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    Both versions of MGS V coming to Steam.

    It is definitely on the GOTY list for me.
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    Grand Theft Auto V

    Here's your fabled details: But, looking at the screenshots and the "Usable Memory" counter - one could easily determine that the System Req's officially posted might actually be true and work just fine. Watch...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I agree! I think trading, ultimately, should still be around. Bartering was a fun part of Diablo 2. Nope! But I just don't agree that the system in WoW should translate over to Diablo 3. :cool:
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I'm nitpicking here. But I think you may want what Diablo isn't really meant for. But has been adapted to *try* and accomodate. We have online group making sessions with drop-in, drop-out abilities. It's very easy to accomplish. All you do is select the quest, choose public and join your pick up...
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    That'd be great for convenience, but if you want a certain set for looks or whatever, wouldn't that be like "beating the game"? So to speak? I think people play Diablo for the loot hunt, not to find a complete set and be done with it... least that's my way of play. :cool:
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    You don't need Classic Shell to skip metro screen and boot to desktop. Windows 8.1 has that built-in. Classic shell is great though for adding the start menu back.
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    DayZ $29.99

    I'm not even playing this game, but I am interested. I have not purchased this game purely because I would not want to be in your situation. See warning from dev's below. I'm kind of sick of this early access trend lately. Many games have been doing it, and it does a disservice to the gaming...
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    Post your "Ghetto Mod" pics

    Resize those pictures!
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    Post Your Workstations 2014

    Reserved for the updated pics, but new hardware pics are here...minus the cable management I did earlier.
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    Corsair Carbide Series AIR 540 Computer Case Review @ [H]

    Thanks to my wife, I've moved out of the Coolermaster I used before this. This case helps me manage a non-modular power supply still. I am going to do some better cable management, elevate it off the carpet and peel that plastic sheet off the side soon.
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    Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag

    This game is solid. Not having played any AC since the first.... I am just rolling around with the gameplay for now.
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    Santa Gaben is coming to town......

    Oh man. That video. Definitely saving that...hah
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    Interesting MMO's?

    He doesn't want WoW clones, and although Rift has a lot of unique lore - the systems that drive it are largely imitating WoW.
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    AMD Video Card Shortage

    There's some confusion on how the IRS is handling it. Here's some more information on tax compliance (US-based primarily): Relevant section:
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    mechwarrior online

    This is one of the biggest things to me. They are looking at World of Tanks and League of Legends with big dollar signs in their eyes instead of really improving the game. I *love* Mechwarrior and Battletech. But I am going to say I am disappointed in how the game is progressing and how the...
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    EA Halts Development Due To BF 4 Issues

    People are putting too much stock in these 'beta' periods. There's a few select games where beta is beta. But it is almost always a marketing tool. Has been since around mid-2000s. I agree with you for the most part about the crashes & the obvious shitty optimization these games get. The indie...
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    I bought it for $20 and it's been worth it. But I am glad I didn't spend more than that.
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    I feel so dirty...

    It's fine. Just think of this as 'getting into the holiday spirit' for now. When it's past the holidays, just keep telling yourself you just really love Christmas colors.
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    Is the 280X something I should save for with 1920x1080?

    Yeah, I noticed my HD 6850 was chuggin' well for the past 2 years (got it early '11). It felt like some games played underwater when I cranked up the detail, but that little card is so damn faithful and I could really feel it when I picked up BF4 on Friday. My wife is going to inherit it as she...
  20. T Upgrades to Go Live Today

    ITT: People sourcing blogs run by either end of the political spectrum and yell at others who do the same.
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    Is Battlefield 4 worth buying

    $20 from Origin on Black Friday.
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    Is the 280X something I should save for with 1920x1080?

    I picked up a 7870. Nice upgrade for now. I'll wait until the next revision (after 280Xs etc) to upgrade again.
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    Is the 280X something I should save for with 1920x1080?

    I've got an HD 6850 right now. It's aging. I am looking at the 7870, and can get it tomorrow for around $149 - $50 gift card - $10 rebate at Tigerdirect nearby. It would drop the price to $90 and up my gaming capabilities. I picked up BF4 tonight, and am running Medium but it's getting old and...
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    iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

    Upon seeing this thread, my 5S has this issue...damn. Time to head back to Sprint and/or Apple to get something fixed.
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    Grand theft auto V thread.

    I think the plan was to get people going for multiplayer... but that's just a hunch of mine.
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    iOS7 bricking or semi-bricking devices?

    I don't get the iPhone to show up in device manager at all in any computer I use...regardless of cable.
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    iOS7 bricking or semi-bricking devices?

    I updated my 4S and the last time I could connect to iTunes was 9/20. I cannot connect to iTunes anymore, and was told the plug is shoddy (even though it still charges just fine). Guess I got unlucky and my USB portion of that port just died at the same time as the upgrade? Apple has not...
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    'World of Warcraft' Patch 5.4 Launches Tuesday

    I was considering a re-sub, but I might wait until they send me another trial.
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    NSA Snoops Like The iPhone

    Actually they can. The data leaves your phone and hits a tower. The NSA is known to have locations where the data feeds into their system and they sift through it. It's widely known that AT&T has a deal with the NSA - it is safe to assume the other major carriers are in the same boat. If you...
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    NSA Snoops Like The iPhone

    Nothing is inherently "safe." The data pipes reach places where NSA has their fingers. For example, the NSA has servers that are in AT&T closets. Any data going in and out of that closet is touched. So even if you encrypt or lock your stuff down, once you submit data to the 'net, you better...
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    Went back to it with the new Hyper 212+. I set my voltages to 1.20 (no offset), set my multi to x42. Highest temps in the pic below after 30-minute stress test. I am going to follow the guides to use offset and learn more about other settings so I might be able to push my multi up a little...
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    FS : Steam / Origin game keys

    You are essentially scalping keys and being a dick about it. This is 'merica and all that jazz, but be decent mate.
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    I went out and picked up a Hyper 212+. Installed it (along with a new SSD) and here's my results on Prime95. Stock. Several degrees cooler. I think that if I was able to reduce my ambient, I'd be in a good position.
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    It's been over a year, they have no obligation to assist. I'll give it a shot tomorrow.
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    It's a H60. I made an edit and accidentally typed 70. I am about done fiddling with it, tbh. I have double checked and triple checked everything this weekend (and I am about tired of doing it) to no luck. I'm not that dense that I am messing up the install either. I'm following Corsair's guide...
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    I also noticed that for some reason, the backplate on the H60 is still "wiggly". As in, two corners on the same side aren't fully snapped down. I am not sure why that is the case. Two of the screws are nice and tight and don't move up or down, but two do. And that's tighting those screws as...
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    I swapped my fans around so it is now intake push/pull on my Corsair. So here's bone stock temps from a IntelBurnTest on High. I have not done any overclocks yet tonight. Still. This bugs me. I really would like to be in the lower 50s on stock. This is really pissing me off.
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    Araxis, I'm going to swap the fans tonight for intake on the rad (or early tomorrow morning) and then mess with my multi and vcore again. Since I tried 1.25 and got 4.2 just fine, I'll try to drop voltage a little more. I'm thinking on using offset voltage this time, so if I find a multi I...
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    This is great information. Araxie, I'll do some of those changes tonight and report back my results!
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    Hm, what's with my temps? (i5-2500k)

    Right on! I'll fiddle tonight. I'm a little concerned with my temperatures hitting 59 degrees on stock running games though... :(