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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    It only happens in CS. I have a pretty large library of games too which include other source engine games like tf2 and left for dead 2. I use panda free anti virus, but this also happened with windows security essentials and also with the cs folder excluded and with anti virus off.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I'm running a wired connection with a 100 mbit connection. I have tried unparking cores back when i was on windows 7; it did nothing. If you look on the bottom right of my screen you can see some stats, there is no packet loss or choke going on.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    This shouldn't be a symptom of lag. My fps drops to single digits and my sound is affected for a split second.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    It is listed in the video description i7 860 3.5 ghz 12 gb ddr3 geforce 970 auzentech prelude windows 10
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    I made a post about this a long time ago, but it went ignored here. I have been having stuttering issues for awhile in this game. I finally got around to making a video showing it (shadowplay).
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    Yeah, it does what it aims to do really well. This isn't a hardcore game. If you are looking for something super competitive and e-sports like; this isn't it. Not every game needs to be like that though. The game looks very good, runs very good, sounds very good and completely captures Star...
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    Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas

    Did they ever fix the stuttering everybody was having with this game?
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    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    Yeah? Well, You know, that's just like, your opinion, man.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    Wait, there is no campaign!? This is the first game that I have actually wanted a single player campaign from the battle series. Didn't want one in any of the battlefield games, and got one. Really, really wanted a good star wars single player campaign, and thought for sure they would include...
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    I think it's a fantastic game. You can play it pretty casually and get a lot out of it. No monthly fee means you don't have to feel obligated to play it. The trait system that they changed is a pain in the ass, but I guess they are going to change it back with the new expansion.
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    Guild Wars 2 for $10.00

    I haven't seen anything official on this, but a few streamers on twitch claim the game will be on sale tomorrow for ten dollars. I'm going to provide the link here so people can check out if it is indeed true. This is an absolute steal if true...
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    Killing Floor 2 live action trailer is on Steam.

    That link brings you to killing floor the movie, not killing floor 2 the game.
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    Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut stutter fix?

    I think they should sell the non dc version of this game if they aren't going to bother fixing bugs that were fixed in the non dc and cropped up again in the dc version. Kind of ridiculous that the only one for purchase is the inferior version, but it is marketed it as the superior version.
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    GTX 970/980 specs @ Techpowerup, plus 3dmark gpu-score leaks... Neo: "Woah."

    I'm still rocking a geforce 480. The last upgrade I made was from a geforce 8800 gtx to this 480. I was using a core 2 duo system back with the 8800 gtx. Will I see a similar performance increase going from the 8800 gtx to the 480? Amazing how long I have been on this system and it is still...
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    Enemy Front ( a new WW2 shooter)

    Here is the multiplayer trailer for this game. I'm hoping it is good and it gets a little bit of a following. I play the occasional dod source which has been completely abandoned. There really isn't much ww2 stuff out there anymore. This game comes out on the 13th and is only 30 dollars...
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    Archeage - anyone playing it from [H]?

    How long have you been a diabetic? I just got diagnosed as type 1 in January, I went and saw a new endocrinologist in March that said I was actually 1.5 (lada)
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    My gf has the same processor and motherboard for that matter and has the same problem with the cpu spike problem as you. I'll be playing just fine and it will get random hiccups where the fps will drop to 30 and go back up, the graph shows the same yellow cpu spike. It does this randomly though...
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Does this game stream data off the hard disk after loading? I had this game installed on my girlfriends slower 5400 rpm disk that for whatever reason was partitioned into 4 different drives. Anyway, the game would be running g just fine at 120+ fps and would have random moments where the game...
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    Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team $149.99

    If you live in Oregon you pay 0 % sales tax.
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    Video Card life expectancy?

    Yes I know this thread is three years old. If you read my post you would see that I did a search on google and found this old thread I created and decided to respond to it. This is sort of chronicling the life cycle of my videocards which seem to die like clockwork every 2-3 years. I was...
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    Video Card life expectancy?

    Looks like my geforce 480 has finallly bit the dust. I was playing tf2 when all of a sudden the colors got all screwy and then the game crashed. Rebooted comp and im getting artifacts and bright colors in desktop. Funny I googled life expectancy of videocards and discovered my old thread here...
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    Are there any patch notes? Hopefully, we fixed every bug that was originally fixed, but reintroduced and something about the textures being horrible.
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    I had Rambo for NES when I was a child. It was probably the worst game I owned for that console.
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    Meanwhile bf3 is in good working order with tons of maps to chose from. I don't understand why everybody is trying to play this garbage while bf3 runs perfectly fine and is stable. Did they ever fix the performance issues or doesn't he game run like crap and is unstable? Open beta performance...
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    Spreading the word about Rekoil

    This looks kind of like action quake 2 mixed with modern warfare, I'll keep my eyes on this.
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    I'm going to hold off. BF3 is still fun in small doses here and there. I'm looking forward to starwars battlefront. Hopefully they don't feel they need to rush it and make that a buggy mess as well.
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    BF4 5400X1920 @ PDXLAN 22.5

    Where did this lan take place? I haven't been to a lan in 6 or 7 years.
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    BF4 5400X1920 @ PDXLAN 22.5

    Damn I wish I wasn't so poor. I'm still rocking an i7 860 and geforce 480 setup. It is still chugging right along. I recentlu upgraded the heatsink on it. I was using the stock cooler and it started getting very hot and throttling. I got the cooler master 212 plus and it helped out quite a bit...
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    This is where the real Infinity Ward went now called Respawn Entertainment and look

    Didn't mean to be a jerk OP posting that video from Geicho. I have always wanted to use that in a post. I am really looking forward to this game though. This fall's pc releases have been incredibly underwhelming and it has been awhile since I have been excited for a multiplayer shooter.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    It seems like they might have been better off leaving the game as is. Re releasing a broken version with more content is not a good plan.
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    Have they addressed these old bugs that have cropped up in the directors cut with a patch? Not going to buy this game if the quality is worse than that of the vanilla version which they don't even sell anymore.
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    Noobs Guide to Better Aim

    It is very easy actually. I use my forearm to make quick movements that require 180 and greater rotations.
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    Noobs Guide to Better Aim

    I switched from having a fairly high sensitivity to a low sensitivity and have had very good results. I got a very large mouse pad to help with the switch. I'm at about 17 inches per 360 for my games. In a lot of games I have to do a lot of advanced tweaking because the in game slider isn't...
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    Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution thread

    I was going to get this, but i think i'm going to hold off until it is a couple patches in. It's really odd that bugs that they had fixed with patches for the original game have made a return. It looks like people have hypothesized that an older build of the game was used to create the...
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    Experiencing extremely annoying micro-stutter with single-gpu - driving me nuts!

    LOL at this bump. I read my post and thought it was good advice, but didn't even realize it was my post because this is soooo old.
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    The Official Guild Wars 2 thread

    I can chime in a bit on performance. I have this game installed on my pc and my girlfriend's pc. My gf has an i7 3930 k (stock) processor, 16 gigs of ram, and a geforce 660. Her rig runs this game perfect with almost no instances of chunky framerate and I'm able to turn on all reflections and...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    I'm still waiting for the media blowout.
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    Poll for a game about Pay 2 Win

    I think the better question for Star Citizen is will it cost a lot of money to play this game as i'm not sure winning is what you do in this game?