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    System powers on, won't even POST

    Yeah, that's what I figure too, pretty big spectrum that it could be. The PSU has been replaced more recently, a Corsair HX550W. I could test the switch, by jumping the pins manually.
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    System powers on, won't even POST

    Hi, I've got an older P5N32-SLI Premium / X6800 system that has run perfectly for several years, but today I go to power it up and I get virtually nothing from it. As I pressed the power button on the case, its metallic coating gave me a small static shock as I pressed it, after an...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    No receiver comes to mind that wouldn't work, I've used 2 different ones now (1st got fried by a weird power anomaly) and they have both been flawless. There isn't anything special about the satellites that differentiates them from other speakers.
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    How many times have you used your apple care?

    IIRC it was a known fault with a series of batteries for me. They just took a look at it, said, "Wow, this one is REALLY bad" and came back with a brand new one. Out of warranty at the time.
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    How many times have you used your apple care?

    Not so much apple care as much as simply a free repair. Replaced the Battery that had damn near no capacity left in my MacBook Pro.
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    iPod Classic 80GB & Droid charger?

    Yep, I do like the design of that little guy, just don't really want to spend another 35-40 bucks (with shipping) for one.
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    iPod Classic 80GB & Droid charger?

    I have no other USB charger - iPods haven't included an AC charger for some time now. (With perhaps the exception of the Touch...IDK) The only Apple charger I have is a Firewire one which is enormous and came with my original iPod mini way back when... I found the issue is that the Droid...
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    iPod Classic 80GB & Droid charger?

    Hello, I would really like to only have to carry one charger for all my mobile devices on long trips and so far my Droid USB charger works for everything EXCEPT my iPod! It will wake up, if powered off, but the battery icon doesn't show the little lightning bolt when on and does not show...
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    Nvidia 191.07 drivers causing outright hardware failure?

    I was also thinking along those lines as I read through this thread, knowing that on XP x64 at least, I had encountered no such problems; and most everyone who posted issues was on 7.
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    Nvidia 191.07 drivers causing outright hardware failure?

    Interesting, I have been running these drivers on this older (by comparison to most on here) system and all has been smooth as gravy for quite some time now. P5N32-SLI Premium (590i chipset) C2E X6800 BFG 8800GTX vanilla (bought 1 month after release of these cards) reflashed to an "OC2" card...
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    how do you deal with mouse cord snagging?

    Zip ties, like many others have already said. :)
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    Americas Army cheat help

    You're just setting yourself up for a raping once you get online by skipping training.
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    Is Windows XP tied to your motherboard?

    I would give it a shot, I doubt there is anything you could lose if you couldn't get them to give you an activation code for the new machine. You might just have to buy a new OS disk for the new machine. That being said I'm pretty sure that it will work fine and the worst that will happen is...
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    Removing main power connector.

    I've only built 2 computers so far, but I've found that a lot of the stuff inside takes considerable force to install/remove. Generally you can put a fair bit of pressure on connectors and sockets, and they'll be fine. I've never had anything get damaged from pulling/pushing too hard as long...
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    What sound cards is everyone using these days?

    X-Fi Platinum from 3 or so years ago.
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    What will you do on Aug 1 when Windows 7 Beta Quits working?

    Latest I heard was that in order to maintain the security level of Vista, you still need to run the UAC up to Vista levels in Windows 7; as the default "lower" setting presents security risks. I wish people would stop whining about UAC, it's really not a new thing, just new to Windows; and...
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    Unreal Tournament 3 retail free to register on Steam

    Is UT3 pretty popular still? I loved Ut2k4 and played it for an embarrassing number of hours, unfortunately I missed the boat on UT3 because of real world stuff.
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    GTA4 Ending....spoiler

    No kidding! Then, after 37 frustrating tries doing the whole mission trying to figure out why the camera is upside down for the heli, you fly it for 30 seconds and need 3 hands to try to shoot the boat only to find the game blows up the chopper and the boat automatically.
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    Why is the HX1000 upside down in the Antec 1200?

    That's how it says to install it in the Antec manual. In the Corsair manual it just says to read the case mfg's manual for installation instructions.
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    Fear 2 demo stutter?

    Suprised to see this, I was very pleased with how it ran for me. Smooth as silk 1680x1050 all maximum settings with 4x AA. After barely grinding it way through GTA IV I though my system was in need of being replaced but after this I'm feeling like it can go on a while longer. I'm running...
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    is grid worth buying??

    Grid is a great game! Like other have said, you will definitly want at least a game pad of some sort. I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2 but anything with a pair of analog sticks will be fine.
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    8800GTX (Sli or not) still kicking some tail, others still out there?

    Like others have said my single 8800GTX still plays nearly all games at nearly highest in game settings at my screens native resolution of 1680x1050. I bought it soon after hearing what a massive performance increase the 8800GTX was from its predecessor (my 1st early adopter $625 video card)...
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    Shining a Light on SuperFetch

    I had never really thought about this until I saw your post. Previous versions of sleep just seemed to be a nightmare, Vista's works quite well!
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    Crysis + Warhead don't see 1680x1050?

    D'oh! I had tried scroll wheeling the menu but I never noticed the little square to click and drag. 1 after 1600x1200 was 1680x1050. I'll go hide in a corner now. :p
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    Crysis + Warhead don't see 1680x1050?

    I've just loaded Vista Ultimate 64 bit on my PC from XP64. So I've been going through all my games and apps to see how they behave in the new OS. My problem is in Crysis and Crysis Warhead, for some reason neither will detect my monitor's native resolution (1680x1050) with the in game...
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    FarCry 2 - massive input lag in DX10 w/ higher FPS?

    Any insight as to what the configuration error is?
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    FarCry 2 - massive input lag in DX10 w/ higher FPS?

    Welp... got Crysis installed. Except it doesn't seem to recognize my display correctly and will not show its native resolution (1680x1050) in the menu.
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    FarCry 2 - massive input lag in DX10 w/ higher FPS?

    quadnad - Thanks, I'll give it a shot to see if it works. dnottis - Yea, I read nothing about this in the [H] article. It seems wide spread so I have doubts that their machine didn't show it - they seem to have just not played the game. While I wait for Steam to download Crysis, do other...
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    FarCry 2 - massive input lag in DX10 w/ higher FPS?

    Hey everyone, This is my 1st experience with Vista (Ultimate 64 bit) and gaming , and goes with out saying DX10 as well. So, just like the [H] article reports, according to FRAPS with the exact same settings DX10 does produce higher FPS than DX9. However, I also noticed that it creates a...
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    Crysis Help

    Fairly certain it's the CPU. I had a Pentium D at 3.6 and it really chugged along in games, I bought a used X6800 (limited to 65nm on my board) and it made a HUGE difference. I'm not really familiar with that GPU, my instance is running on a BFG 8800GTX OC2 (plus a bit more).
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    NO MORE GTX 280 SQUEALING! Nvidia’s “Deadly” Flaw and How To Fix It

    Funny I just noticed today when I had the door off my case that my 8800GTX squeals like a pig while running 3dmark. It's such an insignificant problem though, I've had the card since practically the day they were released and never noticed.
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    independently IBT stable and 3DMark stable but crashes

    I had the same issue, for me it was a power issue. I believe what solved it was upping the vcore 1 notch from where it was, as the tiny drop in voltage from loading the system up was causing instability.
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    Temperature madness

    Those temps seem plenty manageable to me, I have run my CPU and GPU much hotter then that and not had any problem. Another thought, I had what I thought was a rock solid OC on my system (IBT, Prime 95 24+ Hours, Memtest 86+ 13+ hours) but it kept crashing in games. The only time I was able to...