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    Best or some of the best Android smartphone ?

    It's not that it was broken, or malfunctioning. It's that the apps had auto updated, but those apps wouldn't work with the outdated iOS, and they take the older app versions off of the itunes store, so that left me with a phone and fewer and fewer apps that would work on it. Enforced...
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    Best or some of the best Android smartphone ?

    Oh, Apple support is great! Their response when things stopped working? 'Just buy a new phone, we have a nice $800 one right here!' Planned obsolescence on a 3 year old device that cost a bundle. I'll never buy another Apple product.
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    How to force a more recent Android version on an old Smartphone?

    I think one of the things you may have missed, was this: "these studies suggest". You will come across lots of qualifiers, which indicate that they aren't sure; it's currently just a 'best guess'. And we can't just assume that those are correct guesses. We see a lot of that in scientific...
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    How to force a more recent Android version on an old Smartphone?

    I'm a nurse, I'm not paranoid about disease. I just know the proper preventative measures which should be taken. And despite not getting into medical school, I did take all the same science courses which someone who is interested in diseases, would take. SOME viruses have a shorter surface...
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    Phone suddenly giving emergency alerts in Spanish?

    Okay, I'm in Arizona. First few years, phone continued as normal. About a year ago, it started giving me emergency alerts in English AND Spanish, but the audio was only in English. A few months later, it started doing the audio in Spanish as well, following the English. Now it's only doing the...
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    How to force a more recent Android version on an old Smartphone?

    It's this kind of disinformation, which helps the foil hat community to remain susceptible to diseases and then spreading them, by believing foolish things. Viruses don't 'die' because they're not alive. They can remain intact for, well, potentially forever, depending on what it is. They don't...
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    Best Buy WD - easystore 12TB $209

    The only cheap ones I found were either refurbished or open box. But if you have a source, go for it.
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    Best Buy WD - easystore 12TB $209

    So where are you getting them today?
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    Best Buy WD - easystore 12TB $209 Not sure what's inside, but better than refurbished drives.
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    Sudden appearance of .appledouble directories all over my NAS, but I have no apple devices!

    I already found those threads. I gave up on Friday, and just went through and deleted all the apple double trash. So far, so good. I'd just like to know how it got there. Changed all my passwords on things which access my network at home, just in case. Still, everything points to some type of...
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    Sudden appearance of .appledouble directories all over my NAS, but I have no apple devices!

    Occurred today, this afternoon. Timestamp of directories are when I wasn't accessing that NAS with anything. I shut down every other device on the network in the meantime. The only new device I have is a Fire 10 hd tablet which I just got, used, but supposedly had been reset before I got it...
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    Better Youtube experience?

    Because lots of people buy things repeatedly, but don't want to 'subscribe' and get something automatically delivered every week / month. I buy parrot treats or toys three or four times a year. They remind me every friggin' week. Easier to just delete the emails and ignore the suggestions, than...
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    good cookie manager? Wasted 2 hours trying many extensions which suck. See description

    Looking for a cookie manager, which will load a page with a list of current cookies with check boxes next to them, which I can then 'select all' and then tick off the ones I don't want to delete, and then just click something which deletes all of the rest. Right now, I have to go into chrome and...
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    Tethering makes internal wifi network disconnect?

    Sorry for the delay; had to go back to NJ for a few days. The wintips page did it; could access both internal network, and internet through tethering! Thanks!
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    Tethering makes internal wifi network disconnect?

    Windstorm yesterday caused internet outage via ISP; but I can still connect to all my NAS and other computers over wifi within my house network. However, if I tether a computer to my cellphone to access the internet, the computer shuts off the house's wifi connection from that computer while...
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    Can I plug a dsl (Frontier DSL) router's ONT port into a Suddenlink cable modem's ethernet port?

    Thanks! I had read as much as I could find about the NVG443B, but couldn't find any thing that would tell me whether it was an appropriate ethernet connection that I could connect to another source other than an ONT device. And yes, I'm looking at a list for Suddenlink approved modems/modem...
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    Can I plug a dsl (Frontier DSL) router's ONT port into a Suddenlink cable modem's ethernet port?

    I want to get rid of the Suddenfink router. Suddenfink current deal is $50 a month which expires in 2 months and goes up to $100 a month for 250GB/month data cap, with their own provided cable modem router (with which I can't change the wifi name OR passwords). So can I use the old DSL wifi...
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    Block pop up video windows on yahoo pages in chrome?

    Seems to work so far. Thanks!
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    Block pop up video windows on yahoo pages in chrome?

    I'm using chrome (partially because firefox seems unable to import bookmarks and such; I try, it says it's successful, but doesn't actually work). Reading yahoo articles, a video window keeps popping up which moves down and keeps covering the text of the article. I have a data cap, and don't...
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    Do people actually still use Trackpoints / Pointing Sticks?

    I have three M 13 keyboards, and use them all. Unlike most, I also prefer a trackball to a mouse, and have a MS Trackball (the one that is manipulated by the thumb) next to the keyboards, as they are good for those of us with bigger hands than the logitech and other brand wireless trackballs...
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    This Robot Does All the Cooking For You

    Just like there is no 'greatest guitarist' in the world, there is no greatest chef. There are hundreds of great ones, and tens of thousands of really good ones in the world; I was once told that a good chef can make practically anything taste good, and that indeed has been my experience. Which...
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    Anyone try using a nano memory card in a sim slot?

    I have an old phone, a 1st gen Moto x, with only 11GB available storage internally and no micro SD slot. Has anyone ever tried removing the cellular info sim card, and installing a nano memory card into the sim slot, to use the phone for just internet wifi browsing and media playing? I don't...
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    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    Mouse: Microsoft trackball optical 1.0, the big right handed flat one with the thumb trackball. Keyboard: IBM M13 w/trackpoint, the 1997 version made by Maxi Switch. I'm using a Ziotek usb adapter for it. It doesn't seem to type any different than the 1980's M models. The trackball uses the...
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    Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown

    FWIW, I can't stand Sandler. Netflix used up most of it's potential when people had run out of good, older movies to watch. Then it was 'classic' TV shows. Now it's into original shows, and that is often a hard sell. And if they get a hit? No great increase in revenue. There aren't enough...
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    8TB shuckable hard drive $121

    Did anyone ever find out if there's air or helium in those WD white label (and or red label) drives? And for the price of these drives, may as well just make sure you have a backup copy of your data and then ride 'em until they fail, or become too small to be of any real use. I still have two...
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    Wireless USB adapter match for Netgear X6 router?

    Thanks. For some bizarre reason, Amazon didn't show me that one when I searched, but of course showed me all the rest of the Netgear mini adapters. The reviews show it might have heat and realtek driver issues, but using only the Netgear driver it's seems to work fine.
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    Wireless USB adapter match for Netgear X6 router?

    I currently have a Netgear Nighthawk X6 tri band router using it's standard up to date firmware ( What would be a good wireless usb3 adapter to attach to my PC's to make the most of it's capabilities? This router will be in the center of my vacation home which is approx 60'x60'...
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    Microsoft Tries Sneaking Telemetry Into Windows 7 "Security-Only" Update

    "Come on Microsoft. This is not a security-only update. How do you justify this sneaky behavior?" Because that is what Microsoft had always done. It's never for what's in the best interests of their customers. ONLY what's in the best interests of Microsoft, and they expect YOU to pay for it...
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    Microsoft E books to stop working.

    It would be interesting to know what percentage of purchases are actually refunded. Of course, we're talking Microsoft here, which isn't exactly known for telling us the truth, so we'll never actually know.
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    Microsoft Issues Warning For 800M Windows 10 Users

    Let's face it, Microsoft has never worried about the 'disk footprint' size of Windows. With bloated code which, heaped on top of each previous bit is probably taller than Everest by now, Windows is loaded with stuff nobody wants. It's never been about making the best OS that they can, it's...
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    Microsoft enters bodywash market

    Especially if you tell them it's an Axe brand. Women want to be attracted to stuff that spells "M O N E Y". Tell they they like the scent of Old Spice or some other plebeian scent and they automatically hate it. I also found an Axe scent that women liked; It was maybe about 7 years ago, the...
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    Most significant upgrade you ever made ?

    During the 2000's I mostly never upgraded anything. Maybe it was back in 2001 my main rig was a dual p3 1.13 tualatin with an ATI TV capture card; at least, all the drives were SCSI. Next big upgrade was 2011, a maximus gene motherboard, 2500k, all SSD 16GB ram, and an ATI 6950, quicky upgraded...
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    Oculus Quest Features an Active Cooling Fan

    Actually sounds great if you're playing a flight sim or racing sim, where you're in an open cockpit. Wind in the face; wow, what realism. Can we add water for when it's raining? Maybe bugs splattering on our faces, too? Or will that cost extra?
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    America and Canada Ground All Boeing 737 MAX Planes

    Basically, the same old story of corporate policy. In this case, cut costs until planes start falling from the sky, blame the pilots, THEN fix the problem. If there hadn't been two disasters so close together, they probably would have gotten away with it. Reminds me of the DC 10 problem with the...
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    WD Easystore 10TB - $160 / 8TB - $130

    Well, they CAN sort of raincheck it, as they did a few weeks ago. The ad on Saturday, 4/19 read 'available [Thursday, 4/25]'. So you could purchase it that day, but it wouldn't be available until the following week. ON the 20th, the price went back up to over $200. I'm assuming that they didn't...
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    WD Easystore 10TB - $160 / 8TB - $130

    Really have to check every day. They discount them, then raise the price the next day.
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    US Senator Proposes a Ban on "Manipulative" Video Games

    Slippery slope. Once you regulate to protect children, you open up the door to protect feeble minded adults, too (senior citizens with credit cards who buy useless time shares, midnight infomercial crap; and, of course, all the gullible just plain stupid people, etc.). All of those demographics...
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    "You Can't Take my Door" a Country Song Written by AI

    I prefer upbeat music. I grew up in the sixties, when country music all basically amounted to 'OH, my dog died, my wife ran away, and somebody stole my truck. But I got whiskey, and here, I got plenty of beer, so I don't give a f**k'. My neighbor played country music all day long back then; all...
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    WTB: IBM Model M 'clicky' keyboard

    FWIW, they're all the old big round AT plug or ps/2 connectors. I'm using a ziotek ps2/usb adapter, it's the only one I've been able to get to work with my M13 black IBM keyboards made by Maxi Switch and a much older beige IBM M keyboard. I was originally told that I would need an 'active'...