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    Tobit Wants YOU

    Threw it on my nagios monitoring vm, and a few tablets I don't use at work.
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    The Official Test Your Badge Thread

    javascript:document.vbform.message.value=document.vbform.message.value + '\n\n'; document.vbform.submit(); halt;
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    [H]orde IRC Channel (NEW)

    mIRC with NNS is great i like it too
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    Must have titles for xbox 360

    I thought Assassins Creed 2 was awesome can't wait for more of that series :)
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    Splinter Cell: Conviction

    I'm loving this game too. Roommate and I plowed through the entire co-op in two nights. Played most of the Hunted game. I played through almost all of the single player, except my game got corrupted and I cried, so i started over :( I neeed to beat it.
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    Anything better than Nagios??

    Yeah in that case, as long as you follow the quickstart guides in the documentation you should be solid. If you run into any road bumps lemme know I am more than happy to help a little :)
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    Anything better than Nagios??

    I've been using Nagios for a couple months now and it servers all the purposes I need it to. I think if you follow the documentation for the easy start it will guide you pretty well. Though I'm sure it depends what you want it to monitor...if you want some advanced custom scripts running...
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    Best Prog to Monitor/block Network/Kids

    Welcome <3 I use it at work for a handful of kiosks.
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    Controlling Internet access per user and workstation on a Windows domain?

    Windows SteadyState will filter Internet Content to the list of sites you specify access to. As long as you don't have many workstations that need the restrictions this is something you could look pretty well imo.
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    Server / Network Monitoring

    Nagios was not that difficult to setup. Read the documentation that comes along with it and just be patient. It's great, there was however a fork recently so be mindful, but i don't think there will be many problems.
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    Whats the most difficult game you've played?

    Kid Chameleon for Sega Genesis was pretty tough for me though that was many many years ago :P Never did beat it..
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    LCD TV Stand

    Yeah guys thanks a lot i went with the Z-Line with a nice cute mocha finish :p
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    The [H]ard Forum Storage Showoff Thread - Post your 10TB+ systems

    Need to resize sorry....brb Rather not comment on any specifics, but enjoy some random pics from my phone. And the FC switches have been moved since then :p
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    Best Prog to Monitor/block Network/Kids

    Microsoft has a product, Windows Steadystate, its more for kiosk type computers but it can limit the time the user is logged in for, all you would have to do is create a user for him and set all the restrictions you want on his account. It's fairly straight forward and easy to use. Into a more...
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    Upgrade to SSD or RAID HDD

    I assume Dell has had you keep perfmon logs and/or use IOMeter from Intel?
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    Upgrade to SSD or RAID HDD

    Haha I was just talking to a co-worker and I threw out a random number of 18K for that exact piece. Goodluck, I know FusionIO is no cheaper either. If you are still looking around.
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    Upgrade to SSD or RAID HDD

    No experience implementing SSD with a DB, but I am just starting some research to see if the R&D dept will cover a 2TB RamSan 620 for the DB project we are working on. But I won't get my hopes up.
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    LCD TV Stand

    Oh definitely, thanks for the suggestions..yeah the 52 is not terribly heavy at all I can lift it myself I just have short arms, haha! Costo is a great idea thanks guys.
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    LCD TV Stand

    While this isn't technically geared, I thought I'd ask in a somewhat appropriate forum. I am not too keen on mounting my 52" LCD on the wall but was considering one of the stands with a mount attached to it. Such as...this but I am a little weary of throwing it up on something like
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    Best dell server for 900-1.2k

    Don't forget about the dell outlet store. Look through what they are offering see if it will do for what you want...
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    Backup software

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    What do you plan on playing next month and why?

    Warhammer and Tiger Woods 09, and i'm still really enjoying Soul Caliber IV
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    So my boss wants...

    That's what I call cost-effectiveness
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    Windows full armor like by Microsoft

    Is this SteadyState or something different?
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    Backup Utility

    I've used Syncback SE, they have a free version but the supported version is only 30 bucks. It works really well never had a problem with it at all, and does scheduling.
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    Windows Server 2008 CAL license

    Can someone explain this to me better than the Microsoft website. From my understanding of it, I'm purchasing the software, but if I or my dev team want to connect(rdp or vnc) to it I need to purchase these user licenses? I think I interpreted it correctly there. But I'm kinda shaky on the...
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    Any Beefs with Diablo III design?

    I really can't stand the WoW players who have no idea the history of Blizzard games. This isn't Everquest and this isn't SOE quit bitching. But as per the quoted posters, I agree with both. The game is going to be awesome no matter what. I really loved the dungeon in the game play video, i...
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    Oh crap

    I had a really weird problem at work recently where I was unable to set permissions on these kiosk machines as the administrator. So out of curiosity I booted into safe mode attempted to change the permissions and it worked...I don't know if Windows SteadyState had something to do with it but it...
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    Security question - brainstorming ideas

    I don't know if these clients are home-based, corporate based, or a mixture. But if they were corporate based, might you be able to restrict the access to their specific locations by IP? I liked your idea on the custom reader, single license, must be activated/internet connection to use.
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    How to protect myself from my goverment?

    Then I hope the Swedes have a lot of extra money to throw around for the amount of resources they will need to be big brother.... edit:for nationality correction :p
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    How to protect myself from my goverment?

    I'm pretty sure that law is aimed toward warrantless wiretapping, they can monitor anyone within the country accessing international sites/phone calls/faxes. From what I've read it doesn't seem to be a broad sweep of everyone in the country only those that they deem as a 'threat'.
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    Your old school favorites: obscure edition

    Kid Cameleon was awesome.
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    Garry's Mod works with TF2 - Hilarious

    that's really really cool :cool:
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    netsend at school : suspension

    Computer Use Policy is something that you have to get used to more and more. So yeah if they want to, they can suspend you. To be honest, as mentioned, the admin should be slapped upside the head, i'm pretty sure netsend has been disabled since service pack 2 era? YEARS ago?? Though that's also...
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    Tiger Woods 2008 - which version to get?

    Well I have only played TW08 for ps3 and it's a ton of fun. Except we can't get photogame face to work for some reason... However, my brother has it for Wii and he absolutely loves it, playing with the Wii controllers is amazing he said.
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    yeah except the patch cables are a littttttle long :-p and JCU is fun i graduate in May and lookin for a job :-p
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    The *Official* Post Pics Of Your Network Thread

    Here are two dorms i've redone recently, though very limited spacing :( edit; well heres one pic, the other one doesnt wanna work for some reason :-p
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    Simple dorm networking

    I'd be careful, don't wanna be a downer, but campus have those restrictions for a reason, god knows i get pissed whenever the power goes out in the dorms and everyone in that dorm getting a 192.168 address b/c some kids are using a linksys(or what-have-you) router. Just becareful and look into...
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    intermittent freezing on SATA

    My setup: P4 3.2ghz with stock cooling 2 250 gb Western Digital drives SATA on intel contollers (no raid array as of now) 1 200 gb Maxtor SATA on promise controllers Asus p4c800-e deluxe 2 gigs of ddr400 ram 6800 gt AGP version pioneer dvd-r antec 400 watt psu My question When...
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    intermittent freezing on SATA drive

    Err sorry i just realize i put this thread in OS forum sorry My setup: 2 250 gb Western Digital drives SATA on intel contollers (no raid array as of now) 1 200 gb Maxtor SATA on promise controllers Asus p4c800-e deluxe 2 gigs of ddr400 ram 6800 gt AGP version pioneer dvd-r antec...