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    Phantom Console Is Going Up for Auction

    FrgMstr did you attempt to boot the Phantom? I'd be curious to read about what they were trying to build off of in 2004. Also, is all the [H]ardOCP content gone now? It'd be fun to go back and read. If so, hopefully it's in the wayback machine. edit: I should still have a hunk of the front...
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    New error on Ubuntu log in

    The fix of changing access permissions on these items is fairly benign given your usage. I'd put it in the "worth a try" category. However, I don't know why some process of PAM against mariadb/mysql would be enabled in this way to start with. Interesting error. Since it looks like it occurs...
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    AMD RX 5700 XT GPUs reaching 110°C “expected and within spec” for gaming

    Pretty much this. That was the position I took when I bought my P4 Prescott and it lived its full lifetime. If it's built for it, it's nothing to worry about.
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    What used to be in your wallet?

    We don't know who is in your wallet.
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    Top Gun 2: Maverick Trailer (2020)

    I like how they deal with the "How the crap would he still be an active fighter pilot?" question up front in the trailer. "Because... It'll make money..."
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    Microsoft Tries Sneaking Telemetry Into Windows 7 "Security-Only" Update

    They just want to know how many holdouts there are out there so they can decide if they need to give away Win10 for free again. (#switchtolinux)
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    Valve dropping official Ubuntu support

    I think Canonical could only pull this off if they worked heavily with Valve to successfully containerize Steam on Ubuntu. (like no complaints on the user experience, no terminal-fu, fully baked solution) However, in light of the tone of the tweets, it doesn't sound like that happened, and/or...
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    Automatic or Custom Partitioning

    My 2c. If I think a system will be around long enough for me to really grow into it, (eg. a server with a real job, or my desktop) I'll take the time to at least review the partition scheme and modify it if there's something I don't like. Things I may not like: No or broadly configured volumes...
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    Win7 EOL Jan 2020!!! really??
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    Pop!_OS. How do you say it?

    Pop OS (unenthusiastically)
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    Distro suggestion for P4 3.06/2GB

    I'd also vote for XFCE. I have a P4 box at work with xubuntu on it. Comes in handy for those rare times someone manifests some 5 1/4 floppies or a zip disk that needs reading. Yet I don't have to worry about it exploding as soon as it gets on the internet. edit: unless you go to youtube or...
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    Windows 10 will now feature no go auto installs.......

    I like the intent of the change, but it does make me leery that jumping so many revisions to the latest won't invite a whole new set of botched upgrades and problems. I wonder if dragging users along at the back end of support would be a better way to go. In that way, ideally, you'd have the...
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    Epic's Tim Sweeney Calls Store Exclusives "Procompetitive"

    Ok bud.. Keep fighting for your freedom on that "open platform."
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    Microsoft Proves the Critics Right: We're Heading toward a Chrome-Only Web

    The point of the news article is that your proclamation of "fork it!" won't work out. Instead of coding against standards and letting browsers sort it out, MS is targeting a specific browser. Vivaldi may not be able to run Skype without the same hoop jumping the other browsers are having to...
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    Steam Link Anywhere Enables Game Streaming over the Internet

    No caps here, so I'll just appreciate this for how cool it should be!
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    My 2018 Linux Test

    1000% FWIW since I was not there. However, is it possible that he had stuff to do and didn't want to open a conversation potentially shitting on his employer? One year in, Windows 10 was taking a full public beating. They could have thought it was going to segue into rants of how Windows 10...
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    "Star Trek: Discovery" Renewed for Season 3

    I'm still looking forward to watching this trek... someday.
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    Idiot needs help again

    Making sure I have the background right... You installed the latest LibreOffice via Snap, right? If so, it should be as easy as (famous last words) sudo snap remove libreoffice
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    How do I update Libreoffice to the latest version?

    If you want to pursue the snap route - I don't do Mint, so for what this is worth... Looks like you'd do the following from the terminal $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install snapd *reboot* and then sudo snap install libreoffice...
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    How do I update Libreoffice to the latest version?

    As always, more information helps more. What distro and what page were you looking at that was irrelevant gibberish? If you're on an Ubuntu, you could get the snap or if you hate snaps, you could try the PPA
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    Senate, House Bills Aim to Kill $7,500 Electric Vehicle Tax Credit, Add New EV Tax

    Subsidies or incentives should be used intentionally to influence consumer behavior. For example, if we as a nation decide that we should make some attempt to slow global warming and Electric Vehicles are a way forward (<argument for if they are or not is not a focus of this reply>), then you'd...
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    Wow, I just learned something simple

    Would you want to share the sites you were looking at?
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    Black Mirror's Interactive Episode is Drumming Up Interest in Games

    My thoughts went to Wing Commander 3 & 4. Silent Steel is spot on. :D
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    Little love for Fedora?

    I just re-read that part. The only caveat that I have with the glowing recommendation for Fedora is 'gaming' use. I don't have an nvidia card here, so I'm not sure what the Fedora OOTB experience is like for installing the proprietary nvidia drivers. I can't imagine it's difficult, but I...
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    Little love for Fedora?

    I daily drive Fedora on my work workstation. We're primarily a RedHat shop, so it's good for keeping my brain in the right command space. (No muscle memory 'apt' commands spilling out) It's also been solid on the typical office Dell Optiplex. I've brought this install from Fedora 27 and the...
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    Netrunner 19.01 Blackbird Linux

    7 is already blocking updates if it doesn't approve of your CPU, they've been telegraphing its EOL schedule for a while, they've been making moaning noises about how painful it is for them to maintain... IMO, they want it gone. I'm betting it gets the Windows XP treatment. If you're big...
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    Win 7 Pro unstable...Which OS should I install?

    If you're at a stage where you need GUIs to configure your services or shares, OR just don't have a desire to learn about running something new (ex. linux, or FreeNAS), OR just want to get back on with life quickly. Then my take would be to use a desktop Windows OS and try to screw with it as...
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    Ubuntu and Chromecast

    Chrome and casting has always "just worked" for me as well. However, I wonder if it's a bit of confusion from people using Chromium and some of the secret sauce in Chrome is missing.
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    Inexpensive 1080 Linux gaming PC

    That's pretty impressive. I've been really curious about the Ryzen APUs on Linux and am excited to see 1080p performance to be solid. Not bad at all for $300. From the reading I've seen, you made a good choice by going with a rolling distro for the latest processor and graphics support...
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    Microsoft to Silence Cortana during Windows 10 Setup

    "You're connected! Now, we'll check for any updates!" *shudder* always a race to find the mute or volume down button on the keyboard.
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    Reset UEFI Windows 10 admin password with boot CD?

    So, if you replace the sticky keys executable, you can run an arbitrary executable with admin privileges by pressing shift 5 times without being logged in?
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    Dell Goes Public at $46 Dollars a Share

    Admitted armature hour corporate & market arm chair observer here, so 'for what it's worth'... Dell was public and while not a dying company from my perspective, it started becoming less trend setting until Michael took it private again. Now we've seen several key storage acquisitions, stakes...
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    Dell Goes Public at $46 Dollars a Share

    Now doesn't seem like the best time to be putting your company on the market.
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    What is the best Version of Linux 4 PowerUsers(2019)?

    Dat 4.20 is where it's at. Ending the year on a high note.
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    Any of you guys mess with Shadow?

    I'm actually kinda surprised to see that statement from you. (and I don't mean that in any type of sarcastic/attacking way) I figured you'd be in the "I'll do whatever if I get to play the game I want to play." camp. No doubt some of these things (game streaming services) will have exclusives...
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    Any of you guys mess with Shadow?

    My comment was somewhat tongue in cheek. I think we're all mostly in the same space about it. It's really the convergence of a few initiatives. Most everyone has seen the success of the subscription model with Netflix, Office 365, and Amazon webservices as examples of infrastructure as a...
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    Any of you guys mess with Shadow?

    This is where all the cloud marketing err.. datacenter engineering will save the business plan because "It'll never be down." And if your home connection goes out there's always "Don't you all have phones?!"
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    Microsoft Is Readying a Consumer Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle

    have you bumped into the issue where CC2019 is requiring Adobe cloud accounts? (removing the serialized licensing option)
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    Any of you guys mess with Shadow?

    I feel similar about Linus. His video presentation annoys the crap out of me at times, but somehow he finds interesting things to show/share so I keep watching. :D Aside from that, I feel like this video puts a pin in where mainstream consumer computing is ultimately trying to go. $420/year...
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    Why doesn't a makefile get created?

    I would check if systemctl started boinc successfully even if it didn't output to the current terminal. >systemctl status boinc-client Should see 'active (running)' or some failed wording output from there. If it failed, what I would do is pull up another terminal and run 'journalctl -f'...