment...
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    Network pics thread

    Off topic, but what is the "IOIOI" port? A quick Google says it's for serial connections but I can't think of a scenario in my head right now when it would be used.
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    Security Competition!

    Wow this is already coming up? I was thinking about participating but my schools application deadline for the team was the same night I learned about it. -_- Actually I just checked, my region already finished on March 1.
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    Show off your OSX desktop

    Macbook 13" Acer 19" 1440x900 Why does OS X separate your monitor screen shots into two files I don't know. :p
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    3800+ X2 Some MSI mobo (It's an nForce chipset with an onboard Quadro) 4GB DDR2 800 1x80 GB 1x200 GB 1x320 GB It's no super server but I work with what I have. The onboard SATA controller is not on the HCL but it is one of those that still works. I plan to change it around a bit by...
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    curious: since switch's ports have mac addresses....

    My professor uses both "SAT" and "MAC Table" synonymously. I guess if we get the point is what matters. :p
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    curious: since switch's ports have mac addresses....

    It's called a Source Address Table according to my awesome note-taking skills in lecture. As Vito_Corleone said, you wouldn't see it because ARP maps IP addresses to the respective MAC addresses.
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    2.1.0 just came out today. It's supposed to make bridged networking a lot easier. Haven't used it yet on Linux.
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    virtualbox, quick question

    It's been awhile since I've done it. If I recall correctly it's something like this. auto br0 <-- Not too sure if you need this iface br0 inet static address netmask gateway bridge_ports eth0
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    virtualbox, quick question

    Alright here's a quick dirty rundown. You've already installed bridge-utils. After that, all you need to do is modify /etc/network/interfaces and add a vbox interface. iface br0 inet dhcp bridge_ports eth0 Now add an interface sudo VboxAddIF vbox0 YourUsername br0 And don't...
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    virtualbox, quick question

    It's in your settings of the VM under network. You'll see a drop-down menu (probably set to NAT right now) and set it to host interface. But then you'll need to set up host networking which is covered in the manual. Look at section
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    Sorry to hear VirtualBox isn't working out well. I love it and I haven't had any issues with it. I use it on Linux (Ubuntu 7.10 thru 8.10, Fedora 9 and 10), Windows XP and I've used the OS X version a bit. I personally prefer it as my desktop virtualization program mainly because it works for...
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    Those who have/are thinking about moveing away from windows.

    I do. wget and SSH are so useful. :p
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    Hands On: Got my Blackberry Bold (9000)

    I am loving mine as well and it's been less than a week. I came from an iPhone and I just did not like the iPhone.
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    Why some people prefer to use Linux/Ubuntu over Windows?

    I believe they use the admin group instead. In /etc/sudoers, you will notice everyone on in the admin group can sudo. in /etc/group, you will see that your account is part of the admin group. As for why I use Linux, it's free and I like the idea of open source. And call me an oddball or...
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    subnet design

    Shouldn't all the subnet masks be Here's a simple chart we learned in class that is quite useful for doing subnetting questions by hand. The first column are your powers of 2. The second is their value which mean either number of subnets or total number of IPs (including...
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    Network Engineering Degree Programs

    RIT runs on tri-mesters meaning 3 quarters, 10 weeks each not including summer. That's why it is 184 hours to complete. I go to RIT for NSSA and my first year was not worth it in my opinion. It is not till the second year where you start taking courses where you're actually learning something...
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    x264 acceleration

    As far as I know, x264 is decoded using the processor only on Linux. Correct me if I am wrong. I have a X2 4200, 7600GT, MPlayer compiled from source and 1080 videos played with hiccups here and there. A quick Google shows that nvidia cards have a h264 decoder but for Windows only unless...
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    Virtualized Router

    I'm curious if anyone has or does run a virtualized router. What's your opinion on the idea? Security issues? Performance hit? Anything else to mention/take note of? I currently have pfSense running on ESXi (it's free now for those that care) for my home network as a test/for fun thing right...
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    port forwarding with d-link dir-655 router

    I don't use Vista so I am just assuming here. I'll assume you change the ports the same way you do it in previous versions which you change a registry value. My suggestion is to make sure you're changing the right registry entry (and it is in decimal) because I was doing this one time and I...
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    Post your ebay/ dual monitor arms

    That hairline crack between your monitors will drive my OCD out of my house and onto the highway to get run over by cars. :p Old dorm setup. I'll post my home setup later... maybe.
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    n00b gettinginto linux

    Azureus has a native Linux 32-bit and 64-bit client which is what I use.
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    Post a screenshot of your linux!

    Time for an update.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    Indeed I am at RIT.
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    My dorm.
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    Networking Career

    Little off topic but I'm actually a freshman at RIT in NSSA (Applied Networking, Security, Sys Admin). Just to add on to Chiggy, you start your major classes immediately unlike many other colleges.
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    2 LAN cards - how to set one as default for internet

    I don't know if this works or not. I would try it myself but I don't have Windows installed. :D In your case set the 100 first.