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    DDR3 1600 vs 2400

    Ended up purchasing the 1600 memory. In case anyone is interested in the deal you can find it here:
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    PNY XLR8, 16GB (2x 8GB), DDR3, 1600 MHz, PC3-12800, CL 9, 1.5V $95 (or less) + shippi

    Copying from my post on SD in case anyone is looking for a decent deal on 16GB DDR3 memory. PNY XLR8, 16GB (2x 8GB), DDR3, 1600 MHz...
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    DDR3 1600 vs 2400

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    DDR3 1600 vs 2400

    16GB DDR3 1600 CL8 for $95 or 16GB DDR3 2400 CL11 for $155? 4790K stock. Worth paying 50% more for a 10% performance. Am I better off getting the 1600 kit and OC'ing my 4790K to 4.4GHz?
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    Dual Core for modest gaming still relevant?

    Interesting review to consider when choosing Dual Core vs Quad Core... --- Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition review - £45 for a CPU that clocks up to 4.5GHz - do you really need that i7? Pentium G3258 Anniversary...
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    FS (MN): 270X/280X/750Ti Video Cards and other Mining Components

    Interest in the SAPPHIRE Radeon R9 280X. Please check PM. Thx!
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    FS: Intel Xeon X5650 -- $75 shipped

    Thanks for the MB sale Crispy002. Let you positive feedback on Heatware.
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    FS: Intel Xeon X5650 -- $75 shipped

    Crispy, would like to buy the EVGA board. $100 shipped. My x58 just crapped on me. :( Want to get an MB and use it as a back-up server. What MB accessories included? Just checking but the board is fully functional and no issues. Can you PM a pic? Let's discuss PM how to proceed. What is the...
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    FS: i7 920 Classified Gaming Rig

    Interested in the MB only. See my PM. THX! --- Just letting you know that I was able to pick-up a board from someone else. Please ignore my PM.
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    Hyper 212 vs. More expensive solutions

    Thanks OP for starting the thread. I had a similar question coming from an OC'ed i7 930 going to a 4GHz i7-4790k. 4790k has ~150W envelope OC'ed, so not really in the 200W range of Socket LGA2011/1366 CPUs. Looking at the current OC'ing results of the 4790ks, they seem to do 4.4-4.6GHz fine, but...
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    27" IPS 2560x1440 monitor~90hz <$400 FS

    Do a Google search for "Catleap 100Hz" and click on the first link. Monitor should be order-able in a month.
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    Where to get Samsung F4 2TB HD204UI firmware?

    Hi jwcalla, I found the direct download link Could you just confirm if this is the same F4EG.EXE file you have (this one is from Dec 14,2010)? I found the flashing instructions here...
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    Where to get Samsung F4 2TB HD204UI firmware?

    I have a 2 drive manufactured before Nov 2010. One works fine, but the other one I'm using through a Thermaltake eSATA docking station and I just experienced my second file system failure. The drive is not accessible and asked to be formatted. Before that it ran a scandisk during boot-up and...
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    kill power supply by pulling low wattage?

    I have a PC PSU set-up so that the on/off switch is permanently bridged so that the power is always on. I use the on/off switch on the back to turn the PSU and the system on and off. I'd doing this because I'm using a customer motherboard that requires a special switch for it to power on, so I...
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    What's a good 24-32" LCD-TV for PC gaming?

    I'm looking to pick-up something from Costco. Heard good things from Cnet about the higher end Vision for watching TV and movies. How are they for gaming (input lag)? Should I get a Samsung? I prefer something around 26-27". Waited too long and missed the Asus 26" 1920x1200 2ms deals.
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    27 inch monitor viewing distance?

    I have a 42" Samsung. I'm sitting 1.5 feet away. You can sit as close as you want, I'd just recommend that you should sit far away enough to see the whole monitor area without turning your head a lot.
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    Write speed for Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS) @ 13MB/s?

    When I do the copy and see the continued slowness, I should check to see if the reallocation count has gone up? Is there anyway to fix this problem? Is this an indication that the drive will eventually fail since it is continuously allocating sectors?
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    Write speed for Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS) @ 13MB/s?

    Thanks for all the suggestions and feedback. This is really helping me. One quick questions before I go into responding to you. Are there any known cases of people selling fake Seagate drives? The problem drive is an OEM bought from a US retailer. I just noticed the label looks a bit different...
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    Write speed for Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS) @ 13MB/s?

    Ran Crystal Disk Info and attached the screenshot. I have 2 identical seagate drives and both are showing "CAUTION" for reallocated sector count. I haven't test the other drive for write performance yet. Will do that next. Should I RMA both drives? Would you agree that the write performance of...
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    Write speed for Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS) @ 13MB/s?

    The seatools also show smart info. What specifically should I be looking for? I ran Seatools on the drive and it passed Short/Long DST and Short/Long Generic. It should be good to go, but the performance is really unacceptable at 13MB/s writes. I'm just trying to get some correlation to see if...
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    Write speed for Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS) @ 13MB/s?

    I was having problems with my Seagate 1.5G HDD (ST31500341AS, FW:CC1H) where the file system kept on getting corrupt. After running Seatools I was surprised to see that it passed, so I put it back into my PC and started copying data to it which is when I noticed that the write speed was very...
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    One Day Deal at TD: Seagate 2TB

    I was able to buy 2 Samsung 2TB drives for around $59 each leading up to BF. I picked up the Samsungs because they had better reviews than the Seagate and WDs. I use these drives a mass storage for my movie collection. I can't afford for them to fail, since 2TB is a lot of data to lose. Read...
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    Ghostbusters - $2.99 FS

    Out of stock?
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    20% off Lian Li cases at Newegg

    20% off with promo code LIANNEWYEAR20, limited offer
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Oooo a 480 GTX, wouldn't mind winning that. ;)
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    Radeon 6870 $206 AR

    Sorry spent my money over Black Friday. ;)
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Because I find a ton of great computer deals here. BTW, I gotta win this 470.
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    Galaxy 5th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    CS Source and 1.6. ;)
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    Which card for 1920x1200 on a budget.

    If your on a budget a 5770 or 460 768mb. Wood be the absolute minimum. You might end up making some sacrifices on image quality on the 5770. The 460 768mb wi ll be 10% slower than the 1gb version, but is still much beyer than the 5770. Watch out for games optimized for 1gb like AvP2. For~180 I'd...
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    What to keep MSI GTX 470 or Saphire 5870?

    Thanks for all the feedback. This is what I was looking for and my tendenacy is to keep the 470 for the following reasons: 470 performance close to 5870 and better for DX10/11. At 1920x1080 resolution either card should be sufficient. Temperature is not an issue for me Less hassle with...
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    What to keep MSI GTX 470 or Saphire 5870?

    Thanks for chiming in. The benchmarks you pointed to are from April 2010 and the article mentions using early BETA drivers. I was using this review a more recent reference point: Does it come down to...
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    What to keep MSI GTX 470 or Saphire 5870?

    Picked up both graphics cards at recent sale prices and paid for them roughly the same. I'm tending to keep the 470 because of better tessellation performance and drivers plus Physix support. I thought that heat would be a problem, but I'm running it in my small LianLi PCA05B case. It is...
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    Logitech MX518 Mouse Only $10 (w/$15 MIR) + Logitech 2MP HDPro Webcam $20 (w/$15 MIR)

    Thanks OP. In for 2 quickcam pro 9000s. I'll be returning the C510 I bought 2 weeks ago. The 9000 has a better lens and wider view angle.
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    MSI N470GTX $221.99 after MIR and free ship @ Amazon

    For the folks considering the 5870 deal or who are in CA and have been passing the Newegg deal due to the sales tax, check out this deal from Amazon.
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    Great Deal on HD 5870 Should I just buy it now? (Urgent Help)

    I was also waiting for the 69xx series, but given the current pricing of the 68xx series I'm guessing it will take a while before you get 5870/470 level performance at the $200 mark. Even with OC'ing the 6870/6850/4601GB only get close to 470 performance and are only a few dollars cheaper. A...
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    Any amazing deals $150-200 range?

    For folks in CA and a decent 470 GTX deal: $220 shipped and no tax to CA. Only concern would be the heat of a 470 vs a 5870, 68xx or 460. Stay away for...
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    Great Deal on HD 5870 Should I just buy it now? (Urgent Help)

    I picked one up and now I need to decide between the 5870 (Saphire) and the GTX470 (MSI) I picked up earlier. I used this decide to order the 470 and 5870. Price was pretty much the same. Performance...
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    Sapphire HD 5870 $215 AR + FS

    In for one. Thanks OP. 6850/6870 are just rediculously expensive. Tired of waiting for the 69xx. If the price and availability of the 68xx are an indication we will see the 69xx coming in at the $300 range and quickly going above MSRP. sigh... Also picked up a MSI N470GTX the other day for...