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    BF3 Console Vs PC

    Visual differences aside, in my experience the Xbox 360 version ran decent and was certainly playable, and somewhat fun. The 24 player cap was the big killer though. On about half the maps (the larger ones), a large portion of the players were in vehicles. On a 12 player team with 5...
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    From Samsung, to Toshiba, to Asus..

    It may be lacking somewhat in graphics, however the Asus U36Jc may be up your alley if your considering the macbook air. I had my eyes on it for the past few weeks, however now waiting for the sandy bridge refresh, hoping they bump the GPU up a bit along with it. Hopefully it should be out...
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    Many Things FS: IPod Nano 8GB / Staples Gift Card / Laptops / ETC

    what generation nano? Also an pictures?
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    Gaming Headset

    USB headphones have a built in sound card. So really you would just be wasting your money buying a usb headset because you wouldnt be able to use your soundcard. I have a plantronics USB headset that I spent $50 on three years ago. Its held up pretty well and the sound quality + mic quality...
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    Quick EVE Questions

    It pretty much depends on your skills. As you skill up you are able to use higher level fittings such as weapons, jammers, armor, etc, etc. Also he was mostly likely in a Tech 2 frigate, which is considerably more expensive and requires more skills to use. You won't be able to do anything...
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    Quit WoW

    Exactly. Ever since they added Cross realm battle grounds PvP was totally lame. I always liked running in a PvP group against other alliance groups that you actually knew and saw on your server every day. It added a more personal touch to PvP. With cross realm BGs it was just honor farmers...
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    World In Conflict Free Mulitplayer Trail Until March 26th

    Hmm... is this the same version that was released the end of last year? I played it for a few months... I don't think theres many people that still play the demo though.
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    IDE for C that supports Borland

    Its not the fact that GVIM is really too simple, its mostly how I feel like I am stuck in the last decade using the GUI. I will give Turbo C++ Explorer a shot.
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    IDE for C that supports Borland

    Alright heres the deal: I am in a 101 level programming class for my CS major. The professor has provided Borland and GVIM for use on our personal computers. He has told us that he really does not care what IDE we use, as long as the code compiles on Borland just fine for grading...
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    Madden 07 Xbox 360 question

    Honestly, Madden 08 is far better then 07 and well worth the purchase. But thats just me. EA discontinues the online play after a while. Not 100% if its been disabled yet, but I am sure it will be soon.
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    Why aren't you playing Insurgency?

    Notice he was hitting pretty much nothing? The AK in the game is actually pretty damn close to that actually. And like in real life, you hit nothing in game. All the weapons are pretty spot on recoil and sway wise ingame. If your looking for a good team work orientated server, try out...
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    Anyone beat LOTRO???

    does look like a refreshing improvement to WoW. I second that about the buddy keys :)
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    Flight Simulator X - Poor?

    Lock on modern air combat and flaming cliffs expansion are the closest your going to get with nice graphics and a realistic combat flight sim. Avionics supposedly arnt 100% accurate, but there is still a fairly steep learning curve. Hands down amazing graphics for a flight sim though.
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    Games with realistic handguns/pistols?

    The rainbow 6 series does actually have decent hand guns. CSS is pretty good too. Most of the time I just play with a USP or deagle and pick up weapons as I go.
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    A look at micromanagement in RTS games

    You arnt playing the game to full effect then. Play good players on multiplayer, or set the computer to hard. You WILL get out microed
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    EVE Online, Amazingly Deep

    Try joining a mining corp if you want to try mining, or maybe venture out into low sec. I wouldn't fly anything bigger then a frigate or an industrial however. You probably wont stand a chance if you are not sure what your doing in a BS.
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    Upgrade to G7?

    The only lag on my MX1000 has is when it goes idle after about 10 seconds. Even then its less then a half a second. Works amazing for FPS, I cannot tell the difference between corded and wireless mice.
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    Finally, a Civil War FPS!

    Interesting. I remember playing Battlegrouns as well. It was a fun little mod, but frustrating sometimes to shoot at someone 6 times untill you finally hit them. With a little tweaking though the MP could be fun.
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    Whats a good Air Plane game on the PC

    Its a flight sim... have amazing graphics and realistic flight is not really possible. Lomac is easily the best of the sims we have right now graphics wise.
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    Lame Eve Online Experiences

    Are you getting paid for it? The bounties alone should cover your loss, thats the plus side of it.
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    CMS for Custom sites?

    Take a look at Wordpress, allows you to make your own completely custom templates. I think it should be able to be customized enough for your needs.
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    At the bottom of the page the main div just ends. This looks bad when you click the categories or archive links if there is only one or two entries on that page, the main div only extends for part of the page. IMO it needs to extrend all the way to the bottom all the time, or end it with a...
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    PNG Transparency Woes

    What about pngs in CSS, example: body { background: #ffffff url('images/background.png') repeat-y fixed center; height: 100%; margin: 0; text-align: center; } is there anyway to fix the transparency of that?
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    Who here plays America's Army?

    The only tedious part is the medic and SF training IMO. Everything else can be passed with ease, especially after you have played the game for a day, or competent with first person shooters. I played back when it came out, and on and off since then.
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    Eve or Wow

    If its your first MMO try WoW, but if your prepared for a fairly steep learning curve I would go with Eve.
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    Would you be interested in a [H]ard Corp on Eve Online

    I would be too, im on a trial account now but i am seriously considering upgrading.
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    WoW [H]ard Guild

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    Battlefield 2......

    That would be 21CW ( If you want to try it out I beleive they have seasons that are free so you can check it out. I played in this along with the DoD one for a few seasons and it really is a blast. If you don't want to do that then I suggest finding a good server...
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    Any Thoughts on WoW 1.9 Patch?

    Give alliance blessing of salvation, yet horde get nothing? We know nothing of the new AQ instances, and for all we know aggro management could be a large part in those instances. This should make hunters and locks very happy. The patch is looking to be a very nice one, hopefully they will...
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    Favorite Demo Of All Time?

    BF1942 wake island demo. I played that again about 9 months ago, there were still a few servers out there.
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    WoW: The burning crusade, blood elfs and druids?

    Ive read that too, not sure where. There is a spell that sucks like 40 mana from the user and makes some sort of "energy ball", which is a reagent for the AOE silence spell.
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    BF Wake Island video. *sniff*

    Yeah it did suck sometimes, but with 20 or more people on the map you just need to spawn at the right point, 1 minute of walking tops to get to the action. I personally loved the demo, hell I heard that there were people still playing the demo a year and a half after the games release.
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    WoW free trial?

    The game does come with 1 month free and a 10 day free trial pass for you too give to your friend, all versions do. With 3.5 million subscribers, there should be a few floating around out there.
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    GW stale? Am I the only one?

    I hope you didn't expect that much content out of it with it being free to play :)
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    WoW [H]ard Guild

    Havnt seen it yet on anyone, although its going to be funny when it spreads :)
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    More on Revolution

    I still prefer the traditional controller, every time I have used a gyro based controller for games (mostly a few arcade games?) it turns out buggy and annoying to use. I have my doubts on how well this will work out, but at least there will be the traditional controller peripheral attachment.
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    Michigan governor signs gaming law

    Lets throw ESRB out the door then, this sounds like it stops nothing the ESRB rating didn't stop. Its not the problem of minors buying the games, its the parents letting them play. From my interpretation of this parents can still buy it and give it to their kids. The ESRB does a fine job IMO...
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    Blizzard but not charge for the WoW:Expansion ?

    IF the expansion was ~$30 or so I would consider it, although I agree that expansions for MMOs are dumb unless pulled off properly. People running the expansion cannot have an advantage over those who are not, so it would have to be perfectly balanced, with months of testing before it would be...
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    Starting a new character on WoW: Whisperwind please join

    Your using your pet wrong, at 32 I think they have one or two taunting skills that you can use. And theres something wrong if your lvl 32 dosnt have armor yet... If you want solo and grinding a rogue is far better then a warrior, they have literally no down time, although your hunter should...
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    Post Pics of ur chars for WoW :D

    Already done :) Im not really sure how that ended, kazzak regains all of his health anytime he kills anyone. Lowbies alone would make this impossible, not to mention you would need a 40 man raid group to take him down.