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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    Co-op or random? playing against bots gets fewer points
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta!

    The grind speeds up once you get some level 7/8 ships with bonus packages. Got the various missions and campaigns as well.
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    Possible to get a worthwhile ~$200-250 upgrade for GTX 1080?

    5700XT on the used market is also pretty cheap and in range of a 6600XT
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    How to SAFELY remove HSF from Ryzen AM4 socket motherboard

    The thermal goo needs to be warm to easily release. Have computer hot, shutdown, swap CPU's. Also, post up pics of the damage. Could be repairable
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    Been looking at upgrading a 1070 ti that I bought off the FS/T forum a year ago

    Maybe consider a cheaper used card that is still an upgrade
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    Which box had the Radeon?
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    Visiontek Mystery boxes are back

    Shoot I think I'd like to get an AGP card.
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    FS: Video cards. 1060 / 1660 / 5600XT / 5700XT - more added

    I ship to the US. Take pp, venmo, or crypto. heatware under thebufenator Used cards have been mined on. Cleaned, tested in a gaming rig for function, thermal paste re-applied if needed.. 2x EVGA 1060 6GB SSC ACX cooler $85 shipped each MSI GTX 1660 6GB $110 shipped Asus ROG Strix 5700XT $175...
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    Voltage manipulation bypasses AMD hardware security

    So manipulating the voltage can cause the SoC to error and gain control. Pretty certain lots of hardware can have errors if you start dicking with the voltage
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    Windows RDP error 0x112F on trying to connect to gpu mining rig?

    Do not use RDP when mining, use team viewer or similar. RDP uses GPU resources and slows mining, team viewer does not. Might be why you are getting that error too.
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    How and when did WASD + mouse look control scheme actually start?

    Same, but mainly because I like having more keys for my pinky to reach
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    Summertime mining

    I am in MD, temps in the 90's at times during the summer. All my miners are in the garage, with a vent fan in a window. They don't get A/C, but constant airflow. Consider that inside of a typical computer is warmer than outside the case, and that a normal office might be at 72 degrees. Inside...
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    So I upgraded to my Ryzen 7 5800X CPU today. However; I think there's been a tech casualty (memory and motherboard related)...

    I repaired a 3800x that had about 40-50 pins bent hard. Works fine, but I think it needed several insertions to help straighten pins before it was back to normal
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    FS/FT: 3770K, P8Z77 Deluxe, RAM

    PM sent on RX560
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    Rx480 and 6900xt in same setup?

    should work fine, except having a constant ~120watt heat output in your main case there.
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    See if it can mine eth without crashing, and then banish it to the mines
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    L1 cache disabled

    If L1 was really disabled, it would feel really slow. Slow slow. Maybe run a cache benchmark? Test it?
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    It's a thing, but maybe the thread should stop being derailed
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    Zen 3 vulnerable to Spectre-type attack

    "address space isolation are sufficient" Well as long as Chrome or whatever browser you use as that enabled you should be safe from drive-by's for this.
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    Ryzen 5000 IF/Memory Question

    benchmark it and tell us. I suspect for 3600 C14 is faster, but who knows until you test it.
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    It was very dirty, now it looks new :LOL: And it works. Though I need to put it in a period correct system now.
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    Just because you want it to be bad doesn't make it so. There is a growing community of vintage hardware hobbyists, who have to clean some really nasty components. Dish soap and hot water is the method. I have a (too large) collection of old hardware as well, and basically all of it has gone in...
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    Oh stop. Cleaning with hot water and dish soap is very effective. Its pretty much the only way to clean vintage hardware as well.
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    I may have broken my 1080 Ti

    looks like there is grease or residue on the card. I prefer to clean cards in the sink with hot water and dish soap, it degreases pretty well and doesn't leave residue like alcohol. Will need to let it dry in front of a fan for something like 24 hours to make sure it is dry. Did you give it a...
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    New 5900X build, is this a normal idle temp?

    When you pulled the cooler after the first re paste, was there an even spread of goop? As long as you have goo making contact over the whole surface you'll be fine. Gamers nexus has done a video or two on this. Biggest thing that you can likely mess up is the pump speed. AIO headset greens to...
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    Possible Concerns about running Phoenix Miner.

    No, it is nicehash playing games again:
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    Dying video card?

    Normally when a gpu crashes, windows will point to the ati or Nvidia driver crashing
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    Post your mining rigs!

    What does the front of that case look like?