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    Need New Gaming Mouse... Suggestions?

    Razer Deathadder with a steelpad.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    you should submit your comp to million-dollar-pc.
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    New Lian Li case TYR PC-X500

    2red, who makes that memory cooler?
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    cleaner than the interior of a Powermac G5. amazing.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    omg, so many switches to choose from :O I never knew you could get modded power switches.
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    I know what I want my home to look like now.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    where can I get those flat feet for Lian Li's?
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    Who's the HOTTEST girl in MGS4? :O Crying Wolf is hot also
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    finally something that works! THANKS. Loving this theme also.
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    The official "clean desktop" club.

    how did you guys get visual styles to work? I tried using the uxtheme patch and vistaglazz but something always goes wrong :confused:
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    LittleBigPlanet fan?

    I'm happy I own a PS3.
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    FS ESI Juli@

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    FS ESI Juli@

    comes with box and accessories. $115 shipped in the US or $125 shipped internationally. I accept Paypal and Google Checkout.
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    what kind of power supply do you have?
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    Would you buy a Final Fantasy 7 remake?

    I would pre-order.
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    Razer Exactmat vs. Razer Destructor

    just get a Steelpad QCK+ or QCK Mini.
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    Headset vs desktop mic & speakers

    headphones + clip-on mic for online gaming. I recommend getting the Zalman ZN-MIC 1 and investing in some quality closed headphones like Audio Technica A900s or Denon D2000.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    yea, that guy took it to the extreme. All that just to get 60 fps in Crysis.
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    2008 Lian Li PC-V1000

    I hope I can purchase the hot swappable HDD racks separately for my v1000 :cool:
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    Alienware rebuild

    I can't see the pics >:O
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    If you don't see Vista SP1 on Windows Update

    I have the SP1 beta installed. Is that what I need to uninstall to get the update for the newest SP1?
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    Vista 64-bit SP1 OUT!

    still waiting for the update too :/
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    My Water Cooled Ephex -built by Maingear

    love the care they put in cleaning up the interior.
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    So why does Crysis still not *look* like Crysis?

    damn, Oblivion looks pretty damn outdated these days :eek:
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    Post Your Mac Setup!

    what camera are u using?
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    So why does Crysis still not *look* like Crysis?

    ^Yes indeed. :O
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    *NEW* Street Fighter IV pic and info! parrying that super is like second nature to Japanese players.
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    *NEW* Street Fighter IV pic and info!

    It's fine the way it is.
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    Best portable amp for DT-770 250ohm?

    the GS-1 is far from being portable :p You are probably thinking of Headamps AE-2 which has a similiar sound sig.
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    Hitachi 1TB HDD - $200

    not enough.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    I'm missing head-fi very much at the moment :(
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    It's a Headfive. I'll probably sell it to fund my next amp. :/
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    upgraded from Beyer DT990-250s to Denon D5000s thinking about upgrading to a Corda Opera or something like that.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    need to clean up some wires still.
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    Post your HeadPhones!

    just looking back at some post, but why the scotch tape on the Woo Audio stand?
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    Patriot EP DDR2-800 2x1GB $59.99 @ Frys NR

    I have 2 gigs of this model already so now it's time to get another 2 gigs :)
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    New Saitek Cyborg Keyboard thanks. I'll stick with my Celesta.