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    Router, switches and multimedia

    I currently have my entertainment center which has 3 devices in it that may connect to the Internet for various reasons, TV, PlayStation 3 and A/V receiver. Due to the location of my router it was a pain to run a single internet cable to my entertainment center for internet access and I just...
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    How many fps in Everquest (original)?

    EQemu server named Project 1999, most classic like server I have found. Totally worth while if you like classic
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    For anyone that wants EQ classic

    Gonna give 1 bump to advertise server
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    For anyone that wants EQ classic

    It really is fun, I had a blast this weekend. Easy to install, you need to change a few files but only took me about 30min to get going and that includes reading the instructions step by step. Server population is 180-200ish but Oct 2nd was launch date and alot of people are still finding out...
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    For anyone that wants EQ classic

    A new EQemu server is out that is very much like classic, not perfect but closest i have seen. You will need a copy of EQ Titanium to play which can be had off of ebay.
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    You're OS progression on your main PC?

    Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows XP Vista 64 Think Im gonna hold at 64 for awhile before goign to Windows 7. I have had no troubel at all with Vista and like it
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    Message from EA games??

    Well message went away and servers showing up as normal again.
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    Message from EA games??

    Just went to play BF2 and a message came up saying I had a message from EA games. I click on the “ok” box to review the message and am taken to a website I believe is Dice’s, then another secure log in box comes up asking for an ID and Password, which I do not have. Anyone...
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    Wireless router for TV

    Thanks for reply
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    Wireless router for TV This is the Blu-Ray I ordered, its what has Wi-Fi Not worth it for wireless? Id rather go through the effort running a cable to it then spend money on...
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    Wireless router for TV

    Have never set up a wireless network so have never paid any mind to it. Bought a HDTV and Blu-Ray player and I want to connect it to the internet and they have built in Wi-Fi. Looking for suggestion on wireless router to get everything connected. TV and Blu-Ray player are about 25-30ft...
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    Hardware demanding games

    First off I want to mention that being an adult with a job I am not as on top of the latest games as I was 10 years ago, so if I’m missing obvious choices just let me know. What are some good games that will push and punish my hardware other then my graphic card? It seems that games today...
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    Problem with IE 8

    That did it Thanks
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    Problem with IE 8

    Please help with IE8 if ya can, I’m about to pull my hair out. I am having 2 issues and I think they may be related. 1. I am tired of the following warnng when I change webpages: “Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely? How do I turn it off...
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    Think Im going to have to try Morrowind. I have played Oblivion so many times it is boring just thinking about and I dont think there will ever be a decient MMORPG again. No talking to a guy who has played oblivion many times but never Morrowind. What beginning mods would be reccomended...
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    BF2/2142 and Vista 64?

    On my Vista 64 I can not play single player but multiplayer works ok
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    old Compaq ipaq question

    I’m looking for something that I’m not expecting to find but figured here would be the best place to ask I have an old Compaq ipaq pocket PC that I bought back in 2002. It became obsolete several years ago and I tossed it in my closet to collect dust with my other old PC stuff, it sat in...
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    Oblivion help

    Fixed it. The first time I installed Oblivion, OMM and OOO in that order, then patched Oblivion to latest version. This time I uninstalled everything, installed Oblivion, completely patched it, then installed mods. Thanks for replies
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    Oblivion help

    Ok, last night I reinstalled Oblivion after having it put away for a year or so, using Mod Manager I installed the OOO mod, I have some graphic glitches. In the very beginning when you have the people walk into your jail cell one of the guards is just a floating head and in the tunnels...
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    is it too late to get into wow?

    I was wondering about this same topic, im also thinking about WoW. Only thing is Im having a very hard time getting into it. Im a former EQ player for 6-7 years and mabay Im just way burnt out. Signed up tor the 10 day free trial, it expires Sunday and I mabay have 30 minutes total invested.
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    Warhammer Online Thread!

    Im finished too. Its not a bad game in the beginning but its too repetative and the RvR is a joke. The last RvR I was in there were people bunny jumping ala BF2 in the middle of a zergfest, I that point I decided I was finished. The public quests are a good idea but the over all PvE reminds...
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    Vista todays update bad

    Since the update I'll reboot, then bout a minute or 2 later I get a Trend Micro box that pops up stating that I need to reboot my PC for updates to take effect. At first I thought I would play along cause I knew I downlaoded 10 updates for Vista but I have rebooted many times now.
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    Vista 64 Delivery Time

    Xbox I recieved no notification on shipping. I recieved an automated email confirming the order and that was it.
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    Vista 64 Delivery Time

    Took me right at 1 week to get my 64bit disc in Wichita Kansas, came monday (Christmas Eve). I did pay the xtra$9 for "fast" shipping.
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    looking for some Vista64 software reccomendations

    Well I found CCleaner which is free and preforms both functions. Still though, if anyoen has found may x64 software that works well Id liek to hear about it
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    looking for some Vista64 software reccomendations

    With XP I used to use iIwiper to clean bugs/cookies/spyware from my PC and Registry Mechanic to clean my registry♥♥♥♥♥♥♥afl_onenetwork Does anyone have any similiar programs...
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    installign Vista 64bit with 4gig memory

    Got my disc today, install went fine with 2x2g G.Skill installed
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    Someone recommend a registry cleaner

    I used Registry Mechanic. Liked the free trial enough that I bought it
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    installign Vista 64bit with 4gig memory Guess its not a big deal.. yesterday I did a search and read about some people having troubles which drew my attantion to it ... trried to find the post again but searching Vista 64 / 4gig / install and any combination fo that pulls up too many pages
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    installign Vista 64bit with 4gig memory

    I have read that some people get blue screen when booting / installing Vista 64 if they already have 4 gig installed. The fix was to install Vista with less then 4gig then downlaoded a hotfix from MS to support 4gig memory
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    installign Vista 64bit with 4gig memory

    Im still waiting on my 64bit Vista disc to get here, be a week monday. I know there is a hotfix on MS website for Vista 64 and 4gig memory. I looked and this hotfix is about 6mo old so should my 64bit disc already have it in place? What Im getting at is I have this nice shiny new G.Skill...
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    What is everyone buying themself for xmas?

    Seagate 7200.11 500g HDD 4gig G.Skill PC28000 Vista 64bit
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    My Seagate 7200.11 drive failed in 2 days

    Yea. I made this post right after the drive failed. To be honest Ill give both newegg and Segate 2 thumbs up. With seagate i was able to talk to a living person quickly. Newegg has thier automated RMA system, I called and asked them to cross-ship one to me, they said they dont do that...
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    My Seagate 7200.11 drive failed in 2 days

    Yea, your right
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    My Seagate 7200.11 drive failed in 2 days

    Well got my ST3500320AS 500gig 7200.11 HDD installed. Used it for 2 days, well almost 2 days, came home on the second day to a Vista window stating hard drive failure. Downloaded and ran both the SeaTools short and long self tests, drive failed both. Called Seagate and the guy was like "Yep...
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    Vista and CE1

    Was SpeedStep ... I dont remember having to mess with this in XP
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    Vista and CE1

    Got my PC changed to Vista last night and I noted that both everest and CPUZ are recording my CPU multiplier as switching between 6x / 9x. I have gone into bios and verified that CE1 is turned off.. any other suggestions
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    should i wait till january to upgrade?

    I think what CRXican should of said was that if there is something out now at a price you think is reasonable that you would be happy with then you should buy it. With PC componets there is always something new about to come out but when it comes out people will tell you if you wait 3 months...
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    HD and game performance...

    8MB casche is awful low ..... 16mb is common and Seagate has 32mb on thier new 7200.11 HDD and thoes are not even thier "high preformance" Cheeteah drives As for how it will effect your gaming preformance. Yea, it could hold you back but there are other things that could hold you back more...