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    Steam Summer Sale leaked? 2015 edition.

    My haul so far: AC:Unity (haven't seen to many recent reviews for this but hoping it's patched up and working this long after release) MGSV Game of Thrones Gothic 2 and 3 Risen 3 H1Z1 The Forest Depth BF Bad company 2 'vietnam' DLC and a couple of Kingdoms of Amalur DLCs I was missing The Old...
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    How do you label small cables?

    We have this Panduit labler at work. Best one we've owned. Labels won't un-wrap and fall off over time...
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    NVIDIA Game Ready 352.86 WHQL Certified Drivers

    The main focus of fightingfi's linked article is 'Hair Works'. How is this any different then what they did with Tomb Raider a couple of years ago with AMDs TressFX? Nvidia went back and optimized their drivers to work with it, AMD will have to do the same with 'Hair Works'.....
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    Witcher 3 & Arkham Knight Nvidia Bundle

    FYI, I contacted Amazon support today (bought my 980 on 5/1/15) and they are gonna send me the code for Batman also.....
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin 39.99 + 25% off with code

    I don't see the code at the top of the Origin page any longer, the promo must have ended sometime earlier today.
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin

    'Other' thread is here..... Sorry again. I fail a forums...
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin

    Can't seem to delete this double post, sorry all. Please see the other 'identical' titled thread for the link to Origin...
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin 39.99 + 25% off with code

    Game is on sale for 39.99 plus I was able to add the promo code at the top of the page (origin25) and get another 25% off, brought it to about 29.99 US.... Link ->
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    Dragon Age:Inqusition on Origin

    Game is on sale for 39.99 plus I was able to add the promo code at the top of the page and get another 25% off, brought it to about 29.99 US....
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    Two New Free Games With GeForce GTX 970 And GTX 980?

    Man, just bought a 980 last Friday off Amazon, got Witcher 3 with it, Batman would have been nice also..
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    Witcher 3 & Arkham Knight Nvidia Bundle

    DOH, Just bought a 980 last Friday...
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    production vm storage?

    EMC (VNX and VMax), and Netapp....
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    Heroes of the storm

    Me please!!
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    Humble Origin Bundle 2

    I'm in, have most of the games on the list so far, but missing a couple I wanted....
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    Your favorite old school games

    gotta love EGA graphics.... :)
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    Your favorite old school games

    I enjoyed 'Conquest of Camelot', even though it was pretty easy and linear..... EDIT: found it on
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed ZXH08-RJWMP-NMKKA Empire at War. TGMQ0-5732M-PWLQN
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    Ooooookay, it's REALLY time for PC games to go Blu Ray now....

    100% digital here also, unless it has anything to do with Richard Garriot..... I'm slated for a physical copy of Shroud of the Avatar to go along with all my physical Ultima stuff....
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    Remember in 2015 we will turn it around... #nopreorders

    I, personally, have not pre-ordered anything so far this year, and don't plan to. After being burned by buggy incomplete games the last couple of years I will not anymore so I support the OP on this.....
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    500 Million ASUS Motherboards. The Celebration Starts at [H]. - Lucky Draw

    My first Asus board was the original Crosshair (Nforce 590), then moved to a Crosshair IV for my Thuban 1100T, was a great board until it took a 'power hit' (out of warranty at that time). I had no problem in deciding to upgrade to a Crosshair V formula as a replacement to the IV for the 1100T...
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    Your first OS

    Commodore VIC20 here (not that that's really an O/S).... FIrst true O/S was MSDOS 2.0 I think... Boy I miss 'copy con' and 'edlin'.... :D
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    EMC VNX5400

    We've used EMC Clariion, VNX/VNX2, and Symmetrix for almost 15 years. All of the arrays Including VNX/VNX2 have been pretty bullet proof. We are currently running a VNX5700, 2xVNX5400s, and a VNX7600, haven't had an issue with any of them. We have been required to do several code upgrades to...
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    is this legit?

    No feedback no sale, at least for me.... Could be legit, but I, personally wouldn't buy from anyone with 0 feedback...
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    nVidia 334.80 Hotfix driver

    First off, i'll clarify, I WAS running the 344.75s and thought the Displayport issues was fixed. Today after playing Elite Dangerous on my Oculus I was having really bad 'judder'. checked my refresh rate and it was at 60Hz. I set it back to 75Hz and Elite was fine, but after I quit the game...
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    nVidia 334.80 Hotfix driver

    Was running the 344.80 hotfix drivers because of the displayport graphics corruption on wake from sleep. Installed the new 344.75 WHQL drivers after reading the release notes stating the displayport issue was 'fixed in 344.48'. So far, I've not had the graphics corruption issue. Hopefully...
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    Steam 2014 Thanksgiving / Exploration sale is here!

    IMHO, Divinity is worth the $26.00.....
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    nVidia 334.80 Hotfix driver

    Installed these earlier today. It did fix the Displayport wake from sleep graphics corruption I was having. Also I rebooted my machine just to be sure it wouldn't 'hang' and it doesn't.
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    Nvidia 344.65 WHQL released - Display port corruption STILL NOT FIXED!

    Same for me, 344.11s work fine on mine.
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    New NVIDIA GeForce 344.65 WHQL Drivers

    Anybody know if these fix the corrupt graphics/black screen on DisplayPort awakening from sleep mode?
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    New Nvidia WHQL Driver 344.60

    <sigh>, guess I'm staying with the 344.11s also. I have this same issue with the Asus monitor in my sig using Displayport
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    HI all, I checked my connection tonight, (sorry so late, been a long day at work). If you were looking at my card from the rear and upright, my connection is on the very top left displayport connection .... If it makes any difference, I do have DVI and HDMI connections for my other monitor...
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    I'm not quite sure, I just moved the connection 'up' the card to the next displayport connection. I'm at work right now, When I get home, I'll check which port it is connected to on the card and let everyone know.
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    NV 344.48 Displayport sleep issues

    I'm running multiple monitors, 1xDisplayPort, 1xDVI, and 1xHDMI. When the issue occurs, I can't get video on any screen. Also, I didn't have this problem the first day I installed 344.48s. The second day, I finished playing some or the new Civ game. I quite the game and locked the...
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    I resolved this by using a 'different' physical displayport connection on the card...
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    NV 344.48 Displayport sleep issues

    Anyone else having issues with the 344.48 drivers when the display 'goes to sleep' not waking up? I rolled back to 344.11s, as the only way to fix the problem with the new drivers was to reboot my machine.... Is there any way to fix this (if anyone else has had this issue)... Thanks, SR
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    Oculus Rift SDK 0.4.3 released, anyone tried it?

    Wasn't sure where else to post this. Has anyone downloaded an tried the new SDK and runtime (0.4.3) yet? If so should I install it or wait? I've heard good things about it and Elite:Dangerous, and other things about it 'breaking' stuff..... :confused:
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    GTX980 black screen on display port.

    Having the same issue on my EVGA 980GTX SC with Asus monitor in my sig.... Ended up having to use the HDMI port instead...
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    What game have you logged the most hours on?

    628 hours in Left 4 Dead 2 157 hours in Civ V Well over 1K hours in Diablo 3 EDIT: went and added up my D3 hours, 1965 hours across all my toons.....
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    The Official GTX980/970 OC & Benchmark Perf. Thread

    That's what I thought, thanks for the info. Yeah, I was being 'cheap' and trying to get all I could outta this Crosshair V and 8350 (it is at an end now).... Next upgrade will be CPU and MB..... As much as I want to continue to support AMD and their processors, I'm gonna have to go Intel this...