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  1. DouglasteR going out of business sale 50% off

    The end (again) of an era :(
  2. DouglasteR

    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    Yes, from a value standpoint VR shouldn't even exist :D But everything is evolution.
  3. DouglasteR

    Pimax Crystal: Pimax's answer to compete with Varjo Aero (Premium on the

    Actually is becoming too good to be true, but hope never ends !
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    Oh yes i forgot, the Quest 2 native games. Those are a NO, unfortunately. As they are an android specific oculus games. AFAIK there´s no way to play Quest2 native games on the PICO4 :(
  5. DouglasteR

    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    It is better in every way. The quest 2 is always fuzzy to me. Yes, as long the Oculus game is installed from it´s store FIRST, you just have to run it from the Virtual Desktop game list (it is completely independent from even the Oculus service, just have the game installed and that´s it).
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    XCOM 2 collection - PC/Steam $7 @ Green Man Gaming

    Nothing beats the shotgun missing a 99% chance hit at melee range from a homongus brute alien. The rage SIMMER
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    Pico 4 - Wireless PCVR at 90hz

    I've been using this setup (4090 + PICO4 at 150% SS) and couldn't be happier. Flawless image with VD at 150Mbps at 866Mbps from my facing Wifi router. This setup is currently unbeatable. 103 V+H FOV Very light Pancake lens 2160x2160 SS'd at 150% 100% wireless freedom. The image is unbeatable...
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    RTX Video Super Resolution Out Now; Testing Shows Significantly Sharper Results

    If you could save the upscaled stream it would be awesome.
  9. DouglasteR

    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    To know the price please multiply the voltage by the amp circuit requirements (always use the maximum outlet setting). 110x30 = $3300 Sounds about right.
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    Intel Core i9-13900KS Review: The World's First 6 GHz

    Monster CPU, but it´s only purpose it to show how good the 13600k and the 13700k are.
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    The rumored RTX 4090Ti/TITAN

    This is H It all comes down to performance. If it performs like a monster, no problem being the size of a Tarrasque (and the hunger of one too).
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    Intel Raptor Lake 13900K Overclocked Past 9 GHz

    Exactly. Everytime i see "records" like these broken i hear these guys they saying "PLEASE be excited!"
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    John Carmack Is Leaving Meta

    I realllly sad day. :cry:
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    F:S Ruckus R750 Wi-Fi 6 4x4:4 Indoor Access Point

    MONSTROUS AP. I have the R720 and it's already a monster.
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    Alienware 34" 175 Hz OLED - AW3423DW

    The GOAT ! Simply perfect monitor.
  16. DouglasteR

    Pimax Crystal: Pimax's answer to compete with Varjo Aero (Premium on the

    I will believe it when i see it. The 8kX (after many many fixes and enhancements) is one of the most immersible HMD's out there. Good luck for us and Pimax !
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    Starfield and Redfall Delayed to first half of 2023

    After Cyberfuck, any delay is welcome IF really needed.
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    FS: G.Skill DDR5 6000 RGB Silver

    Bad Intel ! Why they insist in doing things like this !?
  19. DouglasteR

    CPUz benchmark results thread

    Managed to stretch a little more reducing the uncore to 43x. Stable at 5100, 9 celsius hotter
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    FS: G.Skill DDR5 6000 RGB Silver

    May i humble ask what is "AVX not fused off" ?
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    CPUz benchmark results thread

    "slightly" overclocked 12700k, Elden ring stable (200 hours so far). Cooled by Noctua Chroma Black Pretty happy for a $320 chip.
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    Varjo Aero

    DLSS + Eye tracking is a godsend ro VR.
  23. DouglasteR


    Amazing price for the combo, if i hadn't mine already i would bite.
  24. DouglasteR

    Varjo Aero

    So it's an expensive Pimax 8KX (after the enhancements) ? Guess it's better to wait for the 12k then.
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    9900KF 5.4, lapped die, direct die, no avx offset, no hyperthreading, evga 390 dark

    One noob question thought, why lapping a die gives a better result ? It's a leftover of the silicon vaporizing process that "TETRIS" the particles one layer at a time ? Or more of an armor to protect the die ? Seems like Intel is a bit lazy if this could gives better results.
  26. DouglasteR

    FS Varjo VR-3 + remaining subscription time (Mint)

    Up for our fellow Youtuber ! I will stay with my 8KX for now ! But i wish i could test the VR-3 to check the insane ppd ! Cheers !
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    Galaxy watch 4 silver LTE 44mm

    Dream cellphone, or bookphone or dreamphone w/t
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    SOLD: 8700K

    YGPM !
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    Obsidian3D 3Dfx 50-4400 Rev B 8MB 3D Voodoo 1 + AMETHYST Daughter Card

    The memories.... Never got to afford one back in the day. But the feeling and excitement of running Quake1 in Glide for the first time was pure bliss.
  30. DouglasteR

    Silverstone FT02 Fortress + extras

    The king of it's time
  31. DouglasteR

    FS: Intel Core i9 10940X

    Awesome mb ! Just out of curiosity, which AMD mobo did you choose ?
  32. DouglasteR

    FT: Zotac Trinity 3090

    On the line if for chance you end up selling it for a reasonable price for a fellow forum member :p
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    Unreal Engine 5 Feature Showcase

  34. DouglasteR

    240W Extended Power Range USB C

    This + "high standards" from China will set a new wave of fires and explosions videos on kaotic :(
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    AMD’s upcoming flagship GPUs should be 3x faster than RX 6900XT

    The news we all want is "3x WORSE in crypto mining" :(
  36. DouglasteR

    I'm not going to buy a GPU with a hash limiter

    Because then we will have to deal ONLY with scalpers :(
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    Oculus Quest 2

    Yep, Quest 2 it is then. I'll try to convince him to create a separated Facebook account. Thanks guys !
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    Oculus Quest 2

    Soooooo, my newphew is really interested in VR after testing my Reverb G2, BUT, IT IS NOT a child device. He have some knowledge but the troubleshoting required to make the G2 work sometimes is beyond him (for now). So i ask, the visual difference between the G2 and the Quest2 is really that...