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    YouTube Altering Recommendations to Show Less Flat Earth Conspiracies

    what they ought to do is demonetize such videos, and add a disclaimer that such videos are not factually based scientifically and point to a different source that explains why that is. otherwise you are just convincing the nut theories out there by censoring. they need to be educated, not...
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    Upcoming Chromium Update Could Make Ad Blockers Less Effective

    i use ublock and umatrix. it's awesome, because umatrix the moment you visit a site, prevents anything (e.g. scripts,cookies) from auto loading unless you whitelist it first. This is the way it ought to be.... especially considering how some ads are a vector for malware. Yes it's an extra step...
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    773 Million Records from Massive Data Breach Uploaded to Have I Been Pwned

    the only sane way to keep unique strong passwords for every site you visit etc... is to use something like keepass to encrypt them all and generate on the fly, saved on your own local storage. then you only need a single master password to remember. easy. and it's free.... this hibp, you'd have...
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    Western Digital: 16, 18 TB MAMR Hard Drives in 2019

    MAMR on paper is supposed to be technically cheaper to make and more reliable than HAMR.
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    EA Stock Plummets by $21 Billion as Battlefield V Sales Disappoint

    oo wait. that's just exactly what happened :ROFLMAO: In an interview with Gamasutra, EA chief creative officer Patrick Soderlund women in the game wasn't an issue for me. But i'm pretty sure there were many ...many other reasons to boycott EA beside just this.
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    Diablo IV Will Be Heavily Influenced by Diablo II

    yes diablo is a grind game like many others. if you don't grind, then get everything straight away, whats there to keep you playing? i felt that the real issue with d3, is after that grind, what do you really do with the loot? greater rifting and time clearance and how far you can get? yeah...
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    C&C Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert are Getting Remasters

    there are a few things certain in life. death, taxes, and EA screwing you over somehow. i for one will wait for the game release.... followed by proper gaming reviews.... before a prior purchase. no pre-ordering :/
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    China Unicom Hijacks the Internet...Again

    this is why we can't have nice things :(
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    Japanese Man Marries a Hologram

    ..... hologram aside..... it's not even hard ai..... it's just a scripted response ..... of lines of code.... that is not a self aware entity.... i feel that this guy needs a therapist to help with his loneliness issues.... it's sad to watch to see how someone can self delude themselves just to...
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    Blizzard Faces Hellish Backlash after BlizzCon Diablo Mobile Reveal

    sure they may have to toe the company line since it's their job. but.... they need to take responsibility for their disparaging and belittling comment to the the fans in the audience, blaming the issue of lack of excitement as being due to them being smart-phoneless peasants. from the youtube...
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    [H]ardOCPer to the Rescue!

    this is why we can't have nice things :dead:
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    "Grand Theft Auto V" Cheaters Have Homes Searched, Assets Frozen

    cheaters that affect others enjoyment e.g. multiplayer, okay. but single player trainers..... i don't think the later should get punished ;_: cauz why? the only ones enjoyment is ruined is the the player who opts to cheat themselves out of fun. but it doesn't affect anyone else. so not sure...
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    Chrome 69 Automatically Signs Into Google Accounts
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    Animated "Diablo" Series Coming to Netflix

    it needs to be gory and horror like. dead space was kinda like that. they should also include the diablo 2 music for background theme as well to build the spooky atmosphere as the adventurers delve into the labyrinth.
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    WIndows Interrupts Chrome and Firefox to Promote Edge

    how often does it pop up? can you disable the reminder from showing again when you say no the first time? if it will keep on popping up regardless then yea, that is way too much. As for safer, and faster do they even link to any neutral third party review that manage prove their claim? the...
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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed in Podcast

    proceed onto having serious discussion after getting high..... >->; ....
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    Captain Kirk is a VR Wuss

    just shatner being dramatic as per his usual style. he is just acting it up, i doubt he truly believes that :/
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    World of Warcraft Far From Dead, Battle for Azeroth Breaks Launch Day Record

    overwatch style? uh.... i was thinking more like black desert online or lost ark quality .....
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    if hardocp is not allowed to be truthful about any issues, then that would transform the site to merely propaganda for marketing. then what then would be the point of doing the review? fuk nvidia, don't sign it :} nvidia is getting a lot of flak recently for their anti consumer behavior and...
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    Diablo III Eternal Collection Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

    actually there are few games that match what diablo 3 does. the only downside to it is it's replayability (unless you enjoy grift/rifting infinity....). There is no pvp or battlegrounds to speak of. So all that gear you farm doesn't really go toward any real fun pvp of any consequence. This is...
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    Patrick Stewart to Star in New “Star Trek” Series as Jean-Luc Picard on CBS All Access

    well for me it wasn't so much the writing, but rather archer personality/actor was hardly as interesting as say jane way, kirk (old and new) and picard.
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    Patrick Stewart to Star in New “Star Trek” Series as Jean-Luc Picard on CBS All Access

    wasn't archer worse? worst captain in star trek enterprise my opinion.
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    New Valve Anti-Cheating Purge

    the only remorse they had was being caught and finally held to account. they should feel fortunate this did not happen to them irl.
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    Western Digital Formats Hard Disk Drive Factory as Demand Spins Down

    what do you think about seagate iron wolf series? the price is now similar to that of wd reds. anyway for pc it makes sense you have an ssd (os), and maybe even a secondary ssd (because games these days can hit 30gb+ per game), and your third drive would be one big fat 4tb (best bang for bucks...
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    NASA Has a New Plan to Detect and Destroy Asteroids Before They Hit Earth

    thats the plan in public. but the real plan is..... build an expensive spacecraft funded by all the rich elites, (only the rich and politically connected and essential personnel) then escape to mars. go watch 2012 (movie) and salvation (tv series).
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    You're Sick

    just seems like a casual dismissal/downplaying of underlying issues for people that may resort to games or other distractions as a coping mechanism. of course too much gaming is bad, but to me that would seem more like a symptom of a bigger issue going on :/
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    Thermaltake Level 20 Case Unveiled

    wow, i never really liked their products, but they changed a lot since last time. this looks like a great series of cases. question is price?
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    The Cynical Brit Passes

    he should have consulted these doctors. seems they are making a break through with cancer research Steve jobs tried to make do with Alternative medicine, and he paid the price o-O; with his wealth he ought to have invested in what these people are...
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    The Cynical Brit Passes

    well what he taught us is, if there are signs, get a check up, don't put it off.
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    The Cynical Brit Passes

    sad day :( rip
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    Pai Gets Thumb in Eye by Pierce

    nah. he editted his tweet to filling in the swamp :dead:
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    Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14

    considering blizzards game philosophy, will we ever see a wow similar in graphics quality to say lost ark? or eternal lineage? or heck even black desert? wow is fun but it will even better with nicer graphics :/
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    Flaw In uTorrent Lets Hackers Control Your PC Remotely

    i like tixati, but private trackers hate it :(
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    Warcraft III Updated with Native 16:9, 24-Player Support

    we need warcraft 4... not this...