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    New Titan X announced, 12GB GDDR5X, $1200

    Man that looks awesome!
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    Newegg - MSI 980ti Armor - 369.99 after rebate

    This deal got a little better. Additional $20 off if buying with PayPal using coupon code PP2016BTS. $350 for a 980ti ain't bad!
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    Video Card Dilemma

    Last night I played h1z1 and I was getting like 120fps on 4k ultra settings. It was actually using SLI! I was blown away. However it didn't last long, after changing some settings to increase draw distance I was only getting 45fps, much like a single 980ti. Well I started checking temps and my...
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    Video Card Dilemma

    Haha, funny enough I am actually considering performance for the money. Can't sell the 960 as it is built into the Alpha. Selling a 980ti would probably get me $300 and the 1080 would be around $700 after tax. So I am looking at $300 more than my SLI setup and I still need a card for the...
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    Video Card Dilemma

    So I have somewhat of a dilemma when it comes to my current gaming setup(s). I have two gamings rigs right now. One will be hooked up to my 4k TV for living room 4k gaming and the other will be in my office for better mouse and keyboard gaming. Really the only games I play on mouse and keyboard...
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    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    Yeah MSAA is crazy taxing. You don't by any chance have The Witcher 3? Curious what settings you run and the frames you get.
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    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    So you are getting over 60fps @ 4k on GTA V with absolutely everything maxed out? I am getting between 49 and 68fps on the built in benchmark tool with everything maxed at 4k. Here is a copy of my log: Frames Per Second (Higher is better) Min, Max, Avg Pass 0, 6.584587, 71.162132, 57.439205...
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    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    Yeah I was hoping that wasn't the answer. Passed up some good deals this week. On the bright side I did pick up 12-15fps on GTA V.
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    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    What in my system do you think is the bottleneck? I was honestly thinking I wouldn't have a bottleneck after reading here about the x5650. My CPU usage is so low during gaming. What do you think of jumping to 1151?
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    980ti SLI Performance Issues

    Hey Guys, I just got done updating my rig a little with another 980ti and a new power supply. I upgraded my setup with playing Witcher 3 in 4k in mind. I played it some with 1 980ti settings maxed at 4k and I would get around 30fps. I saw YouTube videos though of people getting 50+ FPS so I...
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    (Warm to HOT HOT HOT!) EVGA 17th Anniversary Sale (900 Series)

    Dang, $15 shipping hurts. Had the card in my cart and decided to go with MSI. Cards wont aesthetically match but the deal better. MSI GeForce GTX 980TI 6GD5T
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    EVGA 17th Anniversary Sale on 900 series

    No it's $389 including the rebate. Price at checkout is more.
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    GIGABYTE GTX 980Ti XTREME GAMING EDITION $393.98 shipped after Rebate!

    I'm thinking of picking up another 980ti to run in SLI for better 4k experience. The last time I ran SLI was in the Crysis days and it wasn't ideal :/ so I am not too up to date. Has the experience improved? I have the EVGA version of the 980ti and if I do run sli I would like for my cards...
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    SFF Build vs Alienware R2

    Thanks for the reply! The graphics amplifier would be used in conjunction with my Alpha mostly at home on my 4k TV. The "coolness" of the amplifier and alpha setup is that when I do want to go to a lan or travel I have a very capable box with a gtx 960 in it ready to go. I would leave the...
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    SFF Build vs Alienware R2

    Bump: Opinions on performance of a i7-6700T vs my x5650 @4.0ghz? Wondering if going from my X5650 @4.0ghz and 980ti to Alpha with i7-6700t and 980ti via graphics amplifier would be a downgrade. Thinking the Alpha and Amplifier might be the way to go if the CPU wont bottleneck me in the...
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    SFF Build vs Alienware R2

    The Sentry case is actually my favorite but who knows when that thing will ship. If it was available now my decision would be made haha. The node is nice but I was reading that the cooling is worse than the ML08 which I thought was dumb considering it has more fans. Ideally I'd like a case...
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    SFF Build vs Alienware R2

    Hey guys, I currently game @ 4K with my 980ti and X5650 setup with great results. My X5650 is OC to 4ghz and has been a great upgrade. Lately though I have the upgrade itch to step up to a mini ITX build. I currently have a Storm Scout case that was great for many years but even though it has...
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    Hot? Gigabyte R9 390 $248.27 @

    They are also bundling "free" games and as a result the code doesn't work. Tried to order a 980ti yesterday using the 5% off code but couldn't because of the free game that was included.
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    Vizio P series (Sept 24th) + GTX 970/980

    So I am still a little confused. If I get a GTX 980 Will I still be able to game 4k @ 60hz or 1080p @ 120hz? But will not get 4:4:4 with the Vizio? If I plan on only using the display to game on with my HTPC will I really notice not having 4:4:4? As I understand it is most important for...
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    iOS 8 and WiFi calling on T-Mobile, working? Live?

    Works well for me. Using a Verizon 6+ on tmobile.
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    FS: Diamond 3gb 7970 and 1gb 5850

    To be honest, I am not sure what that is... :( I will try to google and find out.
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    FS: Diamond 3gb 7970 and 1gb 5850

    I changed to NVidia GPUs recently and have been meaning to get rid of these cards. Selling a Diamond Radeon HD 7970 3GB GDDR5 - 7970PE53G Comes with adapters (still have original box if wanted) Never had any issues running the latest games and has never been OC'd Asking $200 shipped...
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    Sony Xperia Z camera flash? Seriously?

    I really want to pick up this phone. Not bothered by no flash but it also wouldn't be my phone for taking photos (1020 for that). I am waiting for the LTE version though.
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    Galaxy Note 3 to pack Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor

    I am excited to see what this phone offers. I am currently debating between a note 3 and xperia z ultra
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    20% Off Code for Amazon Rewards Visa Cardholders

    Nice I just used this with the madden anniversary edition that comes with NFL Sunday ticket
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    Seems like every smartphone I use gets more laggy the longer I own it...

    I have a feeling this is going to be an endless ordeal. For the next 10 years apps/games will have to fight the increases in resolution on desktops and phones. We will be running Crysis 3 (in its current form) but on 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k. etc @ 60fps
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    Nvidia's Project Logan. More powerful than PS3 and 8800GTX on mobile devices.

    Agreed. Every single Tegra chip has over promised and under delivered. Even Tegra 1 that Microsoft used in the Zune HD. Now there are rumors that MS is going to use Tegra 4 in the next Surface. I just don't get it.
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    Madden 25 + 1yr of NFL Sunday Ticket! $100

    That is the only thing I am wondering. I WILL buy this if I can use it on my PS3.
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    PS3 - The Last of Us - $44.99 FS

    Or try to find both used and return em both ;)
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    retina display vs ugly surface low resolution display

    The web looks amazing on the surface pro and it is blazingly fast. Web looks good on the surface rt but its not the reason you buy the tablet.
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    Laptop for College bound kid $900-$1100

    I would also recommend something more portable and light like the Surface Pro or Surface RT. It's so much easier to take to class and will mesh much better with the college everyday tasks. You can always return the Surface if it ends up not being what your son is looking for.
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    will be buying a Surface pro, Jump now or wait?

    I would do it now! I love my Surface Pro, it is fast as hell and you will love it!
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....

    I definitely saw sluggishness in the verge video review. There is some swipe in from the side gesture that brings up a quick launch in the video and it seems to lag. That is just one example I can remember of sluggishness I have seen.
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    Galaxy S4 - Watch Thread....

    Same thing happened to HTC last year. the GS3 was simply the highest specd phone. Many people bought it for the removable battery, microSD, and extra RAM over the One X. Same thing will probably happen this time around.
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    Good Surface Pro cases

    I have that case and love it. It fits the Surface Pro like a glove. Zipper on the front holds the pen.
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    Up for my new every 2 with T-Mo. What to do, what to do?

    Yes someone else is paying for the built in subsidy and he is keeping the profit from selling the phone. So whoever is paying the bill is eating the cost. If it is someone in his family it is kind of pointless.
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    Up for my new every 2 with T-Mo. What to do, what to do?

    It all depends on your needs. With the new plans everyone gets 500mb minimum included and the two unlimited lines have an upcharge ($20 or $30 depending on classic or value plan) If you need 5 new smartphones than picking up the gs3s on contract would be your best bet. If you plan on...
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    Cheapest device with front camera

    You could go with a Kindle Fire. New one is $159 and a refurb is $134
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    Up for my new every 2 with T-Mo. What to do, what to do?

    The new plans are a better deal. All they have done is separated the phone from the plan. For example on the business side (what I looked at more recently) it was $60/month for the unlimited text and minutes and $30/month for the unlimited data. That is $90/month not including the cost of the...