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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Nice job on the case. I use a Harmony 650 also. No software is required for XBMC just the IR receiver and its good. The only thing I don't like about the Harmony 650 is if you drop it. It forgets where it is.
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    No app is necessary. Only a MCE IR receiver.
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    HTPC Remote controls - finally bought a Harmony. My trials and trubulations

    I have usede many remotes and wireless keyboards What works for me is the harmony 650 yes threr is a slight lag but its not bad. And you can adjust it out. They are complicated but once its set up right it works. Then I use a logitech K400. Absolutely the best HTPC keyboard there is
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    I didn't get a new range but I did get a new Heat sink to quiet it down Silverstone NT-06 Pro
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    Media storage... what drives to buy? Green? Red? Remove drives from cheap externals?

    There nothing wrong with Seagate. Its easy enough to Google failure rates and most manufactures have about the same rate of failure these days which is low. Including WD red.
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    Media storage... what drives to buy? Green? Red? Remove drives from cheap externals?

    You can get Seagate 3.5 3 Tb drives from Newegg for $109 when they are on sale. For media you don't need raid or expensive drives. If you want to use raid for redundancy that's is fine
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    Feedback on my sub-$300 HTPC Build

    Its perfect. I have 2x2 4Gb 1866 and a A8 5600K and I run out of memory from time to time. All you need is a good AVR
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    Receiver for 5.1 setup [h]elp!

    It is if he wants 5.1. Most TV only output 2.1 And Optical is only capible of 2.1 and compressed 5.1. The question is he planing on bitstreaming with HDMI? You need to decide what fetures you want. Then ask HDMI? Switching? quality DAC? Passthrough? If your just using your phone then...
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    No, I bought it used
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    restore now no sound

    Check the device manager. Reinstall from there
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    Stop Windows' auto-detection madness!

    I have W7 64 and Yamaha RX V571 to Samsung and do not have this problem at all. The PC runs most of the time and I shut down everything else when not in use. What Yamaha do you have? On the Yamaha HDMI Control set to off Audio Output set to Amp =on HDMI to TV = on Standby Through set to on...
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    Question about storage

    I just stuff drives in the case. I have three right now but could hold another 3. And its not a big case. Not loud at all In fact you cant hear a thing and the HTPC serves as a server for anything else in the house. Cloud storage will not work for media. It would take 3 years to upload what I...
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    GALLERY! Show off your HTPC!

    Just some upgrades from the i3 550 ASRock FM2A85X + A8 5600K GSkill 1866 Dual graphics 6670
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    Music too loud. Talking too quiet

    This is common with downloaded torrent that are not correctly encoded. Also with a system that is not correctly set up. Idealy asuming your using a HTPC you want to bit stream your sound to a high quality DAC for DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 so you can get a clear center channel. Most BR and DVD...
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    Keep 7950 or sell for 680 gtx?

    I never had any issues with the drivers
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    HTPC Component Advice

    Not exactly wasted and it wouldn't be 0% with a discrete card. It would be 100% for 15 second at boot up which is nice and I have a i3 550 and a discrete card and its not 0% when playing video. But it is more then you need for an HTPC but without a GPU it works out. But for a HTPC you cannot...
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    HTPC Component Advice

    That CPU price is too high. Check Newegg. You can even go with a G840 for $85 $45 after rebate $83 This is what I have and I never use 45 Gb of it
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    HTPC Component Advice

    Why such a big SSD? You can get by with 32Gb. After you shut off hibernation, restore, prefetch and so on W7 only uses 20Gb And bye the way Im using the Yamaha RX V571
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    40" lcd 120 1080P Back light went out

    So slowly my black Light went out on a Toshiba. Its 2 years old and first the picture starting pulsating or flashing. Then after a couple of hours it would go off. The 30 min, then 5 and now you turn it on and 4 seconds it goes off. I know its the back light because I can shine a flashlight on...
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    XBMC 11.0 - Eden - FINAL

    The main advantage of XBMC is the Library more. Sure all scraped movies will be in there. But you hit the down arrow or backspace (which ever set up you have) and then search by genre (children's), actor, year, director, and so on.
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    I just got my new G500...

    I love my G500, adjustable DPI, Hyper Scroll, braided cord. Everyday when I get to work and get on the work machines Im like F**k I hate this
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    Simple Home Theater Question

    1. No 65 is fine 2. Yes you would have to have it on all the time. If it doesn't have pass through I hate it when the description is not clear
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    How big should MKV be?

    All you need for 1080p
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    New build, comments appreciated!

    Thats a crazy step up. Its going to blow your mind With the new graphics generation just out and your so close in price you might consider a change
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    Keep 7950 or sell for 680 gtx?

    Its not work the hassle for little more performance. Keep it and run it
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    My HTPC

    Windows 7..64
  27. J

    My HTPC

    It is on auto decode....I just played a mp3 last so its showing prologic. If I play a DTS HD it will switch and its all HDMI from source to LCD of course
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    My HTPC

    The only fan you can hear is the CPU fan. All three fans are connected to the fan controller and turned down to about 600 rpm. When the fan were at full speed it was loud. And by the way, I ran this with onboard Intel graphics for about 2 months before adding the Nvidia 240 and it did just fine...
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    CPU advice

    The main benefit to going Nvidia on a HTPC is it handles Linux way better if that's where you wan to go. As far as the question about the CPU to go with the 6950. Well to not bottleneck the card you need at least an i3 overclocked and you should be good. Ideally a i5. But IMO a HTPC is not a...
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    XBMC 11.0 - Eden - FINAL

    You can also integrate XBMC into WMC
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    My HTPC

    XBMC is great. It does have a learning curve that takes awhile to get your head around. But ounce you do watch out. It looks awesome, organizes your stuff scraping information from IMDB. You can search your movies by Actor, Year, Director and so on. It also acts as a server for other monitors on...
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    My HTPC

    Hi Im new here. Just stopped by shopping for a new GPU for my gaming rig. So I though I would share my HTPC since I found this thread. Its taken me about 6 months. The best part of the build was discovering XBMC Specs: Silverstone Granada GD05 Intel Core i3-550 Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H Socket...