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    WTB: 5700xt

    anymore room in your budget, Pm me :) Have this one bought a 3080
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    WTB: 3600+ Gskill Trident Z RGB

    bump I need to dump my 3200 stuff. i didnt know the lighting wasnt compatible with corsair
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    wtb 1366 server board

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    wtb 1366 server board

    hope to stick two X5650 in it.
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    WTB: Dell Windows 7 install disc

    you can use a regular disk and just put the code off the side of the computer and it should activate.
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    Dell PowerConnect 2808 Switch: $79

    yea definitely looking for something like this. still debating to go with one of these or an hp unit.
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    fs; misc sata cards

    These where all in a production system and are working. Pics coming soon. I take paypal. ARC1220 V1.2 8 port sata /w 256m cache no BBU, half size bracket 100$ shipped Dell Perc 5i with 256m cache and BBU - No bracket $20 shipped SASLP-MV8 Flashed to IT mode for use with unraid...
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    [WTT] GTX 780 lightning for GTX 780 Ti

    still interested, did you see my pm?
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    30% off Dell outlet store -- I got a Venue 11 Pro for $286

    ive had good results with dell outlet/refurb.
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    FS: Win 7 Pro Keys, 32GB Server RAM, Enterprise APs, 3D Projector, Switch 810 case...

    do you still have the 290x from the other thread?
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    MSI z87 Quality

    just built a system with a z87-gd65 no issues..
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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

    up^ might have some ddr3 1333 up shortly too
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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

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    Silicon Valley Episode 1 Free On YouTube

    I wasn't that impressed, seemed like a rip off of Amazon's "Betas"
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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

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    FS: USB 1-16x Powered Risers

    pic isnt working
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    FS 2500k WTB 4770k

    upgrading so time to offset the cost. i5-2500k still under warranty until 9/14 purchase date 09-26-2011 150$ shipped found the 4770
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    4770K $309 3770K $299 BNIB Shipped

    any heat? whats the warranty left on the 4770
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    Dell Cooks Up an Android PC on a HDMI Stick

    Yep for sure, this is for the VDI empire Wyse has built.
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    Dell Cooks Up an Android PC on a HDMI Stick

    Dell bought Wyse last year.
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    wtb small ssd - cheap

    sent pm
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    wtb small ssd - cheap

    got what i wanted
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    FS/FT MSI GTX680 Lightning, power edition + waterblocks

    nice, bump fellow lighting user. wish I had the cash
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    got my key from gamefly today, yay
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    WTTF Home wiring : Cat5e Switch, jacks; Home Theater cables/gear; Classic gaming etc

    i have a patch panel send me a pm if your interested and i will take pics
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    October 15
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    WTB: X58 Motherboard

    sending pm
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    wtb x58 motherboard

    dupelicate msg :o
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    wtb x58 motherboard

    sent pm
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    3770K might be a better investment then?
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    Any news on BattleField 4 ?

    any word on the hardware? was thinking about getting a new proc or another 680 I'm running an i5 2500k @ 4Ghz and an GTX680 @ 1176MHz and it still struggles with keeping rates at 60fps on high :o
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    BSOD on Dell Optiplex 745 Windows 7 install

    i might be a little out of your range.. ;) i figure about 50 shipped.... 1 cap kit 2 hours of my time removing, cleaning and soldering new ones on 8 hours burn in and use 1 front usb/led/temp/power button assembly. depending on what year your 745 was made in some of the boards take...