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    Gridcoin now paying out for Folding@home contributions

    Thanks for posting this. Got a wallet setup and a beacon active. Now wait and see if I get some GRC
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    Nicehash Excavator 100% LHR unlock!

    Has excavator had any hashrate unlock before? The timing on this seems to be too good. Next gen cards coming out, maybe sales slipping a bit? Maybe related to the hack?
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    Nicehash Excavator 100% LHR unlock!

    Are miners expanding? I figured with the difficulty bomb still an unknown, that most would be in a holding pattern
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    Small efficient PSU for mobo and 240V plug questions

    Thanks. I saw that breakout board with the atx plug on it. They sure are proud of it. The pico psu looks interesting. I may give one of those a try later, but probably better to stick with what I have. Not like i'd ever recoup the cost in electricity savings.
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    Small efficient PSU for mobo and 240V plug questions

    So I have a HP 750W server psu powering a few gpus. Is there an efficient low watt psu that I could use to power just the motherboard? I have bigger 650w psus, but those wont be near their peak efficiency with such low wattage. Second question. Since the server psu can handle 240v is there...
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    Or if you want them out of the case to get better air flow you can buy a pci-e riser card. There is still a lot to learn. For the 580, make sure it is in compute mode. You can google instructions for that in the ati software. According to, you should be getting more than you...
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    What can I mine with a Geforce 760?

    No idea on dogefolders. I just started playing with banano. Pretty much just paying for electricity cost, but i'm able to use my GTX750s for something. About to try a RX480 to see what it will do for payout. Some said the rewards aren't linear to keep the big mining rigs out. Think it is...
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    What can I mine with a Geforce 760?

    Not mining, but you could run folding@home and get paid in a crypto. curecoin, dogefolders, banano
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    Can you post referral codes here? I don't have enough post to PM (I guess). May give unmineable a try after my next payout
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    Which exchange to use?

    Crypto noob here. I signed up for a coinbase acct just because they were the most popular. Bought some Matic thinking i could use it to send money to other people or use it for gas fees on the Polygon network. Nope. It would have to go through the ETH mainnet and incur the ridiculous gas...
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    Any other way for new member to access FS/T?

    Oh well. I was hoping that becoming a paying subscriber would allow it. Maybe in a couple years i'll have access. :)
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    Any other way for new member to access FS/T?

    Pretty sure the answer is no, but I thought i'd ask. I've always heard this forum has a more active FS section than anand and they weren't kidding. I'd like to buy a HDD, but the 100 posts is going to take me a while considering it took me 20 yrs to do 2200 post on AT. :) I'm a reader not a...
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    Ford and Purdue develop new EV charging cables

    I'd like to see some real world testing on that cable. Some of the cables on Electrify America chargers are so stiff i've had to park sideways just to get the cable to plug in. No way some little ole granny is going to be able to manhandle a stiff heavy cable