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    Fan Filters

    I'm undertaking a small/simple Antec Nine Hundred mod project (I know a lot of people don't like the Antec Nine Hundred, but there's something about it I like, and the fact it has some unmodded cable management issues, is more of just a fun challenge to me). I figured, that while I'm focusing...
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    Question about notebook graphics

    Hi everyone, I've been in the market for a laptop for the past couple of months. I was waiting for a DX10-card to debut (something that was mid-range or higher), but I've heard that we likely wouldn't be seeing actual DX10-based notebooks until later in the Spring, so I've decided to go ahead...
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    Looking to build a SFF - Which Case?

    X-Gene Surprised noone else had mentioned it.
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    X-Gene Mini SFF Case install pics

    So, uh, where is this case available from? :p
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    13" Black Macbook vs. XPSM1210 vs. Vaio TX

    I love how the Apple die-hards come in and begin to bash Windows relentlessly. I've been using OS X since it was a beta, when OS 9.x ran faster across the board. I was a user on a Quicksilver PowerMac 867 when OS X came out, and didn't run much faster. 10.1 changed that, and now it is quite...
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    13" Black Macbook vs. XPSM1210 vs. Vaio TX

    While I generally do agree that MacBooks are nice, this is one point I can't help but be rather annoyed about. There is no "true notebook" anymore. The whole reason there are so many of them is because companies make them to fit each person's definition - one person may have a problem with...
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    Thinkpad t60p vs. Asus A8Js Help me decide please.

    The question is: when is the G1 coming out?
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    CM stacker 830 and noise

    I have the case, but I only have 3 fans (plus PSU), and it's not loud at all.
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    G80 specs revealed

    QFT. And I liked how somebody said that it would be adding $50 to the power bill. A mini-fridge on constant power pulls more power per-day than the 8k series will at peak power, and a mini-fridge costs like $25 a month. So please, cut the bullshit. Thanks.
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    P5B vanilla not recognizing double sided ram

    The only double-sided memory I've seen supported just yet is Crucial's DDR2800 (atleast as far as DDR2 800 memory goes), and I know that it works just fine with the P5B (although not at it's defined voltage and settings), as I have both the P5B and the Crucial memory.
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    G80 specs revealed

    I *highly* doubt you would be able to run two GTS' on that PSU. Also, it'd be interesting to see what the deviation for voltage and amperage is on your +12v rails.
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    G80 specs revealed

    Two relatively modern HDD's don't use *that* much power. People tend to view them as a huge drain of power. I'm fairly certain that nVidia likely tested a system with a GTX that is more power-demanding than yours.
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    G80 specs revealed

    If nVidia truly does only suggest a 450W PSU, then I trust that that's all that's required, as long as it's a good, reliable unit. Besides, if you're willing to shell out $600-700 on a top-line graphics card, I'm hoping that you'd atleast be willing to drop down $150 on a decent power supply...
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    Thinking of getting a MBP. Question(s)..

    I consider a clean installation one where unneccesary programs are installed. As far as I can see, the likes of iTunes, iPhoto, etc., all constitute non-necessary applications, and yet they come on "fresh" OS X installations unless you configure the OS installation to not install them.
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    G80 specs revealed

    The recommended power supply for the "overall system" is 450W. For the past couple of years, it's been 350-400W, so 50W is not that big of an increase.
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    ASUS P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP BIOS shows red with 2.2V setting for RAM

    I have the P5B Vanilla and the same Crucial RAM. Originally I had it at 1.8/1.9v, at DDR2 800, and I wouldn't notice issues while just doing general stuff like word processing, browsing the web, etc. However, in games based upon the Source engine, it would regularly crash to desktop. I ran...
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    When there be several verson with the G80 release?

    Honestly, the best thing at first: dual-boot XP and Vista. Vista for DX10 games, XP for everything else. I'm a sucker for being a guinea pig though, and I'll go ahead and primarily run Vista. :/
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    Mobo for conroe e6600?

    Depending on how soon is "relatively soon", you might have a chance at getting a Biostar TForce P965 Deluxe once they become available in greater numbers in the US. Supposedly it's stable, performance is good, and it overclocks like crazy.
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Update: I played a combined 4-5 hours worth of Source-based games through the night, without any problems. When I went to bed, I set it to run memtest86+, and then I let it run for a little while longer after I got up as well. After roughly 10 1/2 hours, there was only 1 error: on test...
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830

    The size I have is a little bit larger than this, but the dimensions I'd say would be good are 18"-20" long, and roughly 10"-11" wide. Position the board roughly int the middle of the case, and the case will nicely sit on top while the weight of the case pushes the board into the carpet and...
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Ok, so I went into the BIOS, upped the voltage to 2.1v, changed timings to 5-5-5-15. Before testing further with memtest86+, I decided to just go into Windows (I needed to do some stuff first anyway), and decided to test it out with the game that was giving me the most problems DoD:S. After 1...
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    Biostar P965 or Gigabyte GA-965P-S3

    Well, current boards are becoming Kentsfield-comptaible via BIOS updates, so I don't really think it's an issue of the TForce P965 not being released until November because of anything related to Kentsfield.
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Update - I'm still at work, so I haven't yet done any of the changes I planned to. However, I had my roommate go in and check to see what the screen says, and just recently he told me that after running for ~ 10 hours, it had gotten up to around 125 errors. It's still running as far as I...
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Thanks Dan. The memory I have requires 2.2v to work at DDR2 800, at 4-4-4-12. The P5B can only go up to 2.1v however, so once I'm off-work, I'm going to increase the voltage to 2.1v, and then begin testing it. If need-be, I'll lower the speed to DDR2 667.
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    Is this an example of a memory problem? Screenshot included

    I'm having a similar issue as Matt, as I have the same memory and motherboard. I don't have my system overclocked, and I haven't yet bumped the voltage up. It is set at DDR800, at 5-6-6-18 if I recall correctly (I'm at work at the moment), and likey at 1.8v unless the system auto-adjusted it...
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Yeah. Right now I had it manually set to DDR2 800, but the voltage does only support up to 2.1v. For a further update - I let memtest86+ run overnight, and after 7 hours of running, this morning I saw that it had 70 errors, while it had passed 17 times. I'm not sure if this many errors...
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    P5B Vanilla issues

    Most of the programs I am running appear to be stable. However, Source-based games seem to crash fairly frequently. When I built my system and did a fresh installation, I installed all of the latest drivers, including the 91.47 Forceware drivers. When running DoD:S, etc., it would...
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830

    It's actually working out really well. I had originally bought two pieces, one for the front and one for the back, but the larger of the two proved to be long enough to have part of the front and the bottom both propped up. With the weight the case pushing the board into the carpet, it can't...
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    ASUS P5B w/ DDR2 800 no signal ---> help!

    Since nobody else has asked, what's the power supply that you're using?
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830

    Agreed about the case itself. I think it's a very good case,and only the few issues we've all mentioned, are keeping it from being truly excellent in my book. I'm not regretting that I bought it. As for the door, I had the same problem as you. I went to Home Depot, paid essentially $4 for...
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830

    When you say to fit in the slot, do you mean that you can see part of the connector for the card elevated above the PCI slot? Because that's a problem I noticed - some of my PCI cards hit up against the thumbscrew panel for the cards, before the card is fully seated into the PCI slot...
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    Biostar TForce P965 Deluxe: No where to be found?

    Does anyone know why this board never seems to be State-side, or way no major online retailer even shows the board (it'd probably be out-of-stock ofcourse, but nobody even has a standard specifications and price page).
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    Mobo Sata Driver Installations - In General

    That's why I didn't enable it. One drive supports NCQ, the other TCQ, and I haven't used either feature in the past, as most of the reviews I've read say essentially what you've just said, and that it generally isn't that great of a difference for most users.
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    Coolermaster Stacker 830

    While I must say I love the overall design of the case itself... the design behind removing/emplacing the side panels is an absolutely horrid design scheme. Maybe it's just me, but I've had numerous problems simply getting the panels back on. Other than that though, I thoroughly enjoy the...
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    Mobo Sata Driver Installations - In General

    I didn't enable AHCI and install the AHCI driver, but my system doesn't seem to be suffering any performance issues without it. I did install the Intel chipset drivers however, so unless those installed the driver by default, I doubt I currently am utilizing it.
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    How much performance loss with 4x512MB vs. 2x1GB?

    Honesty I'm sure it's comporable one way or the other. For the C2D setup, I went with a P5B for now, until some time early next year when the motherboard selection is far greater, and hopefully an ASUS Republic of Gamer Intel board is out. Memory wise, I went with the Crucial Ballistix...
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    How much performance loss with 4x512MB vs. 2x1GB?

    I could go in and attempt to set the memory manually to DDR400 at 1T, but upon reboot it would be continually reset to DDR333 at 2T. It was aggravating, but not much I could really do at the time without spending more money for a new motherboard or 2* 1GB DDR400, making what I had just bought...
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    A CPU cannot match a PPU or GPU for physics!

    The whole idea behind the PPU, partly, is that it attempts to form a faster link between the processing of physics calculations, and then relating those calculations to the GPU so it can process what occurs on-screen accordingly. A CPU does this also, but it takes longer, and a PPU can handle a...
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    How much performance loss with 4x512MB vs. 2x1GB?

    Well, there may have been more motherboards out there besides the DFI that was able to run it at 1T and 4 modules. When I was originally researching what type of a performance hit I would take by using 4 modules with the X2 I had at the time, the Corsair person amongst others had told me...
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    How much performance loss with 4x512MB vs. 2x1GB?

    Are you running an Athlon 64 Socket 939 core or earlier? Because... "Even before the E core revision had been released, some rumors circulated that this new core will allow giving up the 2T timing in systems with 4 double-sided memory modules. However, unfortunately, this has never happened...