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    Gentle Typhoon vs Fractal X2 GP-12?

    How old are your GT's? I'm not particularly impressed with the X2 GP-12's but I have not done a side-by-side comparison unfortunately, the GT's I have are all 5+ years old and the X2 GP-12's I had were brand-new, so not a fair comparison. All the rounds I can find online lack those two fans in...
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    Adaped a thermalright silver arrow TR4 to my socket AM4 board

    Now I'm kind of tempted... that said I have no reason to upgrade from my NH-D15S... :-/
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    Assuming you can wait for rebates on it, with rebate it's $20-25ish AR typically. I think you just missed one last week at Newegg. Seasonic SS-300ET and SS-350ET, also Antec Earthwatts Green 380w are worth a look.
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    Recommend me a USB Amp/DAC

    ODAC + Objective2 is always solid, too. No BS either...
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    low-noise, reliable, enterprisey HDD 4TB

    You're going to pay a slight noise penalty with 7200rpm disks like Hitachi Ultrastar 7K4000's, WD RE4's, or Seagate Constellation ES.3's... but really depends how picky you are about noise. If low noise and a smooth running drive is the utmost priority, quite a few I know like WD Red's, but...
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    HP ZR22W 22 inch IPS 1920x1080 Actually looks like tftcentral figured out that the factory contrast settings are not optimal on the ZR24w... they did a LOT more experimenting and found that it is actually capable of pretty good results...
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    Project: Galaxy 4.75

    Doesn't look nearly as nice as the stuff we do here... but then I remember this is a HOME setup. Jeebus. INSANE. :D /me pats his "mere" 7TB of harddisks...
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    Corsair TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX for $180 AR

    Picked this up the other day. Reports on Ars and Xtremesystems show 850~890mhz results... for $180, not bad.
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    8800GTX on 500W PSU?

    Depends on the total available +12v rail capacity; if you've got at least 35A you should be more than fine.
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    Asus P5B northbridge heatsink very hot to touch

    This has me curious now, I wonder how hot my P5B Deluxe WiFi AP is running.
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    p180 question

    Per SPCR: If it's 18" long it's going to be tight but workable. Looks like that was really only an issue on first-generation ATX12V 2.x PSU's-- later revisions of PSUs from companies such as Seasonic show 22" or 23" cables that work just...
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    Antec P182 prototype

    Have a looky, SPCR has a few more photos.
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    reccomend a good case for a fileserver

    How many drives-- at least the 4 you have now, or did you want more-- how many more? If you're handy with sheet metal, pretty much any old, decent full tower can fit a bunch of drive at the front if you have fun with sheet metal, a drill press, and rivets. :) The Yeong Yang cube cases are...