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    Samsung QN900A / losing signal

    GPU locking up / crashing OS.
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    Samsung QN900A / losing signal

    Had similar simptoms (intermittent black screen) with sub-par hdmi cable (it was certified) so my first suggestion would be to change to another certified hdmi cable. Another possibility could be bad GPU (also had that happen to me when GPU was not making full contact with water block), but...
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    Anyone running a 4090 on sub 1KW PSU?

    Was running 13600k and 4090 (both slightly overclocked + 3x NVME, 3x hard drives and custom loop) with tx850m. The only reason I upgraded to rm1000x was to lower my noise as max power usage at wall was around ~620 W (so around 550 W by all components before PSU efficiency loses). Not a single...
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    Gigabyte z690 Aorus ultra

    Just put together z690 gaming x system with 13600k (had to use q-flash) and it worked flawlessly.
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    Bitcoin value cut in half as cryptocurrencies tumble in weekend slide 05-24-2021

    Everybody, join the Borg collective. It's warm and cozy in here. :alien:
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    Is my new RTX 3080 or AMD 5950X dying?

    Just You know what solved all of my problems? Sidegrading (as there's nothing "better" as far as I can see) to C1. Same pc and none of the problems I previously experienced.
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    LG 48CX

    At least EDID edit with previous version of CRU (CRU was updated recently) resulted in no signal received by LG C9 (as far as I'm aware it was the same for everybody else with 6000 series GPU, 120/60Hz, 4k, 1440p or 1080p made no difference) as display was detected by windows (LG just displayed...
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    LG 48CX

    European Union, local webshops have it and delivery is supposed to happen next week (so far it really looks like I bought lg 48c1).
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    LG 48CX

    So glad I sold my c9 few days ago (no support from lg/amd for Vrr on c9) . Just before I bought heavily discounted 48cx today 48c1 showed up for pretty much the same price (immediately bought it). Here's me hoping actual c1 (and not CX) model shows up so I can be sure to receive firmware updates...
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    GPU Prices dropping?

    I just wanted to chime in – here, in Eastern Europe, cheapest (cards with better cooling cost even more) in stock 3080 goes for 3074 USD. Cheapest 3070 goes 1628 USD. Those prices are definitely dropping in a different direction than their supposed to. 3090 cards are not even in stock...
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    Is my new RTX 3080 or AMD 5950X dying?

    Like I said – I had the same flashing (which started abruptly after 8 months) issue with 1080 ti, AMD rx 6800 and now with nvidia 3070 so I highly doubt its video card issue (but I cant reject x570 causing this as I honestly do not remember if I had same flashing with intel; did flashing start...
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    Is my new RTX 3080 or AMD 5950X dying?

    As a fellow owner of C9 which was used as monitor since day 1 I may be able to give you my experience as I think it may be display itself (or AMD x570 platform + c9 but it is very doubtful) that is causing your problems (mine started after around 8 months of use). Never saw anything like that...
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    Just to rub it in – nvidia doesnt have either #2 or #3. Vrr just works and at 4k 120hz I get few watts higher power draw than at 4k 60hz but it's unnoticeable (memory idles in low power state).
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    Lian Li 011 Dynamic XL - Vibration (Pulsing Hum)

    I second #2 (just unplug all fans with exception of cpu fan) as quite recently had realization that my gentle typhoon fans resonated at around ~700-850 RPM. There's not that many moving parts in a PC so elimination is best bet. And just to be sure – you fastened the screws firmly? Loose panels...
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    I'd say the same but sometimes nuclear option indeed works. I did DDU in safe mode but HDMI issues just kept creeping in (fixed after fresh windows install). Another issue was with metro exodus – mouse movement (and in turn – the game) was stuttery and nothing fixed it (believe me I tried to...
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    In regard to #3 – I know, I was there (was using 2 screens at the time) but at least nvidia got around to fix it... #1 – fixed it with fresh windows install. #2 – please take a look at third point in post above.
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    I have few things to say after fresh windows installation: 1. From these screenshots I'm pretty sure you are using nvidia gpu (because over at AMD camp nothing is working). 2. HDMI restarting pc was a windows thing... 3. Very appropriate song, which sums up how I feel after buying AMD gpu –
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    Off to intall fresh windows... second time in two months (was lucky enough to score 5900x and x570 tomahawk but amd master was refusing to install and idle power draw is still good 25watts higher than my previous heavely overclocked intel 10700k). Will report back.
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    I'm repeating myself but it fits - AMD does not make it easy to like them - official AMD responses are abysmal, support is non existant, driver tuning section keeps resetting every so often. Nvidia.... It just works.
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    Worse Load Temps on EK 360MM AIO than Noctua NH-U14S

    Hi, in all honesty I would try mounting it another 2 times (first try *thin* line in the middle and after that, if temps are not to your liking, spread it as thinly as possible over whole cpu with spatula/credit card). That cross method used far, far to much thermal paste. At 225 watts I would...
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    RX 6800 nitro+ HDMI issues + not working HDMI 2.1 VRR with LG C9 + high idle power at 4k 120 Hz

    Hi, to begin with everything was ok (1080 ti) before changing to RX 6800 but now: 1. Changing anything related to HDMI (pulling HDMI cable, plugging HDMI cable, changing instant game response setting in LG C9, turning on LG C9 after I turn it off with active windows screensaver (TV shows no...
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    Epic Games Launcher makes AMD Ryzen CPUs run hotter even without any game running

    Two weeks I have built ryzen 5900x system and almost immediatly noticed abnormal temps which led to discover epic client constantly using around 1.2%. Its not much but it, for whatever reason, is using single thread so that 1.2% actually is 25-30% single core usage and temperature most...
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    Do video card full cover waterblocks have bad delta T?

    Hi, I always used koolance gpu-220 for my video cards (good 5+ video cards) and enjoyed temperature delta of 5-6 degrees (EK supremacy gets ~2-3 degrees) between gpu and water temperature. Now I read reviews that state that good video card full cover waterblocks "enjoy" delta of 9 degrees...
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    EVGA 30xx series is up

    Could anyone give at least approximate distance between these two holes (for VRM cooling purposes)? Thank you!
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    And at MSRP no less!
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    Yay, got EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 Black Gaming, 10240 MB GDDR6X Article no. GCEV-414 699.00 € *
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    What is Official 3080 Sales Time For Thursday?

    Main stores down right here (Europe) – EVGA official store, caseking, store...
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    Nvidia 3000 Series pricing and specs

    Really hope for some competition from AMD (will likely wait it out for AMD product unless I am pleasantly suprised by the prices, which I highly doubt), if Ngreedia had their way 300$ would not be enough to buy even xx60 class of cards (like some rumors suggest now). Pre-order success (video...
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    Nvidia 3000 Series pricing and specs

    Good one right there! Right? Please tell me that was sarcasm (which doesn't translate well over the internet).
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    Best Quiet Case for Silent 4K Gaming at High FPS on Max Settings

    Best case for silent gaming is Phanteks P400A RGB (no joke – less obstructions > more airflow/less turbulence > lower temps > lower fan speed possible > lower noise). Throw in arctic liquid 280 cooler as exhaust on top and you are in for a treat. At least that is what I would do if I was...
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    Intel 8-core "Tiger Lake-H" Coming in 2021: Leaked Compal Document

    8 cores!!! 10nm! Wow!! Welcome to the future past!
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    Seeking very quiet big case

    W100 serves as a nice pedestal for my Thermaltake X71 case. Never ever consider W100 (far too big with lots of unused/underutilized space and side panel rad mounting positions are an ass (pretty much just recirculates air in either intake/exhaust). In all honesty I would, even today, consider...
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    Rumor: 3080 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    I'd be very happy if there was a 30% increase in x80 category as 1080ti ($699) equivalent 2080 ($699) didnt have any increase in performance whatsoever. Here I am 4 years after my initial purchase and pretty much the only better "consumer" gpu is 2080 ti which is 50% more expensive for 30% more...
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    Question before I buy LG C9 – does custom resolution + custom refresh rate + G-Sync work?

    Hi, I'm pretty much set on buying LG C9 55' as my pc ultrawide display but I am unable to find whether E9/C9/B9 accepts custom refresh rates and does G-Sync work with those custom refresh rates (I know it accepts custom resolutions)? I will set it to ultrawide resolution - 3860x1600 (or 1440, no...
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    LTT: Which Mechanical Keyboard Switches are BEST? Blind Test!

    Was using cherry brown switches before (was not satisfied), went to logitech g910 (switches started dying after a year of use) and now am back to using my old but trusty sidewinder x6. Will use it till it dies as I did not get any more satisfaction from using mechanical (and I really tried) than...
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    Best Reviewed A-MVA Monitor Thread: Read the 1st Post

    Hi, I'm about to bite AG352UCG6 (using aoc u3477 for past 3+ years with very little back-light bleed but so want to try 120Hz+g-sync). Last experience with low end MVA (think 6 years ago, supposedly "fast" MVA panel at that time, made by AUO) was very bad to say the least (ghosting I am totally...
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    After trying out many case for watercooling (the biggest being thermaltake X9), my favorite is definetely thermaltake x71 (Dual loop with slim 420mm in front, 2X fat 360 rads in lower chamber, huge 360 (2x180mm) rad up top and monster 120 mm rad out the back). It was/is the best I found for...
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    ACER Announces 49" and 55" 4K HDR Monitors

    My 43' 4k TV/monitor is packed and ready to be returned as I found it too big (height was the problem, not width). I went back to 34' ultrawide I have been using for past 3 years and 43' tv would be totally fine if it was in 21:9 format but at 16:9 I really found top portion of TV screen...
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    EKWB Vardar

    Have 3 of these and for pretty much the same reasons they are sitting in my drawer for the past year (and I really do not like their bearing noise even at low RPM, one of them is especially bad but all 3 are annoyng). On another hand gentle typhoons just keep on spinning (really like their sound...
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    I made a mistake going X99/2011-v3...

    I bought used 5960X + ASUS RVE for something like ~450 $ (ebay) 6 months ago and do not regret that decision one bit. It overclocks to 4.6 Ghz @1.31 V and I love that all X99 processors use solder under their lid and not some snot (like 8700K). Dont worry, be happy.