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    Performance issue with 10 Gbps network

    I've had some issues over gigabit that were similar to this. I was using Teracopy and could only copy at about 1/3 line speed from the server. switched back to windows copy utility and problem went away, I'm able to saturate the link now.
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    HGST 4tb NAS drives - are they good?

    Awesome. I'm glad that they are getting so much praise. My drives just showed up yesterday so I'll be starting to get things up and running throughout the weekend while I'm not enjoying the weather. Should make a nice raidz2 array with 10 of them. I'm not sure if i'm going to go with freeNAS...
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    Minimum broadband speed you could live with?

    I currently have the highest speeds i can get (until fiber eventually makes it to my area) I'm at 25/2.5 I would be OK if i went to the next one down at 10/0.8 but i wouldn't be happy.
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    HGST 4tb NAS drives - are they good?

    I usually buy based on price as well. I've had some WE Red's before, they worked well but the price on the HGST is about 30$ cheaper per drive right now so that's what I'm going to end up with. Those are the 2 that it came down to for me anyway. I don't need the faster speed but with the price...
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    The 2015 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    I'd be a little worried about running that pump at only 7V. according to EK, the min voltage is 8V DC. Especially with that size tubing What are your temperatures under load?
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    HGST 4tb NAS drives - are they good?

    I think I'm going to pull the trigger on some. I plan on rebuilding by NAS with 10 of them for use with zfs. The HGST drives in general have a good track record so we'll see what happens.
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    HGST 4tb NAS drives - are they good?

    Does anyone have any experience with these drives?
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    4 Drive Raid Recommendations

    I have a IBM M1015 flashed to IT mode that I'm using for a zfs config. It's an all in one ESXi box the the M1015 is passed through to the vm. it works great. Integrity is another thing. The RAIDZ2 can loose any 2 drives while the RAID10 is in pairs so if both drives in one pair go down it's all...
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    VM for pfsense 2.2 and own cloud on one machine - help?

    it should work, make sure you are using supported network cards. also read up on networking
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    Need help with build for chess.

    hey, I have a couple quad G34 systems at home and my suggestion would be the 6180's with a Supermicro H8QGL. I'm guessing that you've found the distributed computing sub forum when you're referring to the flashed bios. ES chips aren't required if you flash the bios, if you don't want to flash...
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    WoW! are dual cpu systems THAT uncommon?

    If you want some more information on some dual/quad/eight processor machines you can head over the the Distributed Computing section of the forum. There are lots of different systems there. The multi processor systems are limited in the gaming world mostly due to the clock speeds that the single...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    So here's my home setup. I've been poking around here for a bit now and built a all in one system. This is all from hardware that I had around so it is what it is. there is fairly low load on this system as its just my home server running plex and whatnot. The file server is running zfs. 2x...
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    found a weird cable

    I've seen some USB over Cat5e/Cat6 extensions. Could be one of those?
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    ? using HFM.NET to monitor multiple windows boxes?

    I've set this up on multiple machines. My process is as follows. On the client (machine to be monitored): 1. open FAHControl and go to the configure dialog. 2. add a password in the password section at the bottom 3. restart the machine and start folding again Then, on the monitoring...
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    folding 4p with v7 in ubuntu 12.04

    The only benefit (if you want to call it that) is that it has the "predownload" of the next WU before the current unit is finished so it starts crunching while the finished unit is uploaded. Langouste covers this for the V6 client.
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    ASUS RT-N16 still good for just routing?

    depends what you are running on it. smallnetbuilder has it listed at 141 Mbps
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    How to set up GPU folding for the new QRB GPU cores/WUs

    You can adjust the number of threads that the client is using for smp by going to 'Configure'->'Slots'->(select smp slot and select edit)->change the number under CPUs from -1(client chooses number) to 7(same as -smp 7)
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    I'd say the H8DGi I would almost look into a 4P board though. the price difference isn't all that much and you could expand in the future if you wanted. (could even try to run the 6128's with the 6234's. I don't know if this would work being different architectures.?) or are you limited to the...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    I was having the same issue with my Tyan S8812, tried the Supermicro that I had and all my problems went away. To bad this is the case, I would have preferred to run them in the Tyan.
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    Just wanted to post an update to this. I am running 4 of these in a Supermicro H8QGi overclocked with no issues. before I push them more I'm going to get some heatsinks for the VRM's top currently shows 17+ days of uptime
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    Upgrade questions...

    ^^^^^ You could wait for haswell, then buy a 2011 or 1155 system when the prices drop? still going to have good performance, just not the latest and greatest. Possibly two systems? :) lol
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    Breaking News: SMP, now with even more sucky PPD!

    I have a pair of LGA771 systems. both running a pair of L5420's. Just checked my history and there are some of each project from October, some in December and one from the January 15th. They might have changed them and re-released.? Project ID: 7646 Core: GRO-A4 Credit: 2250 Frames: 100...
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    are these chips worth my time?

    not for big numbers, it'll still fold though. ;)
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    are these chips worth my time?

    they are and aren't. depends how much you need/want to invest to get rolling. I have a pair of dual L5420 (2x 2.5ghz quad)systems and they each get between 16k and 28k (depending on the workunit) not bad for 200W each in my opinion. If I were you I'd be looking at the 54xx series chips. still...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    I would be willing to do some testing on my systems. would they need to have the ES chips installed? Update on my situation: The Supermicro board(H8QGI+-F with 4 ES chips) has been running now with no problems and no tweaking/voltage bumps for about 15 hours of folding.
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    This is from the Supermicro system. 4 CPU's installed fah@FAH004:~$ sudo ./TurionPowerControl -l | more TurionPowerControl 0.44-rc2 (trunk-r176M) Turion Power States Optimization and Control - by blackshard Main processor is Family 15h (Bulldozer/Interlagos/Valencia) Processor...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    I want to agree. The Supermicro that I just moved everything to seems stable. I just installed the rest of the chips in the supermicro and they are good so far. I moved the 6174's that i had in it back to the Tyan and it is good so far. only about 15 min so far.
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    ok, thanks tear well, so far the supermicro board has been solid. and that's without any voltage bumps so far. It's been folding now for 5 hours. Tyan is still flakey. It did fold for about 2 hours. That's about the longest that I have gotten so far. From Tyan board fah@FAH003:~$ sudo...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    Is this a problem? root@FAH003:~# for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu[0-9]* ; do echo performance > $i/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; done bash: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor: No such file or directory bash...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    so the Tyan died after about 20 minutes. The Supermicro is still running going to try this next
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    Hey everyone, so I have some of these chips as well, also having trouble with them. I have two G34 motherboards. A Tyan S8812 and a Supermicro H8QGI+-F I just installed one in the supermicro. I also have the same ram as DeadThings so I'm testing with that. so here we go. I'm going to run...
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    Not sure off the top of my head. I'll look when I get home after work.
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    are the ES 6234 chips compatable with Asus KGPE MB?

    Hey guys, I picked up some of these chips as well. I have been having some trouble with them as well. If it would help I have a Tyan S8812 as well as a Supermicro H8QGi+-F that I was going to try all of these things on over the weekend. I can post the results here if it would be helpful.
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    folding on dual 771's

    Thanks, there are a bunch of 21k - 23k units mixed in there too. my set-ups are near identical. 2x L5420 Supermicro X7dwe random sata HDD memory is a little different. one box has 4x2gb the other has 2x1gb. the performance is almost identical. My install is Ubuntu 12.04 server (ext3...
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    folding on dual 771's

    Just took a look. These are some highs from Yesterday. (copied from HFM benchmarks. These are averages for these projects but I did complete at least one work unit from each of them since yesterday) Project ID: 10083 Name: FAH001 Min. Time / Frame : 00:02:05 - 31,317.2 PPD Avg. Time / Frame ...
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    folding on dual 771's

    I'm not sure right off, I'll look when I get home from work and let you know.
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    folding on dual 771's

    I have two dual 771 machines. Both are dual L5420's, the PPD varies quite a bit. I have seen some units as high as 33k and others as low as 15k. the average is somewhere around 22k I am running ubuntu 12.04 server and the V7 client with latest version of thekraken.
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    Linux v7 client

    In V7 if you set the mode to expert/advanced under the configuration there is a tab for proxy settings. there should be a way to do it using the command line also could try the settings at the bottom of this page by manually adding them to the config file...
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    Too Darn Cute - An Ode to Apollo

    hey, that's me... I have needed to remove the BSEL mod for now until I can do some testing to sort out why it's not stable any more (it was originally) Currently working on a P8049 getting a tpf of 1:08 (21,714 PPD) and pulling 170W from the wall. not bad at 127 PPD/W. It's a nice little...