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    R.I.P. Windows?'s_law_of_headlines seems appropriate.
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    Where can I get a pointer nub (or whatever its called)

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    Microsoft Releases Office 365 Home Premium

    I haven't used it yet, but Office 2013 has a dark gray theme in the options.
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    Microsoft Releases Office 365 Home Premium

    The student version, Office 365 University, is here...
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    Surface pricing to be revealed today October 16th

    Excellent, thanks.
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    Surface pricing to be revealed today October 16th

    I'm wondering about the new Office applications on the Surface Pro. Will it be possible to get the touch-based Office applications on non-RT devices? There's Office, Office RT, and then there's OneNote MX in the Windows Store right now. Will Office MX applications be the x86-64...
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    College Personal Device Help?

    If you only consider current-generation business tablets, this is true. However you can always step back through the iterations until you get to a price point that is acceptable. On eBay, the HP 2740p is about at the price point you mentioned. The 2730p is less than half that. A low voltage Core...
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    Anyone use a Macbook Air for development purposes?

    Linus Torvalds does. He talks about why here:
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    College Personal Device Help?

    IMO nothing beats a Windows hybrid device with a pen-enabled digitizer. Currently, most of these are business-class convertible notebooks, but wait three weeks and there will be a deluge of devices as Windows 8 is released. I download PowerPoint slides, print them to OneNote, and annotate them...
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    XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

    Thanks for the chance.
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    Office 2013 Pricing Revealed Feature matrix (.docx file): Home and Student includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint...
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    Windows 8 Now on Dreamspark Premium

    Looks like it's already been fixed. I was able to check out with both versions of Windows 8 this morning. I don't think it was a manual override since I haven't received a response to my support ticket.
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    Windows 8 Now on Dreamspark Premium

    I'm having the same issue. I previously downloaded the 64-bit consumer preview. I'm able to add the 32-bit product to my cart, but not the 64-bit version. The error is "The item cannot be added to your cart because you have already ordered this item (or a related item) and cannot order it...
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    ~$22 Plantronics Gaming Headset

    These have always been $23-25, so if you're looking for a steep discount on some headphones, this isn't it. They're very comfortable, however, and the best headset I've found for the price. As a gaming headset, the only thing I dislike about them is the volume dial--I don't like the added weight...
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    Adobe CS5.5 Scorching Student Deals

    Thanks. I figured out the Color Finesse plugin after I found, but I was left to assume on the other.
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    Adobe CS5.5 Scorching Student Deals

    I got my keys about an hour ago. Don't forget to redeem your complimentary gift after you register. I know these are provided with suite purchases, but I don't know about individual software purchases. I chose the Adobe Text Pro font set and a month at As far as I could tell, the...
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    Nerd Hot! The Art of Computer Programming vol 1-4: $155

    These books are great for improving your "toolbox" as a computer scientist or programmer. The algorithms and data structures that you use to solve problems and create applications. This set has more information, presented more elegantly, than my data structures, discrete math, algorithms, and...
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    Nerd Hot! The Art of Computer Programming vol 1-4: $155

    A quote from the preface of the first volume: Basically, this translates to moderate self-study, or perhaps first semester computer science curricula. An introduction to programming and introductory computer architecture course covers all of this. I really wish I could afford these right now...
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    $700 Gaming Build

    You're right; I agree. I'll let you know how the build goes. It's going to make him incredibly happy. His current computer is archaic.
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    $700 Gaming Build

    Thanks guys. I'll probably go with Danny's build since it's closer to their budget. The case is OOS, though, so we're going to go with the white version: I'm a bit surprised that the GPU is less powerful than the one in the last...
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    $700 Gaming Build

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? Etc. It's for a college student (engineering undergraduate) who likes gaming. So, probably a well-rounded machine; CAD- and modeling software-capable CPU with a gaming-capable GPU. His priorities are Office 2010 and games...
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    Adobe CS5.5 Scorching Student Deals

    From the Slickdeals thread, it looks like orders are starting to go through and won't be cancelled, though with the backlog Adobe expects wait times to be longer than usual. I purchased the Master Collection < 30 minutes before the coupon was pulled. I've never used any of the software, but...
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    Adobe CS5.5 Scorching Student Deals

    For those having trouble with validation while the site is experiencing heavy load, you may want to consider installing the 30-day trial and just activating once you've got your key.
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    Adobe CS5.5 Scorching Student Deals

    Wow. I've never really used their software much, but I'm very tempted to get the Master Suite to get started. Coupon code appears to be good until Mar. 3.
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    Need a laptop for university with 6+ hours battery life

    While it looks like you've already ordered, for others who might see this thread I'd like to give another plug for the x220, but I'd personally recommend the x220t if going into a STEM or art major. The digitizer is invaluable for math/chemistry/biology/engineering courses. I use a similar...
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    How Not To Handle LN2 101

    I'm assuming you're referring to me. Here's a video of Nathan Myhrvold doing this during a lecture at Harvard. He does this for the showmanship during basically every one of his presentations (they often make ice cream/sorbets for the audience). When he's done presentations on heat transfer in...
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    How Not To Handle LN2 101

    Indeed. Nathan Myhrvold loves sticking his entire hand in liquid nitrogen whenever he does presentations for his food science book.
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    Super duper powerful laser heat HOT. Free frames + lenses from Coastal Contacts

    About the same price as places like Zenni Optical and their competitors. I recently got several pairs from Zenni Optical for $7-15 a pair plus $5 shipping for the entire order (split with family/friends, too) and am satisfied with all of them. It's not much to get polycarbonate/coated lenses as...
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    Is Bitcoin Making a Comeback?

    Thanks for the reminder. Sold what was remaining in my account.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    Their warranties and customer service.
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    Video Game Awards Don’t Need to Change, YOU Do!

    Have to promote this again. I think the VGA's are terrible, but they're not made for gamers or game developers . . .
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because then I could play games with my SO.
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    Your 2011 Gaming Spend?

    I try to spend the large majority of my budget on hardware. Games themselves, I wait to buy until they're $2.50-$10 for GOTY editions. Probably $400-500 on hardware, < $100 on games themselves.
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    Radeon 4870 512mb $55 - Newegg NO REBATES!
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Because my girlfriend needs an upgrade for Christmas.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Girlfriend's card died and she's currently using an nVidia 5500 GT until we can replace it.
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    G9x is an out-of-the box train wreck The "Go to My Stuff" link on the right. Also, at the top, support > product support. It will give you a couple of suggestions for your problem, just choose that the problem isn't fixed.
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    Mass Effect 2 - $4.99 at AmazonDD (Optional Activation on Origin)

    Hmm, I'm tempted to buy Magicka for $2.50 and then use the credit to get ME2 or Assassin's Creed for free. Edit: seems like the codes can't be used until Jan. 1, at which time prices will probably be different.
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    Screen for 2740p

    Good to hear. Sorry I didn't get around to cracking the laptop open this weekend; I've been putting it off, admittedly. Bezel seems like a huge pain to remove. That's one nice thing about these older laptops, you can get parts fairly inexpensively if you look around. I just received a 27*0p...
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    3M Headlight Restoration Kit for $14.95 shipped(2 bucks cheaper than amazon)

    These are also useful if you want to restore an old plastic gadget like, say, an iPhone. ;p