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    90 gigs used on main drive but how?

    using vista i assume? probably system restore.
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    PC Gaming and Music: True 5.1 Sound Using Digital Connection?

    ah finally someone else who has the spherex! I've used the x-fi fatality pro and onboard 92XX HD audio from my intel board. I've noticed that I could get it to play through all 5 speakers but it was essentially 2 channels of sound if that makes sense (like PLII) I've had it work with DVD's...
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    windows ugly and mac pretty ?!?

    windows users arent impressed w silly things as icons and laptops in manilla envelopes.
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    question about a connector on an old board i have (it takes RDRAM) please check this.

    I think it's the weird aux connector found on older PSU's. usually had orange wires running to it.
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    Budget Gaming Laptop

    upgrading a laptop cpu is not much different from a desktop. I've messed around with my m1210 and only replaced the t.i.m. on the cpu and gpu and cleaned the hsf. coretemp says mine is socket 478/479 and it looked like you drop it in and its secured by a screw.
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    Best Case for keeping things cool ?

    hate to break it to you it's not gonna be frosty in there. imagine keeping maybe 4 light bulbs inside a closed box. I think looking at something that cools efficently is key. I have my 6600, dual 3850's and 2 raptors inside an antec sonata. 2 120mm fans. never had a problem.
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    What does 1:1 4:5 etc mean?

    I'm using a bad axe 2 and the max "supported" memory speed is ddr2- 800 although the fsb is at 1066. Is it possible to change the ratio and run @ ddr2- 1066? still trying to figure out the ration and mem speed thing :p
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    visiontek RMA

    No it's the 256mb reference card. Its making a hi pitched squeel from the card itself whenever it runs a game.
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    Antec, Cosmos and Silverstone Case Choice

    soundguy: lovin the ducktape :p and the vertical cathodes
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    Best DDR2 PC8500 2*2gb

    I'm pretty new to the memory oc scene but isn't it fairly easy to get pc8500 from the half price pc6400 kit of gskill (or any memory for that matter)?
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    Sound card

    wow this is a few factors above my audiophilia. Thanks! doin research now.
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    Does WinXP SP2 limit the number of files you can have open?

    Appears youre in need of a PPU pron processing unit :D :p
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    visiontek RMA

    Yeah, diamond always rubbed me the wrong way from the look of their products, never bought from them. I have everything ready to ship but the $10 check for return shipping. Bit nervous but phone and email support have been fantastic so far.
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    visiontek RMA

    awesome! exactly what I wanted to hear. I'm shipping my 3850 off tomorrow and was wondering if I should expect it back in 2 weeks or 2 months. :rolleyes:
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    Sound card

    How would you mod the creative card? Do you have a link? Ive heard many good things about the azun x-fi, great if it's in you're budget!
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    visiontek RMA

    Anyone dealt with them before? How quickly do they process and are they fair in honoring their warranty?
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    How do you pronounce Nvidia?

    penis nvidia?
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    Best Single GPU ATI Card?

    off topic much guys?
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    [H]ard drive SATA2 -> SATA1 issue

    easter bummpy
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    [H]ard drive SATA2 -> SATA1 issue

    morning bump
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    [H]ard drive SATA2 -> SATA1 issue

    yes still has the winxp install from the pentium D build. new machine is a p4.
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    Rocketfish (Lian Li) Case Wiring

    Very nice! mine still looks like a disaster inside still. All your fans work?
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    [H]ard drive SATA2 -> SATA1 issue

    I'm completing a system for my dad so he doesnt have to listen to a pentium D stock cooler. Problem I am having is transplanting the hard drive which is SATA2 to a SATA1 board. I have set the jumper on the drive, and was formated as IDE (vs ACHI). Drive is visible in the bios, boot...
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    3 Pin Fans for Dummies

    it poof on you?
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    Blu-ray player or PS3?

    What I would like to see sony do is build firmaware updates into future discs similar to how the PSP would require an update to play a newer game.
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    Blu-ray player or PS3?

    +1 for ps3. its almost the cheapest BD player :rolleyes: and, it plays games!
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    Antec, Cosmos and Silverstone Case Choice

    I'd +1 the cosmos. have you considered the antec p182? better cable managment than the 900 and the "acoustic panels" like the cosmos. *edit* silverstone is nice but seriously, you can do a lot with that extra $100 :D
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    Anyone known problems with this case?

    RMA'ing cases is a big pain in the ass now. You could swap the side panel one to the front for a temporary fix. wish it was like the old days when newegg would comp u a new case :D
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    Something to check out for the diy'ers

    You see the pic of the coolant waterfalling into the reservoir? too bad you can't run the loop like that : (
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    Something to check out for the diy'ers

    wow, this guy is a total BAMF. wish i had a fab shop.
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    How to listen to audio from a computer 25" away

    how about a wireless creatvice xmod? or apple airport express?
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    Serious question about the 3870

    Oh yeah, get that checked, i had to put my zalman on my 3850. anyone warrantied through viziontek before? think they'd know if I slapped the stock cooler back on?
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    Best browser for mac?

    seconded. ripps firefox a new one with lighning fast page renders. if it doesn't crash first:rolleyes:
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    Saitek Cyborg Keyboard Preview

    Just add E and:
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    Fastest Single 7200 RPM Drive

    Hey-o! I wouldn't be too concerned with comparing speeds on 7200rpm drives. sure a raptor is faster, but louder and less storage. Instead ask yourself how much storage do you need and the different warranty service offered by manufacturers. at the risk of being shot :eek:, I know...
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    Current 'Gold' Standard in Mice and Pads?

    I have used my microsoft 5 button intellimouse for 6 years now. I've tried various other mice but wireless sets i can notice the latency and the ocassional spinout with them. mousepad: just a cheap $7 "optical" neoprene mousepad has done nicely.
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    what is this power connecter?

    silent is correct on both accounts. I've used an adapter to go from 4-8 on a previous build, 300w psu for a quad even :D
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    what is this power connecter?

    it should only fit in one place with the tab in the right dirrection, check your documentation and see if theres a warning about using only 4pin
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    what is this power connecter?

    thats the 8pin 12v power connector. You may be more familiar with the 4 pin 12v introduced on the p4 socket 478 boards. same thing. more juice. *edit* it is a row of 12v and a row of grounds so it will be ok.
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    8-pin vs 4-pin PSU

    unless you have a 2x2 to 2x4 converter just plug the 4pin 12v (box shaped connector) into the connector correctly. If you put it in wrong i dont think it will boot and wouldnt damage anything (would it? 12v into a ground pin?)