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    Yes, but their technology for that doesn’t seemed to have scaled into larger displays.
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    Be prepared to be disappointed. Neither Samsung or LG make large OLED’s panel glass with the PPI needed for 4K 32’. If those OLEd panel glass exist, you will see it in 8K 65 inch TV’s first. However, I doubt they would invest in it given the flop of the 8K TV market.
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    27" 240hz OLED Monitor!!! (but there's a catch...)

    Not surprised. People should be realistic about their expectations. Current Samsung QD Oled and LG W-OLED can only reach ~105 PPI. Suitable for 42‘ 4K, 34‘ UWQHD or 27‘ QHD. Samsung also has other Oled tech used in laptop and mobile that can reach higher PPI , but their process seems to be...
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    RTX 4090 on my system: Possible?

    I would see what AMD comes out with first. The issue with the 4090 is that it can do like 200 FPS at 4K. However, it lacks a display interface that can really do 4K at such high FPS's with out DSC.
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    One reason why LG Electronics seem to be able to differentiate themselves in the OLED market is that they have a sufficient level of vertical integration. - LG electronics has sufficient economies scale in the TV business to build their own LG1213 (alpha series of TV SoC's) system on chip which...
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    RTX 4xxx / RX 7xxx speculation

    I find the omission of Display Port 2.0 interesting. It implies we won't be getting very high refresh rate 4K displays any time soon. :(
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    A number for reasons. 1.) GPU is too tall and horizontal mount does not fit. (Issue with water cooling) 2.) GPU in horizontal mount blocks off too much airflow. 3.) GPU in horizontal mount sags too much due to weight. 4.) Vertical mount GPU allows you to show the RGB lifts.
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    5820k upgrade - is it time?

    If you got the room, upgrade your display to something that supports 4K 120Hz or more (LG48?) or else the extra frames from a 3080 or 6800xt won’t make too much of a difference.
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    Anyone running their 3080/3090 with a vertical GPU mount?

    No issue running 3080 on Lian Li O11 vertical mount kit. This is with MB that only supports PCIE-3
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    Ended up getting a Gigabyte Aorus 3080 Xtreme WB ... Points to note. - It looks nice - Unlike the Aorus Xtreme aircooled version. It only have 2 PCIe power inputs, not 3 ! Suspect power limit is lower ! - It seems like only the 1st HDMI port supports 4K 120. @#!#! Update: only 2 of the 3...
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    Will i fit Aorus Rtx 3090?

    Looking at the Specs. I don't see why it won't fit even with HDD cage installed.
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    have 7820x at 4.7ghz now. Upgrade to 10900x or switch to 10900k, or wait?

    Agree, Intel HEDT in late 2017 was a decent choice. The other options back then were. 1.) intel 7700k (not enough cores or PCIe) 2.) threadripper 19xx (poor gaming perf. 3.) Ryzen 1xxx (poor game perf.)
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    have 7820x at 4.7ghz now. Upgrade to 10900x or switch to 10900k, or wait?

    Do try to tighten timings in the mem timings. (CAS 14 or 15) You should be able to get 50-52 ms mem latency in AIDA64 test.
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    It's not all that bad this time... At least performance level at the price point actually increased... In the previous 1000 => 2000 series transition. The $800 dollar price point didn't offer any real perf. improvement. (1080ti to 2080) .. Its progress... Of course, I see little reason...
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    have 7820x at 4.7ghz now. Upgrade to 10900x or switch to 10900k, or wait?

    Its probably not worth changing sockets. 1.) get new graphics cards. 2.) Tighten memory timings. (if not already tight) . The HEDT do perform better at games when memory latency is reduced. ( low 50 ms. )
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    RTX 3xxx performance speculation

    We all hear that going back to 512 bit memory bus's is going to be unlikely. However, I wonder would AMD do something abit more than 384 bit, like 416 , or 448 bit memory bus for 13GB or 14GB cards? Enough to match RTX 3000 series in mem bandwidth without going to GDDR6x or HBM2. I do wonder...
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    Potential RTX 3000 buyers...what monitors will you be driving?

    LG G9 OLED here, Will see what AMD comes out with. the 3080 with 10GB has to little video memory for my liking, but the 3090 is too much of a price increase (100%) for too little additional performance increase. (20%)
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    Deciding between 3080 and 3090, help me out

    Wait for reviews. However, I suspect for 1440p 144Hz gaming the 3080 is probably good enough. The 3090 will likely get you 20 more performance for a 100% price increase + the hassle of the extra power draw and cooling.
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    i9 7980xe to i9 10980xe

    I suspect the Skylake-X / Cascade Lake-x / Ryzen 3xxx can further close the gap with the the 9900 when over clocked with aggressive memory timings. (i.e. 3600 c14 timings).
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    Intel Core i9 Cascade Lake-X thread

    I wonder what the actual power consumption with 22 Cores at 5Ghz would be? I would think over 1/2 Kilowatt.
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    Upgrade 7820x to 10900x?

    If you want to get more frame rates at 4K.. Changing CPU will bring very little improvement. Without spending more on current CPU and motherboard's You should consider upping the voltages to get more out of your SkyLake-X - Up mesh voltage to allow for faster mesh. (Target ~ 3200 MHz)( - Up...
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    Upgrade 7820x to 10900x?

    If you are gaming, you should probably ask yourself? Have you maximized the performance of your 7820x yet ? A few questions. 1.) What voltage are you using to run at 4.7GHz ? 2.) What mesh speed are you running at ? 3.) What memory are you using ? What speed? What timings? 4.) What memory...
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    10980XE Benchmarked

    AMD definitely didn't go Ring bus. There are pro''s & con's of every approach.
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    How are you guys liking your X299 CPU's/systems?

    Here are my thoughts on going to X299 from a X58 (x5570 OC to 4.1GHz). I use my PC as a general purpose computer with some gaming. X299 Setup ROG Rampage VI Apex (was planning to go rampage extreme, but that so delayed) Core i9 7900x @ 4.7 GHz (1.237v adaptive) G.Skill Trident-Z RGB (4x16GB)...
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    How are you guys liking your X299 CPU's/systems?

    Something seems abit off about the memory latency of 61.8ns / 97909 MB/s and the settings. 4.7GHz CPU 3.2 GHz Mesh 3800MHz 16-16-16-34 CR1 What RAM are you using? and what tRFC settings are you using? I get the 55.0ns on the following.
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    Go for 6700k or 6800k? New main rig for 3 to 5 years

    Go for 6700K unless you really have a need for hex cores (4 vs 6) or huge amounts of memory. (64GB vs 128GB). The platform used with the 6700k will be cheaper.
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    What was the very first video card you ever bought?

    Orchid Righteous 3D (3DFX)
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    290x - flicker flicker - corrupt - black screen

    Hmm. Are you using display port? If so, could you try with HDMI or DVI ?
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    Nutanix vs VSAN vs EVO: RAIL

    We run quite a few nutanix boxes in our shop. Here are some thoughts on it. - The efficiency of the cluster increases as node count increases. A 4 node 3k cluster probably gives you 5.6 TB of safely usable storage. ( excluding savings from dedup/compression). A 8 node would be a lot more...
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    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    I just got my Xeon x5670 running at 4.4GHz without too much tweaking. 1.28V Core 200 BCLK 22 x Multiplier Air cooled with Thermal Right IFX14 heatsink. 30 GB of DDR 1600 Memory ( 3 x 8GB, 3 x 2 GB) Asus P6T v2 Motherboard
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    Xeon 2696 versus multiple 4930k's

    5600 hex core xeons are starting to become very cheap these days. If your workload likes lots of cores, I suspect you might be able to but together a 12 core system with lots of memory for less than $1K.
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    Intel Devil's Canyon: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly @ [H]

    For people with x58 boards core i7 9xx platforms. Hex core westmere Xeon's (5600 series) are getting cheap on the second hand market and they also overclock well (5650,5660,5670).
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    I played with the Dell UP2414Q and more specifically, its scaler. + The display can scale 1920 x 1080 30Hz and 60 Hz to full screen mode unlike what some have said. ~ The scaler performance is acceptable. It definitely isn't as sharp as native 1920 x 1080 on a 1920 x1080 display, but its...
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    Here is a massively over exposed photo, 10 seconds, ISO 80 F5.6
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    Just ordered my Dell UHD 24 Monitor UP2414Q

    I just got my UP2414Q today. Things I like so far. + The display is super sharp. But this is what I would expect of 4K! + The Display build quality is very nice. It definitely has the premium feel to it. Build quality wise, I like this new Dell the best. This is compared with the following...
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    Any laptops with a VA/IPS screen?

    The new Thinkpad W510 probabaly comes with a VA panel for FHD screen options. 15.6 inch 95% sRGB gamut ...1920 x 1080.. Also Core i7 processor options. Look for the details in the following PDF file. Also, the x200t uses IPS technology...
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    Why aren't cameras more sensitive to light?

    Well, I would say the short answer is really. The performance of these digital camera's sensors is still limited by the laws of physics... The following link has an excellent details regarding this topic.
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    The official ARMA 2 Thread, Watch these Videos and join the Hype!

    This game doesn't really like hyperthreading, disable it
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    Why are the i7 boards expensive?

    The LGA 1366 paltform is really for workstation / server use. - Greater memory bandwidth (triple channel DDR) - better I/O bandwith with 2 x QPI . (one for Core i7). The x58 support 36 direct PCI-E 2.0 Lanes, good enough for native 2 x 16x PCIe graphics. Also most x58 board support SLi and...